Sunday, October 18, 2009

Test Results and Zombies

On Friday, after I blogged, I got my blood tests back from the lab. Apparently my blood glucose is fine and there's no sign of anemia, but my thyroid isn't working. So now I'm on Synthroid, and I'm being directed to another doctor. At any rate, I'm glad I know because now the worry is out of the way.

Still, that was a bit of a bummer when I got the news about my thyroid in the mail. My bff just went through a year of hell battling thyroid cancer, and ugh, I just did not want to hear thyroid news. Too, the medication is a pain in the ass to take. You take it on an empty stomach, drink it with a full glass of water, and then you have to wait an hour before eating. Arg. No more zombie walks to the coffee pot first thing in the morning. That's going to be a hard habit to break.

I'm half way through my note cards now. It's slow going. I love the characters, and I've been wanting to write this story, but my heart just hasn't been into writing. Hopefully now that the med tests are behind me, I can get my groove back. I simply haven't felt like myself lately.

On a brighter note, I did find out there were 30 stories chosen for the Ravenous Romance zombie romance anthology - I hope, hope, hope I made the cut. *crosses fingers for luck*

That's about it for now. Better blogging once the depression lifts. I promise. And for those of you that have stuck with me - I humbly thank you.

Hugs and Kisses,


  1. Cora, I am very sorry to hear about your results, but at the same time, I know you to be a strong woman! How do I know you are a strong woman... because you are a WOMAN!!!
    My aunt had problems with her thyroids too, hers did not work properly. She lost all kind of weight, not healthy. The doctors finally find a happy medium for her and her health. I have mine checked every year.
    Well, to pull you out of the funk... go over to my place tomorrow.... there is bound to be a hottie to cheer you up!
    If not, I will meet you half way for coffee one day!
    (((hugs coming to you for down south in LA))) Cecile

  2. I hear you on the thyroid -- I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism earlier this year. I wasn't told to take it with a glass of water, nor was I told I couldn't eat or drink for an hour afterwards. What I was told - the pharmacist gave me a sheet with the instructions, so I checked them: No dairy products including milk, no antacids or mineral suuplements (calcium, iron, magnesium or zinc) for at least four hours before OR after you've taken the pill, or it'll interfere with the drug's absorption. (The pharmacist gave me a sheet with all the instructions/side effects, etc. So I'm quoting from it.)

    You are being recommended to another doctor? An endocrinologist? Because my GP is just handing me pills and telling me to go for blood tests in first 3 months (they had to then double the dosage to the next level up) and now I have to wait six months. But the symptoms aren't getting any better! Ugh!

    And hypothyroidism doesn't mean thyroid cancer, there are a lot of other things that can make it go screwy - in fact a lot of women around 50 (I know you're not there yet, but I am) get it due to an autoimmune thing that activates. So don't start worrying about that, you've got enough on your plate.

  3. boy, you can tell I wrote that at 1 a.m., way past my bedtime! Sorry for the repetition.

  4. Hugs for you, Cora. x

  5. Hugs to all of you. This has been a learning experience. And come on down, Cecile. Lots of great places to have coffee here. ;0)

    Gah, Leah, I did not know that. I wrote it down though, and check my prescription sheets from the pharmacy and sure enough - no dairy within four hours of taking the pill. Ugh. I'm having to drink fake non-dairy creamer in my coffee now. I'm in hell and I can't get out. *sob*

    Elove, right back at you. :*)

  6. feel better. that damn thyroid. i tell you, the number of people i know with issues out number the ones with no issues. it's a PITA, that little tiny gland

    god, i sound like an old woman up there. hand me my cane!



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