Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Has Crash Landed

Yesterday was Oldest's 18th birthday. Oy vey. My baby is grown. Just pass the rocking chair now and I'll hobble off to my quiet porch of retirement. ~_~'

Early on Saturday, I took Mini over to visit his grammy and pawpaw, and Hubster took Oldest out for a father/son day + shopping. Oldest wanted a printer/scanner combo as a gift so their plan was to go to Ruston and spend the day there.

I headed off to Ruston as well. I planned to hit Celebrity theaters to buy a ticket for District 9. The minute I got there, my cell started ringing. It was Hubster calling to tell me Oldest wanted to see the movie too, so we all agreed to meet up later for the 2:25 showing, which gave me some time to kill.

Naturally, I went shopping. Heh heh. I drove over to Cato's and bought a cute lil hippie girl shirt, and next door at the shoe store, I picked up a pair of tan suede heels. Tres cute! Hubster says they're "inspiring", so I take that as a good thing.

Hubster took Oldest to a Mexican restaurant, and as part of the birthday special, the staff came out and sang Happy Birthday to him...of course, he was required to wear the birthday sombrero.

Doesn't he look happy? :0) Today I'm baking a caramel cake since we didn't do the birthday cake thing, and hopefully I'll have time to write a bit. I've done nothing since finishing up the zombie story, and I need to get back on the Love Fool revisions if I'm hoping to get it out the door by mid-September.

This afternoon I'm supposed to pick up Mini from school then whip back through town and country to pick up Oldest from his school. After that, I'm supposed to drive Oldest to his ex-girlfriend's birthday party. However, he didn't give me an address, didn't tell me what town she lives in - nothing. Meh. I mean, in this area, your address will say you live in Ruston, but really you live in Vienna. Or you live toward Simsboro, but you have a Ruston address. WTF. I've never physically been to her house and we're supposed to be there by 4. Somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

Mini has discovered you don't get to do exactly what you want to do in preschool, therefore it is a less than desireable place to go. This morning he told hubster: "Dad, I have a coff." [cough, cough] "See, I can't go to school today."

Mm. Right now the turkeybeast is sitting on the couch, watching Sunny Patch Friends and eating a zebra cake. For all he might suffer, I think somebody's probably well enough to go to school. ^_^

That's all I've got for now. Lots of errands to run today. Stuff I didn't do on Friday, and Mini just walked up to repeat-inform me "I don't wanna go to school!" Oy, but I haven't had enough coffee to deal with this yet. I better fix that stat. Take care everyone, and have a happy Monday!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I Get One Every Year

It's official - I've survived another year! I'm not placing any benchmarkers on my level of sanity, but by all outward appearances I'm holding it together. Yay! *twitch* No grand plans in store for today in the real world, unless you count going to see District 9 and shopping. Oh! My girl pal Cass at the Midnight Moon Cafe is throwing a virutal celebration for me, and that is rather nifty. Woot!

Ah, time for the annual birthday photo....
Look, mom! No makeup!
Here I am at the ripe old age of 34. I'm pretty sure I took that while making some LOLs this morning, hence that faint look of mischief.
Now, I'm going to share a little secret. Ready? Ok. No matter how old you are right now, at this very moment, it's the youngest you will ever be again. So drink it up, youngster. There's only the future to look forward to!
You know, now that I think about it, the last time I posted a picture of myself on my birthday, I'd just turned 29. I'd planned to chronicle my last year as a 20 something. Hm. That didn't quite work out like I expected. I ended up pregnant 3 months later with Minibeast, and charted my pregnancy instead of my 29 Adventures. Boy, time sure flies! Those posts are actually still lingering around somewhere. There's even a 8 month-er tummy shot in the archives, too. Hey, I rocked the pregnant thing with Mini. Really, I did. I had "the glow".

I've been plotting again...*evil hand wringing* No, I'm not talking about books. I'm talking about taking a vacation - in Arkansas! It's getting into rockin' awesome hiking weather, and I'm kinda looking at this place. This link has a lot of good pictures of the area and a map to go with it. It's really not that far away, so it's one of those quality over distance things. I'd like to take a trip sometime in September or October. We'll see!
That's about it for today. In about 20 minutes I gotta drag out the sneakers and go pick up the Minibeast from school. Happy Friday, everyone. I hope you have an awesome weekend! ~_^

Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Your List Of Things To Do

I've been clutzing myself out all day. I blame that whole Mars - Moon thing that's supposed to happen tonight. Hubby and I have taken bets. He thinks nothing is gonna happen. I vote zombie apocalypse, because that's just where my thoughts are right now.

So in liu of the coming zombie scourge, I decided to move the fridge and clean that little space between there and the stove today. What was I thinking? It's like a science experiment under there!

After scrubbing the under-fridge, mopping the floors and all that, I decided to scrub the doggy dishes. I reached for the steel scrubby in the sink and noticed there were two stuck together. I tried to pull them apart, but they were super velcro stuck! I tugged at them a while, and got them half separated when clutz strike #47 happened. My fingers slipped on this one band of steel scrubby...whatever, I felt a sharp slice and blood went everywhere. *_*

I wrapped my finger in a paper towel, and put pressure on it, all the while thinking somehow refridgerator sludge has probably intruded on the cut, infecting me with unimaginable household germs. Not a comforting thought. One rainbow band-aid later, I decided it would be safer to tinker around on Facebook until time to go pick up Minibeast from school.

There you have it. My day in a nutshell. Now that I'm back home the phone hasn't stopped ringing. Hubby ordered tires for his Jeep and they aren't here yet. *sigh* I sense it already. I'm going to be expected to sit by the door all day and wait for them to arrive. Gee, I hope that works out for him.

Tonight I'm going to work on chapter five of Love Fool. In the morning, I'm taking the Minibeast to school, and calling movie times to see when District 9 is playing. I've decided to go by myself rather than not go at all. At least this way I won't have to hold anyone else's popcorn. It's win-win!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The T-Virus of Romance

Zombie Apocalypse - Available from Avon!

Woot! I did it! I sent off a short story this afternoon for the Zombie Love Anthology. I honestly couldn't resist - I'm such a hardcore zombie fan. I have probably twenty zombie movies on the DVD keeper shelf in the hallway - more than any other horror genre up there. I'm still hoping this awesome lady will write me into one of her books as a zombie, since she's teased me about it more than once. ;0)

After I picked up the Minibeast from school this afternoon, we took a little drive over to my mom's to see what they were up to. Mini wanted to goof around with the grandparentals for a while. We got there and they were doing yard work. I chatted with mom, and Mini rode his tricycle through the house and terrorized his pawpaw for a bit. It was a good visit. Around 3:30 we made our way back home so Oldest wouldn't wonder where we'd slipped off to once he came in off the bus.

