Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Six Months Dash

Kingpost replica bridge over the Plattekill Creek, 3

Let the insanity begin! A few days ago I learned one of my dream agents will be attending the NOLA conference in Shreveport next year. What does this mean for me? That I have from October to March to finish the novel to pitch to said agent.

I'm feeling a little sick in the gizzards about it because I have two projects I'm very excited about, but I'll have to pick one for this purpose and focus on it. Let me just say, it's very hard to slackass around about things when you have to put all your attention into one project.

So far it looks like a I have a lot of planning to do. At least I have 6 months to work on it. A lot can be accomplished with that just by writing 1k every day. That's a goal I know I can meet. Whew! Get the whips ready, everyone.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thoughts Adrift

Monday has landed. I should be sitting in the doctor's office right now, but on my way out the door this morning to take Mini to preschool, I got a call from the receptionist. Of course, she was calling me to reschedule. *sigh*

I've had this appointment for about a month, and they call me approximately two hours before the appointment to cancel. Very inconvenient. I know this sort of thing happens, but to say I'm not thrilled is a mild way of putting it.

I was already running late getting Mini to school, and after that call, I had to stop and call my mom before she left her house to come here. By the time I got Mini into the jeep, we were already fifteen minutes behind.

Once back home from dropping off Minibeast, I opened twitter and learned that Kate Duffy has passed away. I'm in shock. I didn't know her personally, but she's been such a fixture in the romance community, it feels weird knowing she is no longer with us. My condolences to her family and friends.

What a bizarre way to start the week, eh? I need to write and forget myself for a while. Think I'll go do that now. I hope you all have a bright Monday.

Oh, BTW, I really, really, really want this book:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Need More Zzzs

funny pictures of cats with captions

They want your brains...and your catnip.

I'm feeling all zombinoid this morning. I went to bed after midnight and slept like a rock, but apparently that wasn't enough. Hubster woke me up at 6:30 to let me know he was leaving for work, and by that time Mini was up and drawing at the dining table. Oy. If Mini is up, I need to be up to hopefully stave off any attempts at mischief.

It's safe to say a nap is imminent.

I wrote a little over 1k yesterday. I'm pretty happy with it. I'm hoping for roughly the same today, and anything over that initial 1k I'll consider a bonus. The point is to get back on track with writing everyday.

That said, I'm off to do just that: write for a bit. I hope you all have a snazzy Sunday. ^_^

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hearken to the Call

Hectic day, but managed to get in 2k words. Woot! Very proud of that word count. It's been very difficult to pull in much lately.

I took Mini to school this morning then rushed home and wrote about 1k. Around 11, I worked up all the bills, balanced the check book and zipped back to town. I picked up Mini from school at 11:20 - they were eating lunch, so they wrapped his plate up for us, and we left. Did the rounds to the post office, the bank, and the store. Back home, I set Mini up with some markers and paper, unpacked the new doggy beds - one for both Divadog and Pitbull - and treats, then it was back to writing.

The call has not been made official, but there have been some pre-call mentions on Twitter for an upcoming steampunk/cyberpunk anthology at Samhain. It just so happens I have two very naughty cyberpunk stories on my hard drive, so I will definitely be submitting. But that's neither here nor there. If you're a writer and you do not have a twitter account by now, you should. Editors often tweet submission calls, and you will be the first to know. So get thee to twitter, chop chop!

I like it dirty, twenty-four seven...

Tomorrow I have contest entries to work on, and groceries to shop for. I've got to make a run to the beauty supply for a couple of wefts of kanekalon, and when I get back, I'm determined to get at least 1k written. No more bs'ing around about it. No more cutting out the writing for the benefit of everything else. I'm not happy if I'm not writing. When happiness takes a vacation, it's time to start looking at what's going on around me.

