Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dancing in December

Yesterday, I strung Christmas lights over the living room door, hung bows, put down the Christmas trees skirt - which the dogs then wanted to snooze on, and put the snowman centerpiece and table runner out. I baked chocolate chip cookies, did a ton of laundry, critiqued a couple of chapters for a friend, and changed out puppy bedding. It was a wonderful, busy day.

Around three in the afternoon, I had just gotten home with Mini and I got a call. It was Hubster telling me to look out the window. It was snowing. :0) Big fat flakes. In December. That's amazing for Louisiana. Sometimes we might get an ice storm or two toward the end of December, but in general, our winter weather doesn't kick in until January. In fact, we were running the air conditioner here at home up until a few short weeks ago. Nifty!

On to writerly things...

I listed my goals not too long ago for rewriting my NaNoWriMo story - the one I plan to pitch in March. This week, I printed up a copy, read through the entire story (it's choppy as hell), took the pages and rearranged them into linear order, and cut about three chapters that floundered, and didn't push the story forward. Oh yeah, and I tried not too look at the entire thing as an ugly, insurmountable obstacle. :P

The skeleton of the story is all there. I know the overall goal of each character - no one is doing anything "just because". I also see a good story I'm happy with embedded in the stone. Yeah I see life in there. Kinda like Michelangelo said he could see the finished product looking a stone he planned to carve into, say, David? ^_^

Over the next two weeks, I'm going to read through this thing again, and start reshaping the "meat" of the story into place. I'm going to mark areas that need fixing, axe any characters that vanish or aren't needed, cut extra plot devices, and any other extraneous things that bogs the story down.

Someone asked me if this is a line by line process - not at this point. The line by line changes, that's for the very last pass. Sort of like when you put the bow on a gift. They prettying comes last. You have to put the goods in the box first.

For now, I have all the materials in place, now I have to mold it into a solid story. This is the biggest, hardest, most tedious part of it for me, but it has to be done.

A little while back, I heard that Holly Lisle is teaching a course on rewriting/revising your novel, and I've signed up. The course begins in January, and I believe it runs for 21 or 22 weeks. She has a streamlined method of revising, and I'd like to learn how to make the process work better for me. To be able to dig into a book, know exactly how to break it down and put it back together. So, in 2010, I'm going back to writer's school. ^_^

I won't be able to put the lessons to practice with this current NaNo novel, but I will be able to use it for the futuristic I wrote a few months ago. That book is sitting finished at 85k, and I haven't touched it since. It will be a prefect "school project".

Of course, I can't and won't divulge the lessons from the 2010 workshop - it's not ethical and/or honest to do that. I simply won't go there. However, same as with this NaNo book, I'll be posting progress and changes I make to the futuristic. So, hopefully that will be helpful to anyone interested in the writing process. For those who want to jump on board for the Holly Lisle course** you can go to to sign up. Class space is limited.

**Just for the sake of saying so, and because the FTC sucks big fat raunchy donkey balls, I am not endorsing/ nor endorsed by any writing product or workshop. I'm not being compensated in any way, by any product or workshop. I'm writing here about this because I think it will be helpful TO ME, and like all the other students who enroll - I will be paying full tuition.

That's all I have at the moment. I'm off for now. I hope you all have a fantastic
weekend! :0)

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