No worries, no majestic moose quips to sit through, as fun as those may be. ;)

Okay, it's hours after I initially started this post. I got sidetracked by the end of the hiking boot auction of lust, and then I had to put Minibeast in the bath. So there! Mini is now clean and tucked in bed, and the boots are coming home to live with me. Muahahahahaha! *evil hand wringing*

Now that the day is done, I'm gonna relax a bit, and probably watch a movie. Dark Ride has been sitting on my dining table still in the wrapper for over a week. It looks like pure horror cheese, and reminds me a lot of that old movie Funhouse - remember that one? (Run! Evil knife-wielding clown! *_*)

I should mention that this Friday, August 28th, there'll be a party celebrating my 29th+5 birthday going on over at the Midnight Moon Cafe Blog. Lots of mischief to be had over there, so I hope you'll drop in to say hello! Dancing on tables is absolutely welcome! ^_^

That's it for now. Off to find something to do while the house is quiet and I have a few minutes to myself. Oh, and I know it's a bit late but... I hope you all had a happy hump day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't Let It Go Away

It's been an interesting day. Lots of happening out of the blue stuff. First thing out of bed this morning, Mini came to me and said, "I don't wanna go to school today. I want to stay home with Mimi, cuz I cry when I miss you."

I've been wondering when this would crop up, but didn't expect it so soon. It's heartbreaking to hear your baby say that to you, but it's not going to be any easier next year at kindergarten. Sending him to preschool, it's feels like I'm at least giving him swimming lessons before tossing him to the (school) sharks. Know what I mean?

I stayed positive about it, and told him had to go. I let him pick out his breakfast, then dressed him in his favorite race car shirt, and helped him put his pack-pack on (as he calls it). I drove him to school, encouraging him all the way. He told me there's a little girl in class that cries all day long. I assume it's the girl who's crying every morning when I go in to sign the arrival sheet, and who is still crying when I arrive to pick up Minibeast in the afternoon. She's three, I think, and I don't mean like almost four, but just turned three. She is itty bitty. Mini is prone to drama, so I can imagine this would be a bit taxing. Nonetheless....

After I dropped him off, I came home, did a little house cleaning, then broke out the wip. My short story is finished, but something doesn't quite read right in the luuuurve scene. I don't know what it is, but I've been trying to work it out.

Either way, there's not much left to do, so I plan to stay up tonight until it's all wrapped up and sent. I've checked the submission guidelines, and I think I have everything formatted to specs. I probably take one more look before sending.

Oh! Speaking of writing/writerly book things... Ravenous Romance has announced on their blog that they're working on getting all their anthos in print - amoung other things. That's very exciting for me, because I have a short werekind story in their Rekindled Fire anthology. Woot! It would thrill me to pieces to see it go into print. As more news developes, I'll be sure to post about it.

Hubster arrived home around 5:30, showered, changed, and has left with Oldest to attend senior night. I hate to miss it, but I'm whooped. Seriously. If I planned to keep even a shred of sanity, I had to delegate some tasks. Senior night was one of those things. That being the case, I'm here with Mini, supper is served, and of course he has wandered off to the TV. I'm about to bag up the garbage and I think the two of us will take a drive down to the kitty farm - aka, our local garbage bins. Sometimes you arrive out there to see 50 cats lying around. People bring entire bags of cat food and just dump it on the ground for them. No kidding.

It's almost 7pm, so I'm off to round up Mini and get him out to the car. I think we can make a quick trip and be back with time to romp around in the back yard a while. That's all for now. I hope you've all had a Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wish I was...

So I survived the call for jury duty - Woot! The good news is I don't have to go back. I made it out around 2:30, and dropped by the store for dog food before heading on home. I've been relaxing and tinkering around on the net since I got here, and I can hear the subtle call of so much laundry sitting the basket in the hallway. Arg.

Tonight I should have this latest short story polished enough to submit. It's a fun little erotic romance story - I like it bunches. Once it's sent out into the black hole of submission land, I'll be back on Love Fool. Chapter Five is marked up from here to bejeezus, so I shouldn't have too much issue getting that one wrapped up and tossed into the FINAL file.

Early this morning, before I took the Minibeast to school, I backed up my hard drive. My computer (or rather Norton) has been singing the ode to backup at me for about a month, but alas I've been out of discs. Earlier in the month, I bought a pack of CD-R discs without really thinking much about it, and when I tried to backup, the comp told me it couldn't save all my files. Well, FOO! I realized at once I should've picked up DVDRs for it, and made a mental note to pick up more disks.

Let me just say that I lose mental notes rather frequently? ~_~'

Here it is a month later and I've finally backup the the hd. Har har. What I really need to do is burn down the half my music and photo files and I bet my comp would heave a great sigh of relief. But it takes effort to do all that and....well, honestly, I'd rather browse eBay.

Speaking of eBay - I'm eyeing a snazzy pair of day-hiking boots - the functional kind, rather than fashionable, just for the sake of saying so. OMG, the boot lust... I sense the shoe gnomes getting restless while writing this. Those eBay boots have "Kisatche Trip" written all over them, although I can hear my kids cringing already. My beloved bratlings don't find it very adventurous going out there - it's too darn close to home. Nevertheless, anniversary time is coming up soon. Maybe for a mommy-daddy weekend, then? *pondering*

That's about it for now. I think I'll snag another cuppa tea before tossing in the laundry and running a load of dishes. By then it should be time to start supper. Whew! Where does the day go? At any rate, I hope your Monday has been a pleasant one!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good Luck Back To You

Whew! I just finished a quick short story that I'm hoping to submit to an antho call this week. Wish me luck. There are two more calls coming up that I'd like to hit, but with so much stuff coming up, I don't know that I'll have the time for it.

I'm kinda dreading tomorrow. I gotta haul the MiniBeast up to school then return home to work on Love Fool for a few hours before jury duty starts. Effers. This is the third time I've been called in the past two years. They really need to vary it out a little. I mean, sheesh. They session is in the afternoon, so I'm hoping I'm able to get out in time to pick up Mini from school. I'm kinda worried about that. If not, I've got my mom on standby, but she can't do it everyday if the court decides to drag things out.

At some point this coming week I also have to make a checkup appointment for MiniBeast so a doctor can fill out his preschool health exam papers, and Divadog seriously needs to go to the vet appointment - does it never end? There just aren't enough hours in the day! Too, we finally got enough money back in the coffers that moths don't fly out whenever we crack the checkbook.

