Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday Sucked So I Skipped It

I registered for the Written in the Stars conference yesterday, and paid my NOLA chapter dues. So for the moment, everything is taken care of but the hotel for March. On Saturday, I went to the chapter meeting with Jamie, and Winnie Griggs gave a really good workshop on transitions. I took several pages of notes that hopefully I'll get the chance to review some time today.

I only wrote about 500 words yesterday. Boy, that's no where near the 5k I'd hoped to hit, but I feel okay about it though. Mini didn't sleep well the night before, so when he got up I couldn't decide whether to take him on to school or not. I checked his temperature, which was fine, but he has a bad cough, and a stuffy-but-runny nose. He was running through the house full speed so I figured he'd be okay up there. I dressed him, got everything ready to leave, and noticed it was raining.

Now, a stray dog has come up in the neighborhood, one our neighbors have been feeding. She wants to run into our house whenever she sees us hauling in groceries or checking the mail or whatever, and she spends a lot of time in our front yard. The thing is, while she's still puppy-ish and a bit klutzy, she's big.

I told Mini to stay away from her to go straight to the Jeep when we walked out of the house, but the moment he was out the door he shouted "Rosy!" and took off the yard in the opposite direction. He's been totally ignoring us lately when we tell him to do something. But anyway, in 10 seconds flat, Rosy had pounced him. I had just opened the car door for him and look back - there he is, laid out flat in the mud with the dog on top of him.

Lemme just say, the neighbors probably thought sailors had arrived at our house. I was not happy at all. I took Mini inside - he had mud streaked across his face, in his hair, all over his clothes. I redressed him and once again got ready to leave. We were about fifteen minutes behind at that point, I still had to haul out the garbage, and somewhere during that time it started pouring rain.

I put Mini in the car, and it was raining so hard I could barely see the road. It seemed the gods were against me all the way. I pretty much decided then and there Mini could just stay home. We took the trash "to the kitties" - the trash bins where all the stray cats hang out albeit not in the rain, obviously - then came home.

I spent the day reminding Mini to leave Divadog's puppies alone. I tell you, it's not calming to the soul. *_*

This morning, Little Man is definitely going to school. For the sake of Mimi's sanity, he must go run off all that kidlet energy among the other classroom heathens. It's the way nature intended.

My house is a hella mess, so once I'm back I've got to do some cleaning before I can settle in to write. But once I do...I have a mad date with Dr. Wicked's writing lab today. Bet your boots.

Oh! The new Star Trek movie is out of DVD today, so I gotta run by the store and pick up a copy for hubster. He's been talking about that one for a while. Last night we sat through The Plan (DVD). It was a lot of rehashed BSG footage sprinkled in with new bits. Catching a few glimpses of #2 was the only value to be had in it. Why, yes, I am just such a fan girl that I'd sit through it for that reason. Why do you ask? :P

So anyway, writing, kids...what's missing? Coffee! Cripes, I need another cup, and it's fifteen til 8. Gotta get the kidlet ready for school. Rush, rush, rush. I know, I bring it on myself. It's an illness.

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Hope your day is like rainbows!


  1. sucktastic days abound everywhere - maybe it's something in the star placement?

    You know that analogy about parenting being like birds having to push their birdlets out of the nest? I'm ready to kick my eldest to the curb and change the locks. Got an appt with specialist cuz problem they thought they'd fixed in June came back. And the WIP I've been so proud of and am getting ready to sub? I picked up a book rec'd to me by a friend and discovered the hero is having issues almost exactly the same as one of mine - except the other author did it so much better so now I feel ... yeah, well, enough about me.

    Ugh on Mini and the mud - we're into the frost/snow season. You can always move up here. Then you have snow days when he's trapped at home. My sympathies on the stress/suckageness. You're not alone.

  2. Ugh. Sorry you're having hard times too. Sounds like it's going around. It's definitely gotta be star placement. At least that gives me something to blame.

    So far, today has gone by okay. (knock on wood) Hopefully it means I've hit a turn around point.

    Hmm... Maybe all the shit hitting the fan now means it'll be gone by the time the holidays get here. I would soooo rather deal with it now that during Thanksgiving or Xmas, know what I mean?

    PS. Don't even tempt me to move to Canada. I already want to, snow and all!

  3. Anonymous7:15 PM

    What a day, Cora. Sorry, but I wish I'd had a camera when the big hairy dog loved him into the puddle.

    I hope I have a few days before I have to register. Need to get further into the book before I finish my blurb for the registration.

  4. I didn't add a blurb to my registration. Did I miss something? *_*


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