Monday, October 12, 2009

Backto the Grind v2.0

It's Monday again. Both Oldest and Mini are home with me today since it's Columbus Day, aka - Fall Fest. They'll be hanging around with me until Wednesday, so I imagine there'll be much snarling and gnashing of teeth. Between the two of them in an enclosed space and all this effing rain, I imagine it should be interesting.

I'm working on a batch of note cards for the book I'm planning to pitch at NOLA's Written in the Stars Conference in March. I've finally decided to stick with one story - I've been torn about it for about two weeks, which book to write. Now that I've settled on what kind of smut I'm going to work on, I can start working on the note cards. For those following the divider formula - I want to do a 90k book. So, if the scenes are 1000 words long, I'll need 90 scene cards to meet my word count. Or, in this case, since I'm shooting for 1200 word scenes, I'll need 75. Totally do-able, just got to get my mind in the game.

So, now that the writing bid is underway... At some point today I've got to clean the house. :P It's kinda pointless with the guys here when they can wreck it in two minutes flat, but it's to the point it's bothering me. I've been staring the same throw blanket laying on the couch since Friday. Yeah, yeah, I've been tinkering around on the net too much and shirking the housework. Blah. It's the story of my life.

Well, off to go toss in some laundry and get the beds made before I settle in for another round of procrastination -and note carding. That counts for something, doesn't it?

Happy Monday, everyone!

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