That's all I've got for now. Hubster just took Mini out to the playground, so I think I'll go ahead and jump in the shower. Will save me from having HotWheels cars dropped in on me while I'm trying to wash my hair.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Goals

Hubster took my Jeep to work this morning, so I'm rideless for the day...which doesn't hurt my feelings at all. His Jeep is sitting in the driveway with two flat tires - something to do with where he parked out on the jobsite the other day. He's gotta get that taken care of tomorrow, so it's pretty much gonna be like no day off for him this week - poor guy.

I'm determined to get some writing done this weekend. I plan to wrap up a short story currently titled MZeB (thrilling, no?) and get it sent off. After that I hope to do another pass on chapter five of Love Fool. The LF chapter is shaping up nicely. I just need to tighten it a bit, and I'm debating whether to completely shave off a dream sequence, or keep part of it tucked into the chapter as narrative. I'll probably it both ways and keep the better copy.

That's it for me. Gotta make the most of the weekend, since next week is going to be so hectic. I guess I better get started. Have a great Saturday, everyone!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Responsibility Sinkhole

I'm running out of space on my calendar to write down all the things I'm needed and/or expected to do between now and the end of September. I just got everything arranged with Mini's preschool, and thought now I could get used to the routine and go on. Whenever will I learn?

Yesterday, while searching for my shoes before leaving to go pick up Mini, someone knocked on my front door. I was very surprised to see the deputy sheriff standing there.

Since it is extremely unlikely anyone in my family is in trouble, I get this feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Especially when I see the green piece of paper the officer is holding. I open the door and he backs up. And when I groan at the sight of him (no, really, I did), he says, "Don't worry, it's nothing bad."

He didn't have to tell me that. "I already know what it is," I told him, pointing at the green paper in his hand. "I'm being served papers for jury duty."

A sheepish smile came over the man's face. "Well, we had a lot of people enter pleas this week, and we really weren't prepared. It's short notice, but we are short 100 jurors."

I took a deep breath and nodded. So there it is. I have jury duty Monday in the late afternoon. Good Pete. Already I'm wondering who will pick Mini up from school? There isn't a student bus service, and hubster doesn't get off work until 5:30, sometimes much later.

There's nothing I can do about it, so I thank the officer. He leaves, and I go in to find my flip flops, which are strangely enough in the laundry basket. *stupid shoe gnomes* I make my way to school, pick up the MiniBeast - who had a good day, and was very good for Mimi when I said it was time to go . On the ride home, I'm thinking to myself: well, it's all arranged now, nothing I can do, I'll just go home and not think about it anymore.

Um. Okay. So I checked the mail when I got back home, and there is a postcard from Oldest's school in there. Since it's his senior year, I have to go to senior night to discuss prom, caps and gowns, the graduation ceremony, required credits, ACTs, and scholarship stuff. And OMFG, they want to do this Tuesday night? What the hell ever happened to advanced notice? Gee. So now I have Monday and Tuesday booked. Friday and Saturday of that week are also reserved for birthdays, mine and Oldest's, although Oldest's is the most important since it is his 18th. I think I've already mentioned that, but I didn't realize how soon they'd be here!

Come September 1st, I'm supposed to act as a first round contest judge for an RWA writing competition, so all that stuff should be arriving any day now - the training packet. I also have parent council duties coming up in September, and I'd hoped to get Love Fool finished by then.... *cry*

Ah, well, I will soldier on. I can't exactly crawl under a rock and hide, but at the same time, I can't promise what I'll look like when I step off the battlefield either. At any rate, viva la Friday. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's All About The Pants

After I took Mini to school this morning, I dropped by the store and picked up bread and milk, and a few extra outfits for the little bear himself. Stuff with no buttons and zippers. Garanimals outfits with the elastic waist pants and matching Tshirts. Exciting, no?
I'm a confessed junkie, but some of the outfits aren't practical for a small child to wear to school. Like when my mother used to put me in overalls, or dresses with colored tights, in pre-school and kindergarten. That was a nightmare trying to go to the potty with all that on. No wonder I rebelled at age 4. I flat out told mom - I hate dresses and I'm not wearin' 'em!
I really did say that. And it broke mom's heart. After all, every mom wants to dress their daughters in cute clothes when they're young. There's a picture floating around through the family circle of me in 1979. I'm wearing a spiderman tshirt and a green and orange plaid coat with white fur trim. What can I say? It was the 70s. Still, I have waited 30 years for karma to bite me in the ass over that one. No dresses, indeed. ~_~' I seriously considered wearing a white satin pants set to my own wedding. That, too, I blame on childhood clothing trauma, so I have attempted to do my part and not put Mini through any outfit snafus.
On the writing front, I pulled out chapter five this morning and made an initial pass over it with a red pen. There's this one scene I'm not too sure about, but the rest is fairly clean, and full of tension. [YAY!] I do think this is my favorite chapter in the entire book. Hopefully when I start working on the computer copy it will be just as easy to deal with, but sometimes that's not the case. We will see...
That's it for now. I'm going to try and get some more work knocked out while I can. I hope you're all having a great day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of Pre-school

Today was Mini's first day of pre-school. :*) I'm happy to report everything went okay with my baby. The teacher didn't pull me aside to tell me Mini was swinging from the drapes, or rehearsing his George Carlin 5 Words sketch, so I'm calling it a sucess. *faint*

I wish I could've asked the teacher more about the day, but when I walked in, Mini looked at me and said, "I don't wanna leave!"

I said, "Aw, you want to stay and play?" When he said "yeah", all the teachers chuckled. I can only take that as a good sign.

I turned around to sign the check out sheet, and the teacher asked him where his cookies were. Apparently he'd dropped them on the floor (they were wrapped in cello), so he climbed under the table to get them. Of course, on his way out from under there, he bonked his head.

Wailing ensued. I'm telling you, he bawled. I kissed his noggin and picked him up. To keep from upsetting the other kids, I decided to take him out, and told him to say "bye-bye". He did, but it was tear-faced and I'm just shaking my head, thinking: Poor, Beast.

Right before I walked out, the teacher told me he took a nap, but I can only guess it wasn't long enough. He carried on well after I'd settled him into the Jeep. Whatever the case, that was a first day for the memory books. I'm exceedingly glad he didn't spend it in time out!

