Friday, October 16, 2009

A Week of Rainy Days

I haven't been posting much lately, so I figured I better come in and fix that today. October is a really busy month for me as far as things go, all the school events, fall fest, Halloween, and our wedding anniversary is this month too.

The parent meeting is over, and thankfully not a lot of people showed up. I think that would've been overwhelming for giving my first meeting since I never went through training orientation. We had a financial planner come in and teach us about cutting wasteful spending and how to save for retirement and the benefit of compound interest. Very good class. I'm thinking of setting Oldest up to take it while he's at an age the savings could really add up for him.

I'm still working on note cards. I have about 30 now. There is a lot of plot crossing with subplot in this one, and while I'd love to simplify this darn thing, I'm not sure it would be long enough if I did. I'm kinda torn about that. I don't want to overwrite the thing. At the same time, I don't want to flounder my way through it.

Today I'm driving Mini to school then running errands. If you're waiting for a book from me or the MMC, I'm mailing out a batch today! So keep an eye on your mailbox. I think sometimes my local mail ladies must cringe when they see me coming. I'm usually bringing a beach bag of packages.

That's it for today. Oh, have I mentioned I'm so flipping glad it's Friday? *does chicken dance* Now perhaps I'll be able to skulk off to a quiet corner and wait out this sinus infection/cold in peace. Getting out in the rain everyday for a week probably hasn't helped, lol. At any rate, I hope you have an awesome weekend! :0)


  1. I am with you on the rainy day and sinus! Isn't it so much fun... oh yay! But you are right... TGIF!!!!!
    I hope your weekend goes great!

  2. Happy Friday to you too, Cecile!


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