Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Friday and I Have Tea

Oy, I have caught Mini's ick. Yesterday I wrestled with whether or not to send him to school. He was feeling better, but I wasn't and the rain made me wary of getting out of the house. In the end I decided, I'll take him because at least I'll have a few minutes alone at home to recoup in peace. So, feeling horrible, I drove the lil mite to school and signed him in. I didn't walk into the class and told his teacher from the door - "Don't come near me, I'm sick."

After I left there, I went and bought groceries then came home and unloaded them in the rain. I figured I better do it then before the really bad weather hits us. So after all the groceries were put away, it was around 9:20. I crashed across the bed a few minutes, and was laying there watching it rain when I decided I'd probably feel better if I took a hot bath. So... I fished out a change of clothes and took the phone with me to the bathroom - it's a habit, because no matter what, anytime I go to hop in the shower during daylight hours, someone is gonna call me.

I wasn't disappointed this time either. I'd just stepped both feet in the bathwater when the phone rang. It was my mom. She bought the man and myself an anniversary card and wanted to bring it over. I asked her when, because I had just climbed into the bath. She said no rush, but that she'd be over in a little while. So, I hung up the phone and cried in the tub for a while before washing my hair and shaving my legs. I know people mean well, but when I'm sick, sometimes I just need a little down time.

Mom came over around 10, and brought treats for the pooches. Divadog already looks like she's swallowed a football, but she is like a ravenous beast. Those puppies are coming any day now, I swear. Anyway, mom and I had a good chat. She stayed until almost noon, when her phone rang and it was my Uncle Mike in Texas. He wanted to talk to me, and so she passed her cell phone over, and I spent a few minutes joking around with him. Mom was glaring daggers at me after about five minutes, she'd realized the time and needed to go. I heard her telling Mike on the phone on her way out the door - "I've got so much running to do today!"

Mom had just left when Hubster made it in for lunch. He was muddy from working in the rain, and had to take his boots off outside. I'd warmed up a pot of homemade chicken soup for him, and he came in ready to wolf down a bowl. He also was feeling *cough, cough* flirty. Here I am, like a zombie - really. Stuffy yet runny nose. Body aches. Wet hair. Oh, and I'm lightheaded from cold medicine. Sexy no? He seemed to think so. I'm not going to knock that. :P But I did tell him I was feeling awful.

We chatted while he ate, and he checked the weather radar online. That's about all he had time for before he had to go back to work.

Once he was out the door. I stood in the dining room and looked up at the clock. It was twenty til one, the house is a wreck, and I can't take a nap now because it's likely I would't wake up in time to get Mini from school. So, I sat in my desk chair with a cup of peppermint tea and cried some more. Why? Hell, I don't know. Just a sick thing, I guess.

I tinkered around with my story for a while. I am in LOVE with my new hero, and feel really charged about the story itself, but I tell you... it's nearly impossible to write when you feel so addle brained. I found that out yesterday. I wrote about 500 words and reread through some of it and - WTF? Did any of it make sense? Um, not much. I decided that was dangerous territory, so I stopped there before I made any huge "progress" I'd have to cut once the haze of yuck lifts. Even crap writing is painful to slice out when you see your word count start dropping.

After that, I opened up SL and browsed around there a few minutes. I didn't have a lot of time for it yesterday. I had about 20 minutes before I had to go pick up Mini, and the site kept glitching on me.

Oh, last night, after hubster got home... He was talking to me about work, and I followed him into the bedroom. He was running a bath, and searching for pajamas, so I crashed across the bed, watching him and listening. Um, I fell asleep while listening to him. No kidding. It took less than four minutes. The man just left me there.

Around eight, he came and shook me awake. I remember him telling me something about a cool werewolf documentary on Animal Planet. Something like that. He told me to come on in the living room, and left the bedroom door open. See, I remember that. However, I don't remember actually going into the living room. *_*

Shortly before nine o'clock, I woke up on the couch. Mini was chatting me up, and I was laying on about three hot wheels cars and a stuffed animal. Hubster looked at me from the opposite couch. "I thought you'd be interested in this show."

I probably would've been if I'd been conscious.

I told the man I don't know why everyone is so bound and determined to "make me" do things when I'm sick. When they can see I'm sick. I just don't get it. Come over here - do this - watch that. Ok. I'm too tired and zombie-fied to argue with you. I'll just sit right here where you want me to and...zzzzzzz.... Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

Right before he went to bed, he stopped to give me a kiss and said I should go on to bed, too. I planned to after I gave Mini a bath. It was around 11 before I got the kidlet to bed. I usually stay up, but I went on to bed too, and I swear I slept like I'd been knocked in the head with a brick. No dreams. No tossing and turning. Nothing. I imagine I snored the house down. Heh.

I woke up at almost nine this morning and it's storming. At some point, Mini had climbed up in the bed with me, and was just laying there smiling at me. Now that's a great way to wake up. ^_^

I didn't feel well enough to drive - I'm still all spacey and lightheaded. So I called in and told the folks at his school that the sick stuff is cycling through our house and there's nothing I can do about it. Mini will be back Monday.

So that's that. My very surreal yesterday. Today, if I can focus a bit better *fingers crossed* I'm going to work on my pitch book. I have my hero and heroine together very early on in the story, but I've hit a snag. I know why HE is there, but why is she there? Her reason seems valid on the surface, but would her family allow it? When she returns home, I can't seem to make that piece fit. Looks like I may need to rework her side of the story.

Have a happy Friday, everyone! I'm off to make tea, and sort through note cards. Sounds like an awesome way to start the weekend. :0)

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