As for me, it's been a strange, productive, and relaxing day. Chapter four (formerly known as the chapter of doom) is complete. It's been revised within an inch of its existence, and is now in the final draft file. Awesomeness! Tonight I'm printing up chapter five, and thus the process begins again.

Now that Mini's home, I can allow myself to officially feel tired. :P Hubster won't be home for another hour, so I think I'm going to pile up on the couch and take a nap. I hope you all had a snazzy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If It Keeps On Raining...

I'm sitting down with a cuppa tea for the evening. It's been a long day. Today was parent orientation at Mini's pre-school, and as you can probably imagine, I'm a bundle of nerves. Tomorrow is my baby's first day of school. I guess I better make sure there are batteries in the camera. *_*
I'd hoped to have something profound to write about today, but alas, I don't. Just a lot of form signing, nerves, and preparations. I'm sure tomorrow will be a whirlwind kind of day. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

I'm printing up the chapter of doom to give it one final read-through tonight before moving on to Chapter 5. Honestly, with everything that's been going on since the beginning of August, I'm surprised I'm this far along with it. Of course, it feels like everything is at a stand-still, but little by little I'm seeing some progress. *relief*
That said, I'm off for now. Things to do, and I gotta be in bed by midnight if I have any hope of getting up at 6am. Nite-nite, everyone!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Moving Mountains

Today is all about moving mountains, also known as fixing this one stupid scene I hate. Last night I worked on chapter four until I was ready to kick my manuscript and set it on fire. It's the second scene from my hero's perspective, and this is where we're supposed to see a glimpse of his vulnerable side.

I've pinched, plucked, tweaked, rearranged and fluffed this chapter into the consistency of mashed potatoes. And you know what? It still sucks!

After an hour of going through this today, I finally tossed down my pen. I got up, poured another cup of coffee, and reached for the index cards. Now for the nitty gritty. I'm going to completely restructure this scene. First things first, this is what I have to know:

1. Who is this scene about?

2. What is he doing when the scene opens?

3. Why is he there, and what is his goal for this scene?

4. How does he feel about it: happy, sad, content, angry, frustrated? List anything he's struggling with, whether internal or external conflicts.

5. Who is there with him, and does he like this person?

6. What CHANGES suddenly to throw this comfortable little scene off kilter?

These are the questions I'm working on in order to complete my scene. If you'll notice, the questions are color coded and grouped into sections two each. That's because every scene should have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Once I figure out what the hell my hero is actually doing, I should have this one in the bag. At the moment, he is emo-ing himself out in a vaccuum of space somewhere in north-east Louisiana. Exciting, no?

Well, I'm about to hit him with a big fish, and tell him to get over bonk Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ah, let all the back to school BS begin. I'm counting the minutes to Monday morning. Oldest has everything ready to go, all I have to do is ensure he gets out of bed on time. Secretly, I'm elated. I'm so ready.

Tuesday is pre-school orientation day, and I have to go to that one alone. I'm betting that's the day we find out there is expensive school supplies that we must have last minute for the kidlets, and of course, we have to put down on our kid's lunch fees. I'm not looking forward to it, but Mini is soooo excited about school. His first day is Wednesday, and I'm super nervous for him. I know it's really good for him to have this year to prepare before going to kindergarten, and I mean that socially. Mini already writes his name, counts to 100, knows all this shapes and colors. This is strictly a social break-in. Good Pete, but that sounds terrifying! I'm going to stop while I'm ahead. ~_~'

I'm moving along with my revisions. I'm about 35 pages in. I had to back track over some places I thought were finished, but when I read them aloud from hardcopy they sounded stilted. Grr. I've printed up Chapter Four and I'm going to focus on it tonight. I probably won't go to bed until I have it all wrapped up.

So far so good, though. I'm making good progress. I went in today and cleared up a section with too many passive sentences, and axed as many "feel" describers as possible. That whole show don't tell thing. I'm bad about that during a first draft.

That aside, it's been a pleasant Sunday. I slept in til 8:30, imagine that! I remember dreaming about a bunch of crazy mixed up things:

One, I was outside at night, and looked up to see a double moon. There was a full moon, and like a reflection of the moon in the sky beside it. Very strange.

Then I dreamed I was walking out of the bedroom and all this swimming pool equipment (skimmers, rolled liners, pump housings, etc.) was set in front of the laundry room door, blocking it off. I started down the hall and was shocked to see Chancey Bear playing in the den with Mini. He was bounding around, all beautifully fluffy and happy.

I rushed over to him and rubbed his fur like I always used to do, and he nuzzled my knees with his nose then he was gone.

It was like I'd pivoted without moving to face the dining room. On the carpet under the dining table, there was my May-May. When Daisy died a few years back, I couldn't post about her. I still have a hard time talking about her. She died of bone cancer, and it came on very suddenly. We didn't know she had it until it was too late - she died within 2 days of us realizing there was a problem. In my dream, May-May was sitting under the edge of the dining table, showing off her tubby belly and being silly. I was so absolutely thrilled to see her well and happy, I did this weird thing and squeezed her arms - sort of like to see how chubby she was. When I did, I suddenly realized I was dreaming - which I had known all along, but I guess things started to catch up with me. I started to cry in the dream - and when I did, everything around me vanished: May-May, the house, everything.

I looked up and I was laying face down in this dirt lot next to one of those arrow marquee signs. I got up and dusted myself off and realized the area was apparently being plowed up for a cemetery. On this flashing sign it said, BE PREPARED. I couldn't read it well, because it was dark out, and the lights were flashing, but it's one of those things where you KNOW what it says? Anyway, the sign pointed toward the railroad tracks, and the intersection leading into town. I started walking that direction, and woke up.

Bizarre, huh? Nevertheless, I got great sleep, and even came away with something to psychoanalyze for days on end. It's a win-win!

Okay, I gotta go for now. I still have to cut Oldest's hair. I hope you all have an awesome weekend. Nite nite!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hearts and Jeeps

I wish I was THERE, wherever that picture was taken. I'd be sitting in the shade of one of those palm trees. Or maybe I'd driving in the Jeep, heading off to some secluded hiking spot. Yeah, I think I like that idea better - a cabin in the woods. I love the smell of rich, dark soil, and lots of shady green. I think that could have something to do with my discontentment lately. I need to get away for a while.

Today it's mountain o' laundry day, and this afternoon I get to play hair stylist for Oldest. I'm gonna pin all his hair on top his head, shave the sides and back, then cut the top short toward the back and longer emo bangs in the front. Then I'm going to bleach the top. He needs it in a bad way. He kinda looks like blonde shaggy right now, complete with facial scruff.

