Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ready for 2010

Come on 2010! Tonight I'll be drinking wine and waiting for the ball to drop. I want to officially ring in the New Year with a sigh of relief. Not that 2009 has been specifically horrible, but it hasn't been fantastic either. As it is, I'm ready to dust off my feet and move on.

I don't feel like I accomplished a damn thing I set out to do in 2009, although I did get a few things written and a smattering of stories contracted and published - one of them is still awaiting release. I don't know, it seems like this year had a lot to do with "spinning your tires" and not actually going any where. That's probably more frustrating than if I hadn't tried at all.

But tomorrow, I won't think on that anymore. I'll have a whole year ahead of me whatever it is I'm going to do. Sounds promising, doesn't it?

This time of year, I usually post a recap of the things most memorable to me, but honestly, it's hard to call up a very big list.

1. Mini started preschool
2. Oldest entered his senior year
3. Divadog had puppies and Sassie was born
4. ...
5. um...
6. yeah, that too!
7. Didn't I buy a new computer earlier in the year?

Anyway, two years is plenty of time to do something worthwhile before the world ends in 2012. Yeah, I gotta stick around for the big one. You know, when Mayan juju takes over the world and all our cars, and lawnmowers and toasters become sentient and attack us? Oh, wait. That's not Mayan prophesy. I think that's a Stephen King novel. Maximum Overdrive? *_*

So 2010 is probably the beginning of a two year period, where the Mayan prophesy toasters plot world domination and destruction. Personally, I feel industrial pollution is doing a fine job dominating and destroying all on it's own, but good luck with that.

I'm smack dab in the middle of lesson three on my revision course. OMFG - I never would have found half the shit in this behemoth on my own. Right now, I feel like I'm mired down in an effing tar pit. I shall trudge on, even though this novel has more holes in it than a round of baby Swiss. *sob*

I'm still hoping I'll pull something out of all this. One thing for damn sure, this novel couldn't get any worse. I can see a good story in there, but it's like one of those clear plastic puzzle boxes - how do you get the prize out of there? ~_~'

One step at a time.... That's all I'm telling myself at the moment. I'm kinda hoping one day I look back at this and laugh. Maybe while toasters and blasting us all to hell I'll remember pulling my hair out over lesson three and think to myself "I'd rather be doing that slog work again".

Tomorrow at 9pm-10pm CST on Second Life, I'll be doing live, free tarot readings* for visitors who come by the Midnight Moon Cafe gypsy wagon in Gloomy Creek. Cassandra "Sharktooth" Curtis will be be doing readings earlier in the afternoon as well. So if you have the time, drop by and have your fortune told. :0)

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! xoxo

*for entertainment purposes only

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