So there's the news of the day. I've got my twitter open, going, and I'm about to make another cup of tea. I'm planning a late night writing jag. There is much smut to be written. Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Working On It

Trevi Fountain

Sorry my blog posts have been so erratic lately. I literally don't know what I'm going to have to do from one day to the next. There was a PTA meeting this evening, and if the pouring rain wasn't enough of a downer, I discovered that from here on in, the meetings are up to me to conduct. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. *_* Since Mini was sick when the initiation for parents went on, I will have to meet with the teacher after school before the next meeting and go over requirements. Yikes.

Tomorrow Mini is only in school for half a day, so I'm going to do all errands in the morning (while all the effing thunderstorms are supposed to be going on, of course) so I won't have to run back home before time to pick him up.

Once we are back to domicile, I have to work on contest entries. I want them all finished and ready to send back by October 2nd. I know I can't hit them all at once, but one every couple of days should get me through them pretty quickly.

That aside, I'm still working on the vamps. I went through and made cuts today to scenes I didn't feel were progressing the story. The beginning reads very smooth now, but oy, cutting all those words hurt. Stake to the chest kinda hurt. GAK! I hope I don't have to do that again.

Time to get back to work. I have less than an hour to write before I shut down for the night. I figure midnight is late enough, since I've got to be up by 6 am.

I hope you all have a snazzy Friday! :0)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hump Day - A Tale of Obsessions

I will never forget the first time I came face to face with a set of real, ripped abs on a man.

It was during the summer, and a couple of friends dropped by my house to visit. They'd been to the lake, and one of the guys who I didn't know personally [although I remember his name first and last after all this time] stepped out of the car, and I swear to all that is holy my jaw dropped.

He was the hottest thing I've ever been within five feet of. Shirtless and barefoot, he had scruffy black hair, ice blue eyes, and OMFG abs that you could've scrubbed your laundry on. A black treasure trail lead right down to the waist band of a pair of low slung, ripped jeans. He was the kind of guy you read about in romance novels, only in the flesh. You could have tipped me over with a feather.

Yes, lil Cora got an education that day. And an obsession was officially born.

A friend and I talked about "triggers" the other day, and that memory jumped firmly to mind. It's still very vivid in my mind, everything from that initial brain jolt of discovery to the sizzling eye contact that lasted all afternoon. I even remember the way the sun felt warm on my back while we were all standing around by their car, talking in the driveway. I've had a thing for abs ever since.

There are a lot of things to be learned from a by-gone summer romance. Namely, if there isn't one of those initial "feather tipping" scenes in your romance novel, there should be - even if your characters have met before. I try to add one of those scenes in each of my books. It doesn't have to happen at first sight, but that electric epiphany should come at some point. The power of attraction between your hero and heroine grabs your reader by the hair. Keep that tension high. Set goals for your characters and let them fall short. Make them walk through fire for what they- and you - ultimately want. Something unforgettable.

Happy hump day, everyone! ~_^

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Come On Wednesday

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Today was teh suck. Indeed. Only an hour left of this shit scourge and Wednesday will be here. I am so ready. Things just keep piling up and I can't keep up with it all. It's just too much, and there aren't enough hours in the day. I barely have two minutes to write these days, and I've pretty much made up my mind that some things are just gonna have to go. I've already gone through and started cutting responsibilities. Oh, it's gonna piss some people off, I'm sure, but I'm so swamped, I can't seem to get a free minute where there isn't something I "have" to do. That is ending this week. Hide and watch.

That said, I did the unthinkable today. I came home from dropping Mini off at school, and went back to bed. I couldn't even see straight I was so tired. After an hour or so, I was back up and feeling better. I worked on a contest entry for Southern Heat, typed it onto the sheet and put everything away for a little writing of my own. I think I've finally managed to steer my story back into romance territory. *thumbs up* Now if I can just get down to business and add to the effing word count.

At any rate, the world is still turning. Right? That's it for me. I'm off to take a shower before bed. Nite nite, everyone!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Recorded L♥V

Humorous Pictures

It's very late, so let's see if I can get in a post before midnight! In typical Monday fashion, I woke up a little later than I should have then sat around in my pajamas for far too long. I seriously debated hauling Mini to school in my pjs. I'm not sure anyone would be shocked, but knowing my luck, I'd end up as one of those "laugh at this idiot" videos on youtube, so I pulled on some jeans and flip flops before dashing out the door. Believe it or not, I managed to get Mini to class on time.