But first order of business, I plan to get at least 10 pages revised today. I'm not lifting a finger elsewhere until I've met that goal. I feel like I can get this book ready to submit to a crit partner by the first Friday in September if only I can get all the back to school finished so I can actually sit down with it and just focus on getting the project knocked out.

I heard that the annual I Heart Presents contest is going on. Anyone else thinking of entering this? I have an idea for a story, but don't know if I'll have time to work on an entry. It's a thought, though....

That's it for now. It's already after nine so I better get started. I hope you all have a snazzy weekend!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday And A New Review

Hurray for Friday! Many errands today, but I managed to take care of everything early on. That's always a good thing. Over the weekend, I have to get stuff ready for back to school, and take care of Oldest's hair. This is the lightest my schedule has been in over two weeks.

Tonight I'm working on revisions, if I can stay awake long enough. Oh! And I got my first review in for Moonlight and Shadows. Woot!

Missy Brown of says:

I found Moonlight and Shadows a very engaging read with strong characters and sexy sex scenes. I liked the plot of your mate is your enemy, and what obstacles they have to overcome, with some nice suspense added in! Ms. Zane has done a great job creating a entertaining story... I can't wait to see what comes next!

Cool beans! Thank you, Missy and PNR! To check out the full review, visit here:

That's it for now. The house is quiet, so I'm going to take advantage of it!
Happy weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Truest Most Pure

I'm counting the minutes left before I can officially ring in Thursday. I tell you, Wednesday plowed me down like so much roadkill. At 6:20ish Wed. morning, hubster woke me up to tell me he'd left a TO DO list on my computer. Mm, thanks, honey. At which point, Mini - who didn't want his daddy to go to work - did a head dive off his toddler bed and plowed right into hubster who couldn't see him in the dark. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued. I take it these two wanted me to get up? I watched the hoo hooing for a grand total of 60 seconds before I pulled hubster's pillow over my head. Really.

Thankfully all the ingredients for a decent cup of coffee were in the house when I got up about 25 minutes later. Sugar free vanilla syrup, Equal, heavy whipping cream, and Columbian dark roast. The coffee gods rejoiced. I took my first home made latte of the morning over to my desk, and yep, there is the TO DO list. It mainly entails things to do with Mini's preschool registration. First, hubster was told we could get the lil man a free health screening at the community center...and his 4 year shots.

Joy. Baby shots. I hadn't anticipated that. Knowing now I have a full day of child lugging ahead of me, I get everything together, dress myself and Mini, and head out the door. By then, it's around 9. I did what the list said - since Hubster took care of the registration, he got all the info and relayed it to me. I go to the community center, but it's not a free screening thing. It's a health fair. They check Mini's blood pressure, which is all they can do, and send us on our way. With ice cream. *_*

I put Mini back in the Jeep and drive him to the Health Clinic across town to get his shots, and hopefully get this required health screening. At this point Mini only knows that his Bubba has had his "school shots", so they must be a-okay, ya know? I mean, he was too young to remember the other shots - thankfully. Otherwise, with Mini's penchant for kid drama - ::You stepped on my hotwheels car, Mimi, you hurt him! Yes, your foot is bleeding, but my car will never be the same! *forearm across forehead in grand dramatic fashion*:: - we'd be paying for therapy by now. Or acting school. One of the two.

Everything goes cool at the clinic when we get there. I paid for the shots, and of course, it's the nurse that tells me the forms MUST be filled out by a doctor. So, basically, I now have to make a doctor's appointment for Minibear to get his forms filled out. Um, we don't have insurance. Or Medicaid. Paying for a doctor visit is kinda gonna hurt, since we're trying to get out of the red as it is, but what can we do?

At last I take Mini into the room for the shots. I put him in my lap, and get ready to do the "bear hug" so the nurse can deliver the goods, so to speak. Then she tells me they have everything but the chicken pox vaccine - which I know is required. Hm. I asked her if that was going to affect Mini getting in at preschool, and she said she'd call over there and let them know what's up with the vaccines. Which is great. But now I have to go through another shot day in September to make up for the shot Mini didn't get this morning. As if today's shots weren't traumatic enough...

For the record, yes, he yowled. And cried. And it makes me cry to hear my baby cry. So as you can imagine, it was a mess. :P But he didn't flounder, or call her anything to make either of us blush, so it's all good. He did good, my little man.

After all that was over with, the nurse gave Mini two l-o-n-g sheets of Speed Racer and monster truck stickers as a reward, which is right up his alley. I mean, they must've ordered those with Minibear in mind, because that is his THING. He's a Speed Racer junkie. No kidding. And don't get him started on monster trucks.

Basically I spent the entire day in town, and accomplished less than half of what I needed to do. *sob* I took Mini to McDonalds after the shots, and fed him a chicken nugget Happy Meal. I was starving by this point, but couldn't eat the chicken wrap I'd ordered. Whoever made it literally drowned it in ranch to the point I couldn't stand to bite into it. I picked it up and that's all it is - chicken and ranch. No filling. I tried to squeeze some of the ranch out of it - sounds filthy, doesn't it? LOL - but there was just too much of it to do any good. It made the tortilla soggy, and since they didn't think I needed lettuce or anything, it was just a limp piece of grilled chicken in...a wrap. ~_~'

I took a BC powder to kill the pending migraine and drank my diet coke in silence.

Mini was wiped out from the shots by the time we made it back home. I gave him Tylenol and took him for a nap-nap. Right after I got everything settled, Oldest came out of his room and informed me his EX girlfriend invited him to her birthday party at the end of August, and that he intends to go.

Not if it's on the 28th or 29th, you're not. The 28th is my birthday, and the 29th is Oldest's. Those are family days, and the "I just want to be friends" EX will just have to find some other clueless dingbat to buy her a birthday present.

I also informed the Oldest One that girls like her are what is called a Hanger-On. Which, I kindly liken to a dingleberry. Or perhaps a hemmorhoid. They don't love you, and just want to show up every now and again to keep themselves fresh in your memory. I tried to explain in a kind way, that she gets her jollies by calling now and again just to see if he's still miserable over her. And he is.

Honestly, and this is just my opinion - he needs to pretend he can't remember the twit's name the next time she calls. Or better yet, call her by her sister's name. Evil, yes. But you can bet your sweet ass that would nip that little problem right where it needs it. But alas, I digress....

The point is, I have officially survived Wednesday, August 12th, so it's all good. No, it's not quite a zombie apocalypse victory, and I still don't have Gary Oldman watching my back, but all's well that ends well. I have a glass of Berenger, a wealth of grunge MP3s looping through my headphones, and on top of that, I absolutely no where I need to go in the morning. 'Nuff that.

