Friday, September 18, 2009

Gonna Get A Spanking

I hit a major plot bomb last night while working with the vampires. I wrangled with the story line until I neared mental collapse. I closed the doc file around midnight, and didn't pick it up again until this afternoon. The good news is I think I've found a way to fill the plot gap. On the flip side, it adds an element to the story I hadn't anticipated - another character. The last thing I need is one more ornery vampire.

Overall I think the main thing I should be focusing on is the romance, since that has kind of gotten lost on this project. Soooo.... heavy tweaking is in order. Feel free to take that how ever you want. ;0)

I'm going to work the story backwards a little tonight and see if that will unravel some of the mysterious middle. Now that I think of it, this would be a really good time to break out my notes from the NOLA meeting last weekend.

That aside, I did a very, very naughty thing today. I imagine when the new toy arrives, I'm gonna get a spanking. Seriously. And no, not because it's that kind of toy. Rather, it's the result of too much guitar pr0n before bed. Yep. It's like that. ~_~' I imagine in a couple of days, I'm gonna have some explaining to do. Too late to do anything about it now, but I guess I better start practicing my "I did it because..." speech. I'm gonna need it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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