Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Big Picture

Here it is - December 1st. I was talking with the Hubster this morning, and I gotta say this hasn't been a very memorable year for me. He "argued" - not really - that it has been a memorable year and proceeded to name off a slew of things I should have thought of: Obama taking office, Mini starting preK, Oldest getting his class ring. After returning from summer break, Oldest taking on his senior year. Oh yeah, Fifi had puppies. Can't forget about that.

Hubster wins the argument hands down, but honestly the year still flounders in my thoughts. My brain cut off 2009 back in March around the time Moonlight and Shadows was either finished or came out. Something like that. The rest of the year, my brain has been flying on auto pilot, and I can't even figure out why. It's not like things have been bad, just...uneventful.

Well, I've definitely got something to keep my attention now. December 1st marks the first day of manuscript rewrites. Oh yes, it's time for draft 2. NaNo is over, and I have until the end of February to get this fantasy novel ready for conference. Over the next three months (good Pete, but I hope it doesn't actually take me that long) I'll be getting this monster ready to pitch at the Written in the Stars conference.

What's first on my rewrite "to do" list? Well, I've gotta run to the store for another print cartridge since I managed to get half the manuscript printed this morning - about 110 pages.

Once the manuscript is all printed up, I'll read through the entire thing, and kill off any dead scenes that have no bearing on the story. I'll be basically cutting my wip into chunks and stitching it together into a new word document so it's a fluid story beginning to end. Yes, it will be lumpy and ugly, and will probably have a few plot holes, but the shell of the finished book will be there.

I hope I can get this part of the rewrites done by no later than December 12th. I'm not sure I'll need that much time, or hey, I might need more. But for now that's what I'm aiming for. I've written it down on a post it note and stuck it on my printer.

If I can get it done by the 12th, that will leave me a week before Christmas to either note, or write in, any scenes needed to correct plot holes. I've got the week of Christmas marked off my calendar. I'll probably work that week because it kills me to stay away from my computer, but the time itself will be pre-reserved for slackassedness. Just in case I wanted to do that, you see?

At any rate, that's the goal. To have the entire big ugly baby propped on my desk by Dec. 19th. After that, I'll be able to sit down and fix the ugly prose.

I'll probably be documenting this insanity on the blog, so if you drop by between December 1st, 2009 through February 28th, 2010, prepare for graphic posts of manuscript desecration. Probably a good bit of screaming and gnashing of teeth will be going on as well. You've been warned. ;0)

That's all I've got for now. I'm off to go do my first batch of reading. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I wish I had done better at Nano this year. I did manage to figure out the backbone of my WIP, but I didn't get enough words in to suit me.

  2. It's okay, Nancy. At least you got some words on paper. Even with hitting 50k, I still have 25k to tack on just to hit NY minimum word count goal for the place I'm targeting. So still lots of work to do. Just the way it goes, I guess. :/


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