Cheers, everyone. Now that the day is done, I'm heading on to bed.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Find Beauty In All Things

It's kinda late, but I'm going to post anyway. Hell, maybe I'll even get this post finished before midnight. We'll see. That said, I don't think any order is going to come back into my life until after school starts next week. There, I've said it. Life may officially fall apart now. It has my permission. Seriously.

I'm nervous as hell about Mini going to preschool, but oh...the kid really, really wants to go. Of course, he doesn't know what it is at this point, just that his big bubba goes, and he sees shows like Little Bill, and the kids are in kindergarten, etc. At any rate, he's going. It's a done deal, and honestly, I need some me time. Time when there are no kids in the house. Time when there is no one asking me to get them drink, or to stand with them in the bathroom, or to find their socks, shoes, brain, etc. etc. etc.
I'm nervous, yes. But I've been telling myself on a daily basis since Mini's registration came through that I have earned this ONE year with both kids in school at the same time. Oldest is entering his senior year - Mini is just getting started. Whatever comes after this, heaven help me.
I kinda look at it like this: I've wracked up four years of 24 hour maid service since Mini was born. I am due, my friends. In seven days, I will have the house to myself for several hours during the day. That is some scary and exciting stuff.
Somehow today, I managed to get twenty-two pages of Love Fool revised. Good grief, but that's one you haven't heard about in a while isn't it? LOL I had to put the futuristic away for a while, and give it a rest. I think I started tinkering with revisions on it too soon after writing "the end". I need to step back and let it go for a month, try to get the rhythm of that story out of my head. I start working on it and I miss things, and end up on the same sections over and over. Blech. I'm still too involved with it, so I sorted through some of my old files, and decided to pick up Love Fool again.
The draft for Love Fool is complete, so I've made a new plan: I want to finish revisions on it by the end of August - beginning of September. Soon as that's cleaned up, I plan to send it on to the editor that requested it. I'm off to a good start, so we'll see what happens. If I can get in 10 pages of revisions a day on Love Fool, I think can have this thing knocked out fairly quickly.
When that's done, I should be deprogrammed from writing the futuristic and ready to go back and tackle the revisions over there. Or, so I hope. I could just be mildly insane. I guess time will tell.
That's it for now. It's nearly midnight, and I'd like to get in another three pages before I hop off to bed. Nite-nite, everyone! ;0)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interview and Book Haul

If I worked in casting, I'd be insane from matching celebs to comic book roles, particularly if an actor declined.
I've never paid that much attention to Sean Bean , but yesterday, I came across this picture of him and my jaw dropped. He should've played Sabretooth in the Xmen movies because - WOW.
On a completely different note, I have an interview live right now at Ann Lory's blog. It's going to be running from August 10th to the 16th. There are all kinds of fun questions on that one, such as what role I'd play in a movie, or how I'd write myself into a book as a villain. I hope you'll drop by and comment. I'm even going to tempt you...with chocolate! Muahahahaha! Seriously, one lucky commentor will win a box of chocolate, a tea sampler, plus book marks and signed author book cards from my werekind series. So don't miss out! Drop by and say hello!
Lots of things are going on here at Chez Zane. Yesterday my baby became officially registered in preschool. :*0 Today hubster is back to work. Next week both boys head off to school, so I am kinda going through pre-empty nest trauma. How do cope with all this? Um. I buy books. Heaps of them.
At one of my area stores - I'm still trying not to swoon from the shock - I found a heap of yummy paranormal romance/horror titles on the shelves. Some of them were on my wish list at Amazon, so that makes it a find + bonus points. Anyway, you know what I did? I shamelessly grabbed every single one of those books. Oh.Yes.I.Did. The cashier looked at me like I'd lost my mind. I mean, they're not exactly known for their book section - right, right?
Let's see, I brought home Dead Souls by Michael Laimo, The Ravening by Dawn Thompson, Immortals: The Gathering by Jennifer Ashley, Ambrosial Flesh by Mary Ann Mitchell, Infernal Angel by Edward Lee; and Sunlight, Moonlight by Amanda Ashley. Yeah, I'm kinda in book heaven right now. Such is bliss. :*)
One more thing before I close this post, the Rose's Colored Glasses 50 Books a Year writing workshop is still going on, and it's still FREE. Everyone is on lesson 3 today, but for anyone interesting in signing up late, it's all good! There's plenty of time to catch up on the early lessons, so why not drop in? The link to the workshop page is on my right sidebar under Chat and Events.
That's all for now. I hope you all have a snazzy Tuesday!

Monday, August 10, 2009

What An Amazing Time

I know, I know...I haven't updated my blog like normal. It's not for lack of trying. There just aren't enough hours in the day! I'm gonna have to go back a couple of days to catch everything up to speed, so stick with me.