I came home prepared to write and discovered I had contest entries to judge. I emailed my coordinator to let her know they'd all downloaded without a hitch. I set them aside for the morning after that and added to the growing pile of vampire smut index cards littered across my desk. So far I have about 30 cards, a mega crush on my hero, and a whole lotta sexy smutty scary vampire scenes. Just to keep track of things - the wip is sitting at a little over 37k. Little by little. Know what I mean?

While tinkering around on twitter this evening, Sommer Marsden and Scarlett Greyson corrupted me with the new Rammstein music video - aptly or not - called Pussy. Okay, I gotta admit, they were declaring their WTFs, so of course I had to see it for myself. I have no one but myself to blame. If you look it up, if you look up the uncensored version, be aware that the video is in no way shape or form safe for work, safe for open home viewing (don't attempt to watch it in the dining room with gramma - get what I'm saying?), or otherwise safe for your immortal soul. Garth has boobs. And I seen'd it. ~_~'

That's it for me. I gotta hit the sack. Nite nite, everyone - sweet dreams!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Talk like a pirate, ye scurvy seadog!

Yar! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
What are ye waiting for? Climb ye olde topsails and show me yer booty! #_^

Last night while tinkering around on twitter (and talking about pimp hats with Manda), I had an epic writing epiphany. Whee!

I figured out how to dig myself out of a major plot hole with the vampires, up the ante on the story, and infuse a bit more horror into an otherwise questionable romance. Why, yes, I am feeling rather snazzy. Thanks for asking!

I'm debating whether to enter the first chapters of my vamp story into the Suzannah contest. It would support my local RWA chapter, and I'd get very valuable feedback out of it, but the deadline is closing in and I don't think it's polished enough to submit as is.

I suppose if I can smooth it out in time, I'll send in my entry. No guarantees it would be accepted in though, waiting this late. There is a cut off after so many entries are received.

That's all I've got at the moment. It's rainy, gray, and quiet today. Unless you count the kids and Pitbull ambling through the house. Honestly, that's a-okay with me. More than anything, I'm just glad it's the weekend. Happy Saturday, everyone. Arrr!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gonna Get A Spanking

I hit a major plot bomb last night while working with the vampires. I wrangled with the story line until I neared mental collapse. I closed the doc file around midnight, and didn't pick it up again until this afternoon. The good news is I think I've found a way to fill the plot gap. On the flip side, it adds an element to the story I hadn't anticipated - another character. The last thing I need is one more ornery vampire.

Overall I think the main thing I should be focusing on is the romance, since that has kind of gotten lost on this project. Soooo.... heavy tweaking is in order. Feel free to take that how ever you want. ;0)

I'm going to work the story backwards a little tonight and see if that will unravel some of the mysterious middle. Now that I think of it, this would be a really good time to break out my notes from the NOLA meeting last weekend.

That aside, I did a very, very naughty thing today. I imagine when the new toy arrives, I'm gonna get a spanking. Seriously. And no, not because it's that kind of toy. Rather, it's the result of too much guitar pr0n before bed. Yep. It's like that. ~_~' I imagine in a couple of days, I'm gonna have some explaining to do. Too late to do anything about it now, but I guess I better start practicing my "I did it because..." speech. I'm gonna need it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Coffee On The Horizon

Apples on the old apple tree

I rolled out of bed this morning, thinking, "Yay, Friday!" - but it isn't. Not yet.

One more day. I think I can hang in there until then, but just for the record, this has been the longest, drag-assed week of the year. Safe to say, I'm ready for it to be over.

That said, I do believe I need coffee. And chocolate. And maybe a marathon of The Terrible Thunder Lizards to get me through. Yes, it paints a picture of worthlessness, but for today, it sounds like a plan.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rainy Day, Late Post

Khan The Black Panther

Been a long day, but I'm actually getting some work done. I'm rewriting a chapter for Love Fool, and also working my way through a scene guide of sorts for my next vampire book. In a nutshell, I'm doing a ton of pre-writing. So far, I have about 10 index cards laid out for the vampire book.

