Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mad World

For anyone waiting to hear from me, I'm behind on emails again. Sorry! Rest assured, I'm working through the list as fast as I can.

Yesterday started a flurry of bullshit that I hope I don't have to experience again - or at least not anytime soon. "Ever" would be fantastic, but I'm a realist. What can I say? Quite by accident, I discovered three of my ebooks compiled into a lit file and being sold en bundle on ebay. This seller had made a business of selling pirated ebooks and scanned print books.

Early this morning I saw the listing was still up, so I called ebay, and went through a headache and a half trying to get my books down - but to no avail. It wasn't until around 2 o'clock that I heard back on the report I sent in, and it contained a link and a printable form to report copyright infringement.

My nerves were pretty fried by that point. I'd already told the husband I was calling around to schedule an appointment with a lawyer. He was with me 100%. I had narrowed my list to two lawyers when, fortunately, the copyright infringement eBay form arrived. I printed it and filled it out, then rushed to the local library to fax it. I didn't expect to hear anything so soon because the customer service rep said it could take up to five days just to do an investigation of the item.

Well, as of tonight my books are down, and the seller is no longer a registered user. I'm satisfied with the result. Of course the seller could crop up again with a different name, a different account...but that's fish for another day. I'm definitely joining eBay's VeRo Team to (hopefully) insure that should there be a next time, I can get my books down faster.

It's been a week filled with seemingly endless asshattery, and make no doubt. Everything from surprise back to back board meetings, rogue idiot emails from strangers, to unexplained power outages and comp glitches hath befallen me. On the bright side, the man managed to fix my washing machine. I do think I'll keep him. The hubster and the washing machine. ;0)

Back to the email situation... I have a couple of outstanding MMC feature emails to answer. If you're waiting, please bear with me. The emails are in cue, and I'll be consulting with Cass about the scheduling as soon as possible.

As for other emails, I do need to reiterate that I am not a literary agent. I am not an editor, either. I cannot in any way, shape, or form get you published. Please do not email me with attached chapters asking me to read/edit/critique/sell/publish your material. I delete those emails unread. I don't even respond to them. This includes any requests that arrive to me asking for editing/publishing/critiques on Facebook and Myspace. No means no.

If you simply need feedback on your manuscript - REAL feedback, not an attaboy or any other kind of pat on the back - I highly suggest you visit . On their sidebar you'll find a link to their forum section. The absolute write forums are an invaluable resource for beginning writers, and they're free. All you have to do is register and post.

Whew! Okay. I think business is done here. It's about forty-five minutes to midnight, and I need to check one last load of laundry after I knock out these remaining conflict cards. Oh yeah, my friend, I am still catching up on the cards (that I *thought* I had finished) and the pre-washing machine resurrection laundry pile. *_* The use of a thousand towels, I understand. But I had no idea the guys wore so many fucking pairs of socks. Sheesh!

So there it is. All the local dirty. I'll post all the upcoming writerly events on the sidebar over the weekend, and at the yahoo group. I promise, this time. Nite nite, everyone. Happy dreams!


  1. Yes, but on a happy note, our curtains were returned to us. rofl.



  2. OMG, you got the curtains back! Arton...bless her heart. LOL :0)

  3. I'm so sorry about the pirating of your ebooks. And still, some people don't believe it's a problem. I hope you get them taken down soon.

  4. Thanks bunches, LK. ((hugs)) I did manage to get them down from ebay last night. What a hassle! But at least now I can sleep at night. Know what I mean?

  5. Geez! What a day...hope your week gets better!


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