On Friday, hubster called to let me know he'd gotten a job offer closer to home
and jumped on it. So, bye-bye La Place. He tossed all his clothes into the Jeep and came home straight after work that day. He made it back home around 9pm, and I'd just made carpooling arrangements to RWA for Saturday morning, when he tells me he has to go take the drug screening, sign in, and orientation - all that jazz - the very next morning. Hm. What are we to do with the kidlets? We made a quick call to my parents and begged them to watch the heathens for an hour or so until hubster went through his job stuff. Afterward, he would go pick up the kids.
That out of the way, I tried to put Mini to bed for the night, but since his dad was home, he was just too excited to sleep. Around 11:30 I gave up trying. I still had to get my stuff together for the following morning, and set the coffee pot. It was after midnight before I finally got to bed, and once I was in there, I couldn't sleep because I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. Oy vey.
Saturday morning came far to early. We'd set the alarm for six, and the last time I remembered looking at the clock, it was around 4:30. :P I was dragging. Hubster got up to get ready for orientation, and I slept in another 20 minutes. At one point I felt someone hovering over me - no kidding. I opened my eyes and there is Mini, sitting on the edge of the bed. He whispers to me, "Where's daddy?" I told him he'd gone into the dining room, and the kid took off like a shot. I could hear him chattering all the way through the house.
I decided I better get up. I knew I needed a tank of coffee, but when I got in the kitchen, I realized I didn't have anything on hand to make a decent cup. No creme. No hazelnut. *_* I ended up drinking a diet Dr. Pepper while wrangling the kids and getting dressed, since I had to drive them to my mom's, which is about 13 miles away.
We were out the door at about 7:30. I stopped for gas, and grabbed another diet Dr. Pepper. By this point I was thinking I was gonna need a BC for the kick ass caffeine headache I was sure to have later. Anyway, I got the kids to mom's, dropped them off, left the car seat with them, and headed on to Ruston to meet up with my carpool.
Jamie drove us to the NOLA meeting, and we chatted about books and writing all the way to Bossier. Connie Cox gave a workshop on agents, and we listened to some of the others talk about what went on this year at Nationals. Afterward, Micki, Connie, Dennis, Jamie, and I took off to Chen Lee's for the buffet. Good times. We had a blast with the fortunes from the fortune cookies. :0)
Once back in Ruston, I piled back in BBQ Jeep and headed back home. I was exhausted by the time I made it back, but right after I'd managed to come in and get settled - you know, dressed in my "island castaway around the house" gear - cut offs and a tank top, hubster said he wanted to go buy a box of chicken for supper, and make a run to the grocery store. Of course, this late in the day, I knew he meant he wanted me to drive. So, I prowled the house looking for a pair of flip flops and off to the store we went.
During this trip for chicken box chicken, hubster tells me we need to do something as a family before Oldest starts school next week. Hm. Well, Oldest mentioned he wanted to make a run to the zoo so he could do some sketching. We made no real plans at that moment, but it was noted that the zoo was a possibility. At that point, I just wanted to eat, shower, and pass out. Seriously.
Sunday morning, I took my time getting out of bed, and when I came into the den, hubster was lounging in the recliner while Mini played games on his dad's laptop. It was around 9:30, so I figured the guys hadn't made plans to do anything after all. I go to the kitchen, put on a pot of coffee, and realize right afterward that during my trip to the store the night before, I'd forgotten to pick up creme and hazelnut. Well, crap. As tempted as I was, I can't drink it black. Yik. With creme only, or hazelnut only - I can manage.
Somewhere around this point hubster comes in (notices me foraging in the fridge), and asks what we're doing today. I reminded him we'd talked about the zoo. Suddenly, and I can't remember exactly how the conversation shifted so fast, but we're going to the zoo NOW.
First things first, getting Mini off the computer. I prepared for the drama. He likes to play the Go, Diego, Go game at Noggin. He started to get upset when we turned the computer off. I told him to come over to me, and I'd tell him a secret. He whined, but came over and sat on my lap and I told him we were going to the Z-O-O, and asked him if he knew what that was. We sounded it out, and in about 2 seconds, he figured out I meant the zoo. His eyes got big, and wow...there is nothing that quite compares to a kid's excitement. What can I say? The boy was ready to GO. ^_^
After a mad rush to get everyone dressed and out the door, we drove to Monroe. What with it being Sunday, the traffic was light and the zoo wasn't crowded. This is a link to where we went: Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo. It needs renovating in places, but it's amazing these zoos that have managed to keep their doors open. Many of them are in dire need of funding. But I digress... While there, hubby and I took a ton of pictures, and posted a few of them on my facebook page.
After the zoo, we stopped by the China Garden (two days of Chinese buffet, I know my waistline is not thanking me!). By then, I was preeetty sunburnt. And overheated. We waited in line for an hour to go on the boat tour at the zoo, and I was paying for it. I didn't feel too great, and didn't start feeling better until I cooled down at the restaurant.
Now we're back home, and things are settled in. It's after midnight, and Mini is still awake. Hubster and Oldest are snoozing. I went in and did day one of the free Rose's Colored Glasses Workshop - I have it linked in the sidebar on the right side of my blog. It's under the section "chat and events". If you're interested in joining in, drop by. It's not too late to sign up!
Starting today, (Monday the 10th) and running until August 16th, I have an interview up over at Ann Lory's blog. I hope you'll check it out and comment. It's not just about the serious writerly stuff, she asked lots of fun questions too. So, if you ever wanted to know what kind of movie I'd want to star in, or what my favorite quote of the day is, drop by and take a peek!
That's it for now. I hope this post doesn't sound too rambly, because I'm uber tired, and too slackassed lazy to go back and read through it. I know, I know... Shame-on-me, right? ;0)
Overall, I had a very good weekend. I hope you all had a good one as well. Nite, nite everyone!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Hands Are Reaching Up

It's Friday! Anyone else breathing a sigh of relief?
The bills are paid, the errands are run, and I got a call from hubster this morning that a job opened up closer to home. *dance, dance* He starts work there on Monday. Glad it came before we signed a lease. Anyway, he's coming home tonight. Finally, it looks like things stand a chance of getting back to normal!

Tomorrow is RWA, and I'm making the jaunt to Bossier if I can coordinate my ride. I'd go it alone, but I don't think BBQ Jeep can make it up there in her sad shape. I love the poor old beast though, and like all my other cars, I'm hanging on to the very end. But I digress... I kinda had to wait until the last minute to determine if I'd be able to attend this month, so I hope everything is still a-go.

Starting Monday, August 10th through Sunday the 16th, I'm going to have a featured author interview running over at Ann Lory's blog. There are a lot of fun questions in that one, and I'll also be giving away a fun prize pack with chocolates, goodies, and signed bookcards. I'm looking forward to it!
Lemme tell ya, I found THE PANTS last night while fishing around for fresh pillowcases. I looked for them at the start of summer, but I had no idea where they'd disappeared to. I kinda figured I'd tossed them out in the last mass clothing cull because they didn't fit. But avast! I found them among the rumpled crib sheets used for Mini's toddler bed. Now how did they get in there, I wonder?
They are a pair of hideously faded and stained denim capri pants. No brand name. And the zipper is held together with a piece of red ribbon. Seriously. I've had them since the millenium, or somewhere there abouts? I *cough* got too big for them for a while, and put them away, but since dropping the big 15, I decided to pull them out again to see if I could pull them on over my hips. See, you can't unbutton or unzip them, so if I can't pull them on fully sealed, then it ain't happenin'.
Well, I found them while relocating all the bed sheets to a new drawer. Is there anything so joyous as finding your favorite pair of old jeans hiding out in the dresser? Squee! And lo and behold, they fit! I can actually pull them on again. I'm sure hubster will be thrilled, since he says those pants give me a serious case of "pancake ass". But ya know what? I don't care. I'll take my pancake ass with a side of kiss it, plskthnxby.
The kidlets are yowling at me for lunch, so I better run. Left over chicken box chicken, anyone?
^_^ Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Last Minute - And Freebies

