Friday, October 02, 2009

Free From Synopsis Hell


I'm behind again! I meant for this to go out on Thursday, but I got bogged down with other things. I've gotten so much accomplished over the past two days, it's hard not to smile about it. Last night I finished my synopsis. I'd hoped to enter this puppy in the Susannah, but the power went out for about three hours last night so I missed my chance. Apparently it wasn't meant to be.

At any rate, the synopsis is finished, and I'll be sending it out for crit partner perusal this weekend. The book itself needs polishing, cropping, and re-blocking, but at least I have something solid to work with. FYI, this will be my pitch book for the Written in the Stars conference in March 2010. [Unless, of course, I shop it out sooner and it gets accepted.]

Okay, there are a couple of cool things going on that I've been meaning to post about...

First things first, Ray Garton, author of the vampire novel Live Girls, is auctioning off a manuscript critique on eBay. The auction includes a full critique of your work, and a online chat with the author himself. The starting bid is at $200.00.

There is an interesting interview with Jaid James, owner of Ellora's Cave, over at Author's Toolbox. If you've ever thought about submitting a story to EC, be sure to take a peek.

And this last bit, which is a bit ranty so read at your own risk.

The battle against ebook piracy never ends. Yes, I've discovered I'm being pirated yet again, but it's on such a broad scope, I did little else but report the site itself to the feds. Wah, hiss, cry...yeah, I know.

I also know there are a lot of people torn on the subject of ebook piracy - some who believe it's not hurting anyone, or that authors are rich from the feeble royalties they get every year. Oh, and of course, there are the asshats who think piracy should be looked at as free publicity for the author. I have a special love for those witty pirates - it's called #gofuckyourselfyoudipshit .

Don't get me wrong, I'm not attempting to open a dialogue on the subject. My opinion on the matter isn't going to change no matter what. It is interesting to me; however, that no one - NO ONE - that I can think of wants the interwebz regulated by the government. Still, I look for it to happen eventually. Why? Because pirates not only steal from authors, musicians, movie studios, etc. etc... the bottom line is, they are stealing from the tax man. And as we all know, come hell or high water, Uncle Sam is going to get his.

Oh, it might not be tomorrow. Or next year. But eventually. I believe it's inevitable. When it does happen, be sure to send a thank you card to the epirates for their contribution, because fraud and lawlessness will be the perfect reason for the government to launch a windscreen. The fact of the matter is no one gets a free ride forever. The sad part? In the end it's going to bite us all in the ass. BTW, just for the sake of saying so, I know that sounds conspiratorial and bitchy. So be it. Give it twenty years and we'll revisit.

In the meantime, I'm going about my merry way. It's Friday, gorgeous out, and I have laundry to fold. Oh! And a book to buy. There is a certain werewolf guide I MUST have this weekend. Trip to BAM imminent. ;0)

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Congrats on finishing the synopsis. That's one of the worst parts of writing!


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