Thursday, November 19, 2009

Won't Be Doing That Again

I've written 2100 words so far today, which puts my NaNo project over the 32k mark. Whew! There are only 11 days left to write, so I'm trying to make each session count. I've been doing 30 minute writings all day, and it seems to be paying off despite the fact I've got people in and out of the house all day and Oldest is home sick. This year I am determined to win at NaNo. If I do, it will be the first time in no less than four attempts. ~_^

This time of year, I always start taking stock in what I've accomplished, and this go around I'm paying close attention to what has worked for me promotion-wise. So far, I've come to the conclusion that bookmarks and post cards from VistaPrint are worth every penny. They are very reasonably priced, and it is fast and easy to pass out bookcards.

On the other hand, I will be paring down on promotional book sites and social networking. For one thing, I'll be leaving one of the major pay-for-promo sites that I subscribe to. As far as I can tell, it hasn't done much for me. I've been a member there for 2 or 3 years and I don't think they've even reviewed any of my books, for better or worse. I feel like I'm tossing my money in the fire on that one. There are two others I plan to quit as well - it's too time consuming for one, and the other is just a spam fest.

So far, the only social sites I plan to keep are Facebook and Twitter, because of the industry connections. You can learn things over twitter that you won't hear about anywhere else for at least another day. If you are not on Twitter and you're shooting for NY - get thee hiney over there and sign up. Start following industry peeps.

Another change I'll be making in 2010: I will no longer be giving out my own personal ebooks for review. After Moonlight and Shadows came out, I got requests from two review sites wanting copies of the ebook for review. These were sent to me personally, at my Cora Zane email address. After researching each email address and the names of the senders to confirm the people were who they said they were, I sent them the books.

Here it is months later, and there still have been no reviews good or bad from either of those places. I feel like an idiot now for sending them, because I'm fairly certain the books were read, just tossed aside afterward, and never touched again. No review written, and quite possibly, there was never any intention of reviewing them. I won't be doing that again. And for the record, I have saved those emails to reference those people later. If this has happened to you, please email me and just tell me what review site did this to you. You can remain anonymous - I'll certainly not forward your information to anyone - but I'd seriously like to know if any others have had this happen.

That's the end of that. Only one more thing on my mind as far as publishing is concerned. Two words: Harlequin Muck-up. Or does that count as three words?

If you haven't heard the word about Harlequin Horizons, this post is a good place to start. There are also good opinion piece on this over at the Ashley Grayson blog, Dear Author, and Smart Bitches. Read Ann's first, then Google yourself silly.

Hope you've had a good day today. If not, hang in there - tomorrow's another day. A Friday, at that!

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  1. GREAT job! You're on a roll!!! :)

    And thanks for the link. I'd heard about the brouhaha, but didn't have all the deets. This is all very interesting.


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