The scene guide I'm working on is like the index cards, only it's a list of all the scenes numbered and jotted down in as much detail as I can think of. It's all in a word document that I plan to print when I have enough scenes to meet a 90k book. When I start writing this book, I want to have a solid boilerplate to go by, because I'm going to have a really narrow window in which to get that story written. We'll see how it goes. I won't actually start "writing" the book until October. That should give me plenty of time to finish Love Fool - if we can all just get over Pukefest 2009 here at home. :P

Speaking of, Mini did so well yesterday. He was feeling much better, and actually played around a bit. But last night, around midnight, I had just gone to bed when Mini rolled over and started yukking everywhere. OMFG. I had to pick him up and carry him to the bathroom where Pukefest continued for about 10 minutes. I told hubster if it didn't stop, we were going to ER. Mini finally settled down, and I ran a bath for him. Hubster bathed Mini while I went back to the bedroom and pulled off all the sheets and started them washing. I remade the bed and mopped the floor. What a job! Afterward, I put Mini in some fresh PJs and carried him on to bed. I tell you, though, I couldn't sleep. He'd move even a little and I was reaching over to check his temperature. By 2AM, I was feeling like I'd been plowed over by a truck.

When I did finally go to sleep, I felt like I wasn't really sleeping. Know what I'm talking about. Like being awake, but dreaming? Anyway, I dreamed I was in the bedroom, sitting on the bed. I'd gotten a new tattoo, one on my wrist. It was hubsters name in black script with stars on each end of it, but the minute I tried to show it to hubster, the tattoo wasn't there. It had moved, or I had apparently gotten it somewhere else than my wrist, and hubster was staring at me like I was crazy while I was pretty much stripping down, looking for this rogue tattoo.

Anyway, I don't think any of us got any decent sleep. Hubster called in to work, and stayed home with us. I'm glad, because I was actually able to sleep in until 8am. I don't think I could've made it through the day otherwise.

This week I've gotta get myself to the music store for a new hardshell case for my bass. My old case is so flimsy it pisses me off just looking at it. I'd wrap my bass and carry it before using that POS. So, a new case is in order, and I need to pick up new strings. My E string is shot. Honestly it's never a good thing for me to walk into a music store. It's like saying you're going to browse at a pet store. Uh, wrong answer. If you're there, you're bringing home a new puppy. Know what I mean? And the puppies I like are so damn expensive. I imagine hubster would crown me - and not in a good way - if I brought home, say, a new cabinet? Honestly, I've been very tempted lately. I won't be suprised if hubster checks me for before I walk out the door.

That's pretty much it for me. Work, work, and wishes. Same old, same old. I hope you all had a happy hump day. If not, hang in there - the weekend's almost on us. ~_^

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to Writing Day

Nags Head 2009 356 WS

Lots of skipped posts lately. Sorry about that. Mini's been sick. I felt like I was kind of coming down with something after I arrived back home on Saturday after RWA, and immediately started taking vitamin C, and watching what I was eating: cutting carbs way down, adding more protein, etc.

I think I may miss out on this cold. But Mini. Poor thing. I didn't catch it until it was too late. He was sitting on his tricycle in the living room a few days ago and said he didn't feel good. He came to me crying, and I'd just reached out to feel his forehead for fever when he yukked all over me. Ah, the glamorous life....

He's feeling better now, and I'm thinking he'll be school ready by tomorrow, but until then he's home, riding over toes on his tricycle. He's learned how to make it skid if he stops really fast. Help us all....

I'm back to work today, plucking through pages of manuscript, and if there's time, I'll do more brainstorming on the 2nd project - which is nameless at this point. Exciting, no? I'm hoping to get at least five pages revised, and at least 1k written on project 2. And that's pretty much it -the grand plan for the day. Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's Going Away

Eric on the Peak

Oh, man, the photo above gives me chills! How effing awesome is that? It's the picture of the day over at webshots. The photographer's profile is here.

