Thursday, December 10, 2009

Under Deconstruction

The past few days have been manuscript intensive. For anyone reading this that may not know, I swooped in and nabbed a vacant seat in Holly Lisle's novel revision classes.

Oh my, but I am in the thick of it. I'm caught smack in the middle of lesson one. At this point I'm extensively chronicling the boo boos of my manuscript - and there are many. OMFG, there are many. And I'm not talking about grammar or typos, either.

I can't really divulge much about the class itself, but I will be posting progress reports on the state of my project. This is THE story I'll be pitching in March, so this is pretty important to me. Not only for this particular book, but for the completed futuristic romance I have on the shelf also waiting to be revised. I'd love to see that one cleaned up and submitted somewhere as well.

In other news, Diva's puppies are growing and have learned to escape their sleeping basket. Talk about insanity - five pups toddling through the house and meeping endlessly.

We have named the quints JT, Sassy, Tiny, Chubby, and Bingo. Of course, their new owners will probably rename them, but those are the working names for our purposes. ;0) Sassy is staying. Hubster has grown attached to her. JT is going to a friend. Sooo...we have three popples to give away around Christmas.

Hubster's last day on this job is December 14th. We're very much looking forward to a little time off, but once he's home, we've got to print fliers, take an add out in the paper, and probably sit in front of the grocery store with a box of pups to give away. Joy, no? I'm not particularly looking forward to it.

That's all for now. I have to get back to knocking holes in my wip. Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. If I had a fenced in yard, Chubby would be mine, mine mine! lol

    And I would prolly name him Chubby Checkers or something. :P

    But I've always thought dogs need space and room to grow and thrive, and as more and more of my little part of the world gets overcrowded with idiots driving too fast down our tiny two lane road, well a fence is an expensive we just can;t afford right now. Le sigh.

    p.s the captcha is demonrnom! rofl

  2. I've heard her classes are intense. And that they will change your writing career (for the better). Good luck, and good luck with the puppies!

  3. LOL @ demonrnom! Why, how did they know? :*)

  4. Nancy, it seems the rumors are true. It's very intense, but it seems to be working for me. I don't think I'd have recognized so much going on in this manuscript without the guidance of the class.

    Thank you for the good luck! I need every ounce I can get. :0)


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