Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Writing in the Rain

Hubby left a very sweet email in my inbox this morning. It's our 19th wedding anniversary today. :*) Tonight we may or may not go out to dinner. He's wrangling with his boss to get off a little early, but I've already told him it's okay if he can't. The company was understanding when Hubster had to abruptly take off for DC to see his dad in the hospital, but they are pushing a critical deadline on the job right now and they're already short handed.

I told the man a movie at home is fine with me. Couch cuddling keeps a marriage strong. ;0) He bought that movie Drag Me To Hell a few weeks ago, and although that has been at the top of our watch list, we never got around to watching it. So there's something. The title is perhaps *cough, cough* not something that goes hand in hand with "anniversary" per say - LOL - but we've never been conventional. I'm looking forward to it.

There are a few cool things going on in writing at the moment. There is a squeaky fresh, do not miss interview with Dorchester Editor Leah Hultenschmidt at Barbara Vey's blog at Publisher's Weekly. Be sure to check it out! Included with the interview is a list of what she is and isn't looking for - always good to know.

Slackers rejoice! If you visit Dr. Wicked's Write or Die you'll notice the desktop version is now available! It works for Mac, Windows, and it's supposed to work for Linux. At any rate, the program is small - roughly 3MB downloaded, if I remember right - and costs $10.00 through PayPal. I'm not affiliated with Dr. Wicked in anyway, but I use the online version pretty often. Since my DSL isn't all the reliable being that I live way out here in the sticks, I bought the desktop version this morning. I LOVE IT. It works just like the one online, but gives you more options. You can save to file, save to blog, change the skin, etc. A really handy tool if you need someone to crack a whip over you to meet your word count.

So there you have it. All my news for today. BTW, How gorgeous is that picture? It was taken by bigsister861 on webshots. I do believe she has found my dream house. :*) Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. ha! go and watch it..i watched it about 2 weeks ago and even though it has not a real story it has its funny and its ugly moments..and is totally worth watching it...:-)

    ps: happy aniverseary!

  2. Thanks, Danielle, for the happy wishes. And I'm definitely looking forward to the movie. I love horror movies - the gross ones and the hilarious ones. ^_^

  3. great..me too! we should keep each other posted about the good , the bad and the ugly..err* hilarious ones!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Cora! Have fun couch cuddling.

  5. Happy anniversary, Cora. ((hugs))
    Ya'll have a fun nite together——but not too fun! lmao!

    Love ya,

  6. Danielle, I just watched the movie! Cheesy special effects, good story, but the ending threw me. Who gave the guy the button? *_*

  7. Cass, LOL! Thanks, girl. *hugs* You know me too well. ^_~

  8. Congrats on the anniversary and many more!

  9. Thanks bunches, Jenn! :*)

  10. Anonymous11:15 AM

    That is beautiful, Cora. Happy Happy. We had one last weekend.

    Hey I've been blogging all week on software for writers at

    I'm so glad the online version of that little program is out - just in time for Nano. Are you doing Nano this year?

    Have a lovely, luvvley evening

  11. Hi Marley! :0) Yes, I'm going to do NaNo This year. At some point I need to get over there and sign up. Are you gonna do NaNo?

  12. ok..the guy and the button! in the beginning the girl brings a coin for the guys coin collection..she puts it bag in her handbag so he dont looses the envelope with the coin...in the car the bag falls down..the envelopes and papers get mixed up..she sees a envelop with something round inside..she thinks it is the button...but ..it wasnt..she pushe dthe coin in the corpses mouth while the button still was in the guys car

  13. AH! Okay, I must've missed the part about the coin. I figured it had gotten mixed up in the shuffle when he slammed on his breaks, but I later saw her tapping the envelope on the bar and it had the round dent on it, like the button was there.

    A coin... now the ending makes sense!


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