I met up with Jamie yesterday and we made the trek to the NOLA Stars RWA chapter meeting in Bossier. Beth Cornelison gave a workshop on sagging middles - the story kind. ;) A very good, informative workshop. I took a lot of notes, and while there, I had an epiphany - I figured out how to fix chapter five of my WIP. Woot!

Afterward, twelve of us took off to this little Chinese restaurant around the corner from the history center. They have a really good buffet there, and I had a blast chatting with everyone. :)

Today I'm sorting through two stories. More markup on chapter five, and this other story I'm kinda sorta toying with. I love the concept, but I'm still trying to figure out if it would be more work than it's worth. Whatever the case.... It's raining again, so I should be able to get plenty of work time out of today.

That's it for now. I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Eyeliner Trauma

First thing this morning, I dropped my very favorite tiger eye brown STILA eyeliner down the bathroom sink. Wah! It's almost noon and that effing eyeliner pencil is still down there, bacteria and gods know what else encroaching on my precious. *shivers* Since the top was off it, I'll have to throw it away, but just knowing it's in there disturbs me to no end. ~_~'

Yesterday was Minibeast's 4 year check up. It was traumatic for both of us. He completely flipped out when they took his blood pressure, and of course, since he was screaming, shaking, and turning red from freaking out - they wanted to do it twice. You know, just to make sure all the kids in the clinic were basketcases by the time the doctor got to them. By the time I got through that visit and dropped him off at school, I was ready for chocolate and shot of whiskey. No kidding.

The rest of the day went okay, though. I sat in a parking lot for an hour waiting for Oldest to return from a field trip, and managed in touch with mom after days of missed calls. I made arrangements for her to keep the kidlets for a few hours Saturday so I can run to RWA in Shreveport with Jamie. Thankfully, all's on target there. I'm going to buy chips, sandwich fixins, and colas and run them over to mom's tonight so they won't eat her out of house and home while I'm gone. They boys are like locusts, I swear. They descend upon the pantry and nom, nom, nom until nothing is left.

Oh! One thing before I close for today. Bizarre dreams...

Last night, I dreamed I was at a hair salon, and for whatever reason I was in the chair getting extensions. They were all different shades of blonde and brown, and when I realized what the lady was using clip-ins, I told her it wasn't what I wanted and started snapping them out. The only thing is, when I'd snap them out, a whole lot of real hair came out with the extensions. *_* By the end of the dream, I was holding a ponytail full of real hair, and needless to say, I was freaking out. I walked through the salon and into this little house where hubster was standing at a counter, reading a magazine while waiting for me. I was hysterical by that point, and waggled the fist of shed hair and extensions at him, asking him how to fix it. Of course, I knew he couldn't fix it. He looked so bewildered. I could tell he didn't know what to do.

I woke up feeling like I'd just plowed him down, so he got extra snuggles before going to work this morning. I'm just glad I got to keep my real hair.

That's it for now. I'm off to the bank and blah, blah, blah...all those places I have to go before the weekend. Happy Friday, everyone!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Evil Mom Street Cred

Daisy Sphere

I opened my eyes at 7am this morning and figured I better crawl out of bed to make sure the Oldest one was ready for school. I walked into the dining room to find him trying to rush 3 sandwiches into baggies...right as the bus is rumbling up. The horn honks, and oldest says: "What is she doing here? She's early!" The kid then turns and makes a dash out the front door. I'm talking rushing ten yards for the first down kind of dash. I'm glad I wasn't standing over there, the guy would've plowed me down.

At this point, I'm sure he thinks he's going to be eating lunch room food. He's weird about that. He says there's not enough food in a school lunch for a growing boy. ^_^ But, no, mama's not gonna make him eat school food. I went and finished making his sammiches, and packed his lunch bag. After I take Minibeast to preschool, I'll swing by the high school and drop off Oldest's lunch. I just hope is doesn't ruin my evil-mom street cred. I've only been building on that for 12 years now.

