Monday, December 21, 2009

Sassy Thing

I have no idea what happened to my posts from the past few days. I came into blogger and discovered two of my posts are missing. *_* Mostly it was about Chubby. We found a home for him a few days ago. I drove him to my mom's and we waited there for her neighbor to pick him up.

It was very hard to let Chubby go, but the man who took him in was very happy with him. "Look at those markings. That's a good lookin' pup!"

Yes, he was a very cute pup. I miss him bunches, but now that all the babies have found new homes, that means I can put all my effort into training Sassy. We're already working on the housebreaking. After Christmas, she has to be wormed and vaccinated. Then she's going to the groomers for her first pedicure. I trimmed her raptor claws last night, but I think they need a bit of filing. We're going to get her toe nails painted as well, and that's something I just can't seem to do without making a total mess.

The uber busy room rearranging session I was talking about (in at least one of the posts that mysteriously vanished) has commenced. I'm officially swapping my office for the haunted bedroom. Mini is spending a couple of days with his grandparents while we make all the changes. Yesterday, I took everything out of my office, shoved the wicker furniture into Mini's bedroom, and dismantled the L shaped desk I no longer use. I had Oldest load that into the back of my Jeep.

Hubster took ages dropping Mini off at my parents, so when he called me he asked if I needed anything from town. *_* Um, paint? Aren't you going to pick that up? He said okay, and while he went shopping, I began ripping out tile.

That's actually not so bad, I had a corner out by the time Oldest peaked his head around the door again. I think he figured the tile scraping would be the easy job, so that's what he wanted to do. When Hubster came in with the paint, I left Oldest with the scraper and went to work on the walls.

By the way, the paint is simply antique white. Nothing fancy. I want the room to "grow" with Mini. Not have to redo the decor five years down the road when he turns 10. Oh, ouch, that just made me feel really old, but I digress....

Hubster came in and slapped a base coat on two walls, but he soon bugged out. He said, "If I have to do more than one coat, it's usually not worth my time. " *sigh* Oldest mysteriously vanished after scraping up only 7 tiles. So, I worked in the room until about 7:30 last night, but I managed to get the room completely painted, and all the tiles up. I made the guys haul the debris out. Because I'm a girly girl and all that, you know.

Today we're laying new tile, and I'm making the guys stick with me on that part. They thought ripping it out was the hard part. Cut to fit, is the real bastard.

Anyway, yesterday hubster brought home the tiles, and brought them in to the office. I took one look and... well, I hated them. He picked dark, 1970s-looking wood grain. It's awful. Ok, so I didn't say that. I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but I asked him why aren't we using the same time throughout the house?

So right at this moment, he's on his way to exchange them for the same tile that we have in Mini's current bedroom and the bathroom. Whew! That was a close one.

This afternoon, I'm mailing off the last of the Christmas packages, and afterward taking an dreaded trip to the store. I'm going to buy new cordless shades, curtains, shelf bins, and a dresser for Mini's room. There's no closet in the office, so we're having to create storage space for his clothes. Ugh. Not looking forward to that bit. Good Pete, I hope he likes this room. Not that he has much choice at this point. *faint*

On to writerly things, I'm moving along in my revision course. Lesson three should have arrived at my member's inbox this morning. I plan to go in and download it in a bit, even though I still have to go through the book again for the 2nd half of lesson two. Once the living room is back to normal, and all the furniture where it should be, I'll sit down, do another read through of the manuscript, and finish up the second lesson so I can move on.

That's all I've got for now. Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Awww, puppies all gone 'cept one. Sassy is adorable. I know why your man wanted to keep her. Well, it's not as good as having a real doggie to love, but on the other-hand, Loki is so easy to house train. lol

    Plus the vet and grooming bills are nonexistent. :P



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