Tuesday, December 08, 2009

School Days and Sweaters

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Whew! I've been a busy girl. I'm officially enrolled in Holly Lisle's novel revision course. A few people had to leave the class for financial reasons and I swooped in and grabbed a seat. So, I'm enrolled now - instead of January. I've already taken the class tutorial and downloaded my first lesson.

Last night, I worked on worksheets until I couldn't see straight anymore. Then I decided I'd unwind by fight with GIMP until I took the entire program and tossed it in the recycle bin. For whatever reason, the layers palette won't load. I must've stripped it out and downloaded it three different times, each from a different mirror site, and still no layers palette. Grr!

You can't do much without that palette, so I ended up stripping the entire thing out of my system, ditching all templates, and opting for Paint.net. Gee, I wish I'd gotten that program to start. All I wanted to do was make sweaters for my avatar on SL, and the Paint.net program is far easier to do it with. So much easier to switch through the layers. What took me ten steps in GIMP, takes 2 in Paint.net. Cool beans.

[And the FTC people can bite my ass for posting what-what above - it's not a review or an endorsement. I'm not getting paid for squat. It's called an opinion! And my personal opinion is the Paint.net program rocks. I just wish it had an airbrush/spray can too. That's one thing it's lacking.]

I ended up making a couple of 80s style graphic sweaters, and uploaded them. I'm very happy with the end pieces. Great stuff! Now I just need to work on making fingernail designs and all will be right in the world. :*)

That's about it for now. Just wanted to do a quick update before diving into class work again. I hope you're all having a good Tuesday!

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