Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Evil Mom Street Cred

Daisy Sphere

I opened my eyes at 7am this morning and figured I better crawl out of bed to make sure the Oldest one was ready for school. I walked into the dining room to find him trying to rush 3 sandwiches into baggies...right as the bus is rumbling up. The horn honks, and oldest says: "What is she doing here? She's early!" The kid then turns and makes a dash out the front door. I'm talking rushing ten yards for the first down kind of dash. I'm glad I wasn't standing over there, the guy would've plowed me down.

At this point, I'm sure he thinks he's going to be eating lunch room food. He's weird about that. He says there's not enough food in a school lunch for a growing boy. ^_^ But, no, mama's not gonna make him eat school food. I went and finished making his sammiches, and packed his lunch bag. After I take Minibeast to preschool, I'll swing by the high school and drop off Oldest's lunch. I just hope is doesn't ruin my evil-mom street cred. I've only been building on that for 12 years now.

So anyway, I've wired myself into thinking I'm gonna kick this one chapter in the head today. There are roughly 14 pages left. I think I can, I think I can... The hot short story is coming along pretty well too. It's sitting at the half way point. If there's some time today after hubster goes back to work after lunch, I'll probably work on it for a while. I should probably just hit up Dr. Wicked and do a sprint to get that one jotted down.

Well, it's that time. I gotta round up the Minibeast and groom him - ya know, put him in a headlock to wash his face, brush his hair and his teeth? Anyway, it's ten minutes before I have to haul the lil nipper up to the kidlet center, so it's off for now. I hope you all have a happy hump day. :)


  1. Break out the whip, Isy!

  2. love the images you brought up my mind..:-)

    @ isabelle

    seems like i m not the only santiago out here..:-)

  3. Hi Danielle! *waves* Isabelle is one of my crit partners. She helps keep me on track. :)

  4. I know you're a happy woman since school started. Kick that Chapter's butt girlfriend.

  5. Hey, Marley! *hugs* It's been a mad house, but stuff is settle in some. I'm heading out to NOLA tomorrow for RWA. I'll email you with details once I'm back home!


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