Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Six Months Dash

Kingpost replica bridge over the Plattekill Creek, 3

Let the insanity begin! A few days ago I learned one of my dream agents will be attending the NOLA conference in Shreveport next year. What does this mean for me? That I have from October to March to finish the novel to pitch to said agent.

I'm feeling a little sick in the gizzards about it because I have two projects I'm very excited about, but I'll have to pick one for this purpose and focus on it. Let me just say, it's very hard to slackass around about things when you have to put all your attention into one project.

So far it looks like a I have a lot of planning to do. At least I have 6 months to work on it. A lot can be accomplished with that just by writing 1k every day. That's a goal I know I can meet. Whew! Get the whips ready, everyone.


  1. GET SET...GO!!!!

    You can do it!!! I'll be here for moral support when you start to feel like pulling your hair out. ;)


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