Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hump Day - A Tale of Obsessions

I will never forget the first time I came face to face with a set of real, ripped abs on a man.

It was during the summer, and a couple of friends dropped by my house to visit. They'd been to the lake, and one of the guys who I didn't know personally [although I remember his name first and last after all this time] stepped out of the car, and I swear to all that is holy my jaw dropped.

He was the hottest thing I've ever been within five feet of. Shirtless and barefoot, he had scruffy black hair, ice blue eyes, and OMFG abs that you could've scrubbed your laundry on. A black treasure trail lead right down to the waist band of a pair of low slung, ripped jeans. He was the kind of guy you read about in romance novels, only in the flesh. You could have tipped me over with a feather.

Yes, lil Cora got an education that day. And an obsession was officially born.

A friend and I talked about "triggers" the other day, and that memory jumped firmly to mind. It's still very vivid in my mind, everything from that initial brain jolt of discovery to the sizzling eye contact that lasted all afternoon. I even remember the way the sun felt warm on my back while we were all standing around by their car, talking in the driveway. I've had a thing for abs ever since.

There are a lot of things to be learned from a by-gone summer romance. Namely, if there isn't one of those initial "feather tipping" scenes in your romance novel, there should be - even if your characters have met before. I try to add one of those scenes in each of my books. It doesn't have to happen at first sight, but that electric epiphany should come at some point. The power of attraction between your hero and heroine grabs your reader by the hair. Keep that tension high. Set goals for your characters and let them fall short. Make them walk through fire for what they- and you - ultimately want. Something unforgettable.

Happy hump day, everyone! ~_^


  1. So true.

    Love love love this post.

    I'm all about the buildup and the sexual tension and that memorable moment... those are what stay with me long after the book is done.

  2. Very well put. I love the idea of a scene grabbing you by the hair.

    As a fellow ab enthusiast, I can relate.

  3. Excellent post! I think I'm going to steal the term 'feather tipping moment' - it's perfect.

  4. Thanks, Isy. The sexual tension between the main characters definitely draw me in. :0)

  5. Glad to know another ab enthusiast, Heidi! I like shoulders too. ^_^

  6. Thanks, Jenn! Glad you liked "feather tipping". Hehe! ^_^


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