So anyway, I've wired myself into thinking I'm gonna kick this one chapter in the head today. There are roughly 14 pages left. I think I can, I think I can... The hot short story is coming along pretty well too. It's sitting at the half way point. If there's some time today after hubster goes back to work after lunch, I'll probably work on it for a while. I should probably just hit up Dr. Wicked and do a sprint to get that one jotted down.

Well, it's that time. I gotta round up the Minibeast and groom him - ya know, put him in a headlock to wash his face, brush his hair and his teeth? Anyway, it's ten minutes before I have to haul the lil nipper up to the kidlet center, so it's off for now. I hope you all have a happy hump day. :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Long Day - A Little Progress


Where has the week gone? Yesterday, Hubster and I ordered Oldests cap, gown, diploma case, and senior key for graduation. He's really excited about it, and I can't blame him. He's now set up to take the ACT in October. It will be his first shot at it. We're hoping to have him taking it at least twice. Early in the school year, then toward the end. Just to see if he betters his score.

Tomorrow, after I pick up Mini from school there's a PTA meeting I have to attend. I'm not so thrilled about that actually. It's for one of positions I agreed to second chair. First meeting of the year and already I'm having to step in. I can see where this is leading right now. Of course, during all this I would have PMS from hell. Like, pass the twinkies and get the fuck out of my way kind of PMS. I wish it weren't true, but oh, it is. I've taken the liberty of warning hubster I'm in Linda Blair mode, just incase my bitch factor spikes without warning. I wouldn't want there to be casualties.

I'm not usually like this, but since early August my blood pressure and glucose levels have been all kinds of screwed up. It's from stress mostly, but I can't seem to get the crap under control. And for once I can honestly say it is not my diet holding things up. I've been a very good girl. All real foods lately: fresh meats and veggies, cheese, limited fruit, and whole grain. Still, I can feel it - it's not enough. Definitely time to make a doctor's appointment as much as that sucks.

That aside, I made a little progress with Love Fool today, and I'm hereby determined to knock out at least one more scene from this thing by the weekend. Saturday the monthly NOLA meeting is going on, and I'm trying to get my ducks in a row for that. Once I clear Saturday, I should have most of the little things out of the way for a while. *fingers crossed*

That's it for now. I'm gonna go work on this chapter while the house is quiet, and possibly put in the latest XFiles movie. I bought the disk at F.Y.E. after renting, and haven't had chance to check out my own copy yet. I think there's supposed to be an alternately ending? Think I'll go find out... Night, night, everyone.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Shall I Proceed (Yes, Indeed)

No Parking

I can hardly believe I slept until 11am this morning. Seriously, I haven't done that in years. Hubster got up with Mini, and let me sleep in while he ran to the store to buy a new grill. And oh, yeah, a new cell phone. *sigh* That man is such a phone slut. He goes through 'em like you wouldn't believe.

Tomorrow I'm taking Oldest to see his ex-girlfriend. Why? I have no idea. I honestly don't get it with those two. Once I'm back from that, I'm gonna knock out this one chapter then open a new .doc and do some naughty, naughty smut writing. I have an idea that might fit an open submission call I ran across at EREC. We'll see.

It's been a while since I checked in with my editor at Wild Child Publishing, but I heard that the latest editor of Weirdly 3 is going to push for an October release. I've got my fingers crossed. My story Only the Moon Will Tell (horror) is in the mix for that one, and I really, really like that story.

Also, I read on Lori Perkins' facebook page, that she's reading for the zombie anthology over the holiday weekend. So, if you're on the waiting bench for that one, that should be good to know. She received over 100 submissions; I wish I knew roughly how many stories they planned to pair that one down to. Ten? Twenty? I'd be doing "chances" math on the submissions process if I knew. Do you, or anyone else you know, do that? It works kinda like this:

100+ entries at a roughly x% acceptance rate (5% standard), divided by 20 available slots = estimated likelihood of acceptance. (Or, quite possibly, the equivalent number of bon bons you need on hand for when your R rolls in. Just saying.)