I'm trying to pull together a last minute submission today. Leave it to me to make up my mind only a few days before closing call to try and get a story in. I suppose it doesn't really matter. I haven't had time to sit still long enough to do much of anything lately, much less write. But then last night I came up with a shorty short idea and jotted it down on a couple of notecards. Right away I knew where I might be able to send it out, but the deadline is looming. I only considered subbing because the word count requirement is so short. I figured I'd give it a shot and just see what happens. If I can't get it in on time, I'll finish it and offer it as a free download for Octoberfest, so it's all good.
I heard word this morning, about a couple of new freebies.... First, Suduvu has updated their free ebook library. They just recently added (LEGAL!!) free downloads of the following books The Briar King -by Greg Keyes, King's Property: Book One of the Queen of the Orcs Trilogy - by Morgan Howell, and The Brass Bed - by Jennifer Stevenson. I'm currently reading The Brass Bed, myself. *eyebrow wiggle* Be sure to drop by over there and get your free copies.
Also, set your calendars for August 9th, when Rose's Colored Glasses starts up a free writer's workshop: Roses Write Fifty Books A Year. Woot! I'd settle for writing one book, know what I mean? ;-) I don't know all the details on the workshop, but I like what I've heard so far - specifically about addressing "what's holding you back". I've already signed up for this one.

That's about it for now. I wanna get this story out the door today, and I've still got emails and businessy things to take care of. Back to the writing cave for me. Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Bills and Stuffed Animals

funny pictures of cats with captions

Oh, kitteh... I feel your pain. ~_~'

I woke up this morning completely disoriented. What day of the week is it? Isn't there something I'm supposed to do? A few more hours of sleep wouldn't have gone amiss, but Mini was up and roaming the house, so I figured I should get up and feed him. And make coffee.

One thing for sure, the house needs a thorough cleaning, starting with the living room. It looks like a toy bomb went off in there. There's stuffed animal confetti scattered around all over the place. Where the heck do they all come from - the stuffed animals, I mean? I remember when Mini was small, telling family to please not overdo with stuffed animal gifts because I don't have the heart to throw them out a lot of times, but they tend to breed into great mountainous heaps of "where the eff do I put this?" Sort of like now. *shakes fist at plush cuteness*

Who am I kidding? I need to send the kids away to Grams for a weekend and do a complete house cull - toys, books, clothes, and dishes. Do hubby and I really need 25coffee mugs? Seriously. It's about time to box it all up and take it to the Salvation Army.

On the agenda today, I have some stuff to catch up on, emails to get out, and a few errands to run for the hubster before I can break out the wip. This afternoon, I've promised Mini a few rounds of Hi-Ho Cherry-O.

That's it for me. I better get my coffee fix going so I can get going. I hope you all have a happy day.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Let the August Insanity Begin

I'm counting the hours until Mini's nite-nite time. I've been up since around 6:30ish, and hubby and I didn't go to be until 2:30 in the morning. :P The night before depature, ya know what I mean? We stayed up talking until I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore.

I'm feeling every minute of sleep deprivation, but every minute spent today was well spent. I hung out with hubby, doing his take away laundry, and making sure all his stuff was packed. Oldest came in from Grams so he could see his daddy for a few hours before hubster had to leave again. It was a very good morning.

Once hubster headed off to work again, I took the boys to the store to pick up a few odds and ends to make it through the week. More eggs, bread, and milk. That sort of thing. When we came back, I whipped up a lemon cheesecake, started the dishwasher, answered a few businessy-writerly emails, and took care of some updates over at the MMC website and blog. After that, I sat down to drink a cuppa tea and I saw a white SUV pull up in the front yard. Pitbull starts growling. I'm thinking: who the heck is that? Turns out it was the godfather in his new ride. He brought us some fresh peaches from the orchard then had to go. He's working parttime over in Nack-o-dish ^_^ and had a few appointments to take care of.

I came back in after he left - it was starting to rain a bit - and sat down to finish an email and drink my tea, when the phone rang. It was dad. Mom was off at church, so he needed someone to chit-a-chat with. But five minutes into that convo, someone else beeped in on me: the hubster. He'd safely arrived back to his hotel. We talked for a few minutes - oy, he sounded so darned tired. I finally let him go so he could settle in, and then called dad back.

The good news is, all is well, and I got a lot done today - even if it was all a lot of little things. I wish some of it had been on my wip, but beggers can't be choosers. I'm going to red pen a bit tonight if I'm not too tired, but likely I won't be able to dig my heels in until tomorrow after I'm back from errands.

That's it for me. I hope you've all had a snazzy weekend.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cold Blue Eyes, Turn To Stone

First things first, courtesy of Skyhorse Publishing, I'm giving away a copy of both The Vampire Seduction Handbook, and The Zen of Zombie at the Midnight Moon Cafe today. You have until midnight CST to enter, and all ya gotta do is post what you would do to seduce a vampire in the comments. Easy peasy, so go and enter to win a free book!

Hubster is home for the weekend, so I've mostly been visiting with him and doing his laundry to take back with him tomorrow. That, and watching the BSZ movie. I heart DBZ, but I swear, every time I look at Bulma in this movie, all I can do is stare at the track for the blue extensions she's wearing. I try not to, but I can't help it - it's very distracting! Couldn't they have found an actress willing to wear a blue wig? Or get their hair done ala Gwen Stefani style?

Anyway, since it's the start of a new month today, I'm gonna set new goals for myself. My main goal is to have at least half of this effing manuscript revised by the end of August. I know it's going to be a challenge because of back to school, and hubster being out of town, but I'm determined to give it my best shot. At the moment things feel like they're dragging on endlessly, and it's got me in a tizzy. I hate revising almost as much as researching. The sooner I get this book polished and ready to go, the better I'll feel. For serious. :P

As for other goals, I wanna be down another five pounds by my birthday, which is at the end of this month. I've lost a total of fifteen pounds since I restarted Atkins, and I've kept it off, but I've also been on a long stall, so it's looking like it's time to break out the big guns: perhaps a repeat of induction is necessary.
If I can pull off both of those, I'll feel accomplished. I keep having to tell myself "small steps", but it's kinda hard to wrap your mind around it when what you want is to see big results fast. It's just one of those things, I guess.

One more thing before I close today. Minibeast...the kid amazes me sometimes. When we were in the throws of a really hard thunderstorm the other day, he came over to my desk and took out some computer paper. He went and sat at the table, drawing while I did a little work. After a few minutes he says, "Mimi, come look. I wrote my name!" I walk over to the table, and I am stunned. The kid had indeed written his first name. *_* Cool beans!

Happy weekend, everyone!