Monday, August 24, 2009

Wish I was...

So I survived the call for jury duty - Woot! The good news is I don't have to go back. I made it out around 2:30, and dropped by the store for dog food before heading on home. I've been relaxing and tinkering around on the net since I got here, and I can hear the subtle call of so much laundry sitting the basket in the hallway. Arg.

Tonight I should have this latest short story polished enough to submit. It's a fun little erotic romance story - I like it bunches. Once it's sent out into the black hole of submission land, I'll be back on Love Fool. Chapter Five is marked up from here to bejeezus, so I shouldn't have too much issue getting that one wrapped up and tossed into the FINAL file.

Early this morning, before I took the Minibeast to school, I backed up my hard drive. My computer (or rather Norton) has been singing the ode to backup at me for about a month, but alas I've been out of discs. Earlier in the month, I bought a pack of CD-R discs without really thinking much about it, and when I tried to backup, the comp told me it couldn't save all my files. Well, FOO! I realized at once I should've picked up DVDRs for it, and made a mental note to pick up more disks.

Let me just say that I lose mental notes rather frequently? ~_~'

Here it is a month later and I've finally backup the the hd. Har har. What I really need to do is burn down the half my music and photo files and I bet my comp would heave a great sigh of relief. But it takes effort to do all that and....well, honestly, I'd rather browse eBay.

Speaking of eBay - I'm eyeing a snazzy pair of day-hiking boots - the functional kind, rather than fashionable, just for the sake of saying so. OMG, the boot lust... I sense the shoe gnomes getting restless while writing this. Those eBay boots have "Kisatche Trip" written all over them, although I can hear my kids cringing already. My beloved bratlings don't find it very adventurous going out there - it's too darn close to home. Nevertheless, anniversary time is coming up soon. Maybe for a mommy-daddy weekend, then? *pondering*

That's about it for now. I think I'll snag another cuppa tea before tossing in the laundry and running a load of dishes. By then it should be time to start supper. Whew! Where does the day go? At any rate, I hope your Monday has been a pleasant one!


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  2. I heard the call of boot lust and I submitted to it yet again. Thigh-high black pirate boots that are stunning.

    ((hugs)) and glad to hear you didn't have to go back for jury duty.


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