Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Long Day - A Little Progress


Where has the week gone? Yesterday, Hubster and I ordered Oldests cap, gown, diploma case, and senior key for graduation. He's really excited about it, and I can't blame him. He's now set up to take the ACT in October. It will be his first shot at it. We're hoping to have him taking it at least twice. Early in the school year, then toward the end. Just to see if he betters his score.

Tomorrow, after I pick up Mini from school there's a PTA meeting I have to attend. I'm not so thrilled about that actually. It's for one of positions I agreed to second chair. First meeting of the year and already I'm having to step in. I can see where this is leading right now. Of course, during all this I would have PMS from hell. Like, pass the twinkies and get the fuck out of my way kind of PMS. I wish it weren't true, but oh, it is. I've taken the liberty of warning hubster I'm in Linda Blair mode, just incase my bitch factor spikes without warning. I wouldn't want there to be casualties.

I'm not usually like this, but since early August my blood pressure and glucose levels have been all kinds of screwed up. It's from stress mostly, but I can't seem to get the crap under control. And for once I can honestly say it is not my diet holding things up. I've been a very good girl. All real foods lately: fresh meats and veggies, cheese, limited fruit, and whole grain. Still, I can feel it - it's not enough. Definitely time to make a doctor's appointment as much as that sucks.

That aside, I made a little progress with Love Fool today, and I'm hereby determined to knock out at least one more scene from this thing by the weekend. Saturday the monthly NOLA meeting is going on, and I'm trying to get my ducks in a row for that. Once I clear Saturday, I should have most of the little things out of the way for a while. *fingers crossed*

That's it for now. I'm gonna go work on this chapter while the house is quiet, and possibly put in the latest XFiles movie. I bought the disk at F.Y.E. after renting, and haven't had chance to check out my own copy yet. I think there's supposed to be an alternately ending? Think I'll go find out... Night, night, everyone.

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