Madness, isn't it? FYI, I didn't just fail Algebra I, I epic-failed, so don't trust my math skillz. I'll lead straight you into integer oblivion. Seriously.

Okay, I'm outta here for today. It's sunny, the guys are BBQing, and I have new hiking boots. Now that's an equation I can work with. Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Wash Away the Rain

our green, yellow, blue and red beach umbrella

Gee, it's after midnight already. Where did Friday go? I thought hubster would be off work tomorrow, but I found out he's working - today? Saturday, but he'll be off Sunday and Labor Day. Hopefully. That could change at a moment's notice, so we'll see.

I'm gonna work on getting a few pages revised in Love Fool this weekend. Things are very slow going at the moment, and I have no excuse. Just pure distraction. Too much going on, and too little patience to sit and work through what's there. I've gotta get out of that though, so consider this a mental kick in the pants.

Earlier this evening, I spent entirely too much time on youtube looking up old grunge videos. Talk about making you feel...retro. ;) I did find a version of Black Hole Sun I'd never heard before. OMG, Chris Cornell and his sexy hypno vocals.... *_*

Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Fire I Can't Resist

More Russell Lupins. (2)

Gah! I can't seem to get my act together this week. I've accomplished next to nothing and my house is a wreck. I've gotta at least catch up on house cleaning in the morning so I can have a little free time over the weekend. I'm gonna have both kids home all weekend and on Monday, so that should be interesting. Honestly, I give it until 9am Saturday morning before the boy start irritating the bejeezus out of each other. I should be so lucky.

I did a little "rearranging" earlier today. I cleaned out Mini's closet and dresser, bagged up all his clothes that no longer fit and dropped them off at the LA Youth donation box. Now I'll be able to grab clothes and go. I tell ya, I have no idea how this stuff piles up! I already need to do another book cull, and OMG do I ever need to go through my closet and dresser. I just recently cleaned it out, but seriously... do I really need that Kurt Cobain green grunge sweater? The one I've had since 1992? *crickets* Well, maybe I'll keep it just a little longer... even though I imagine I couldn't fit one boob in it at this point. I've, achem, put on a few pounds since then.

So I finally watched The X-Files: I Want To Believe. Yeah, yeah, I'm slow off the mark. Tell me about it. I heard lots of mixed reviews, and didn't know what to expect, but it turns out I actually liked this one. A bit disturbing, yes. But CKR rocked the house as an illegal organ transporting Russian who drives a rusty snow-plow-truck-thing; and Xibit and Amanda Peet were awesome as FBI task force members.

I was browsing around on a few days ago (looking for a copy of above-said movie)and discovered that Rekindled Fire is now available for the Kindle. Cool beans! The anthology includes my werekind story Feral Instinct. :)

That's all I've got for tonight. Off to go brush my teeth and hit the sack. Night-night everyone!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ringing in September

Waimea 017R1

Goodbye, August! Yeah, I know I'm a little late in saying so, but that's beside the point. I've finally managed to dig myself out of the time devouring sinkhole that was last month, and hopefully I'll be back to revising Love Fool today. That same chapter has been staring at me for what feels like a slow eternity. It's definitely got to go into the final file today. I can't stand it anymore.

As much as Minibeast would prefer to stay home from school, he seems to be doing just fine. I picked him up from school yesterday and it's so cute, he sees me and shouts "Mimi!" before grabbing my knees in a tackle hug. The funny thing is now a couple of the other kids walk up to me and call me Mimi, too. I was teasing hubby last night, telling him someone who doesn't know better might stand to think I have a lot of kids. ^_^

So that's really all the news there is. Just a lot of rush, rush, rush and nit picky things. It's gradually leveling out, but still the cogs get jammed every so often. I just hope I'm able to keep to my personal deadline. Good Pete, do I ever want this manuscript out of here!

One more cup of coffee and I have to round up the Minibeast for school. I hope you all have a happy hump day!