Monday, November 09, 2009

ZhuZhu Pets and Carina Press

It's been busy the past few days. I have crossed the 20k mark with my NaNo project, and I'm about to go hit on it again after I post here. I'm going in for surgery on my arm this afternoon - a small outpatient thing, no big deal really. If it comes out really gross or something, I'll take pictures to share. I promise. ;0)

Yesterday morning, DivaDog was sitting up in her doggy bed looking less than comfortable. She'd hop out, do a circle, go look in the big laundry bucket in the utility room, then go back to her bed. I was pretty sure she was looking for a place to have her pups. I left her alone, and kept the back door open. She was gone for a little while, so I went to peek in the laundry room and there she was in the clothes basket, having her puppies. She had one out already, and was birthing another. I petted her head, told her she was a good girl, then closed the door and left her be. This way Kinz and Mini didn't realize what was going on. That would have been high, HIGH drama she didn't need.

Well, there are now 5 puppies in the house. 3 boys and 2 girls - I think. I'll have to go flip up all the skirts in a bit and make sure. They're all spotted. Two are white and brown, the other three are black and white. So cute. Of course, they will all have to go to new homes, and Miss Diva MUST be spayed.

I didn't breathe a word of it to Mini, worried that he would mess with her and the puppies in there. But last night, he went to let Kinz out into the dog yard, and raced back into the dining. It was so cute, he had his hands together, and he was positively glowing with excitement. "Mimi, Fifi has PUPPIES!"

Speaking of Mini, He finally got a ZhuZhu Pet - you know, the fake hamsters that are the evil squeaking spawn of Satan?

I went grocery shopping yesterday and he wanted a Hot Wheels car, so before trying to shop for food, I took him to the toy department. Lo and behold, there are ZhuZhu pets. $8.00 for a rat with wheels. You poke the nose and it makes all this high pitched noise. Yes, it really is annoying like that. There's also a spot on it's back that makes the evil weasel chatter too.

The first time Mini clicked a nose, he jumped and covered his ears. I can't imagine why he wanted it, other than cute factor - oh, and seeing the commercials running endlessly on TV. The kid went bonkers trying to decide what color pet to get. There were only about 7 of them on the shelves: gold, gray, light brown, and 3 that were solid white.

Anyway, he got Chunk, one of the solid white ones. I tried to talk him into getting the gray one, named Nom Noms, but he wasn't having it. I was thinking in a week the damn thing is gonna be gray from playing with it anyway. Of course, child logic doesn't work in that way, so we came home with a white hamster to ride through the landscape of dog hair dust bunnies in our living room. And yes, Martha Stewart, I do sweep my effing house. I have no idea where so many dog hair dust bunnies come from, although, I do suspect the shoe gnomes are involved. But I digress...

The ZhuZhu Pet is sitting in a fleece lined, lime green ZhuZhu Pet bed on my dining table. Mini feared it would be lonely while was at school today, so I promised to talk to it while he was gone. Don't ask, and I won't try to explain.

So that's what's going on here. My surgery is scheduled for 2:15, which means I have to get there at 2 to fill out papers, and wait probably until 4 before anyone actually comes into the room where they've parked me. But that's a blog post for another day.

Oh! One more thing. If you've not seen the news already, Harlequin has launched a digital only publishing venture called Carina Press, and editor Angela James will be at the helm.

That's all for now. Happy Monday, everyone! Now get to work. ~_^

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