Monday, August 10, 2009

What An Amazing Time

I know, I know...I haven't updated my blog like normal. It's not for lack of trying. There just aren't enough hours in the day! I'm gonna have to go back a couple of days to catch everything up to speed, so stick with me.

On Friday, hubster called to let me know he'd gotten a job offer closer to home
and jumped on it. So, bye-bye La Place. He tossed all his clothes into the Jeep and came home straight after work that day. He made it back home around 9pm, and I'd just made carpooling arrangements to RWA for Saturday morning, when he tells me he has to go take the drug screening, sign in, and orientation - all that jazz - the very next morning. Hm. What are we to do with the kidlets? We made a quick call to my parents and begged them to watch the heathens for an hour or so until hubster went through his job stuff. Afterward, he would go pick up the kids.
That out of the way, I tried to put Mini to bed for the night, but since his dad was home, he was just too excited to sleep. Around 11:30 I gave up trying. I still had to get my stuff together for the following morning, and set the coffee pot. It was after midnight before I finally got to bed, and once I was in there, I couldn't sleep because I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. Oy vey.
Saturday morning came far to early. We'd set the alarm for six, and the last time I remembered looking at the clock, it was around 4:30. :P I was dragging. Hubster got up to get ready for orientation, and I slept in another 20 minutes. At one point I felt someone hovering over me - no kidding. I opened my eyes and there is Mini, sitting on the edge of the bed. He whispers to me, "Where's daddy?" I told him he'd gone into the dining room, and the kid took off like a shot. I could hear him chattering all the way through the house.
I decided I better get up. I knew I needed a tank of coffee, but when I got in the kitchen, I realized I didn't have anything on hand to make a decent cup. No creme. No hazelnut. *_* I ended up drinking a diet Dr. Pepper while wrangling the kids and getting dressed, since I had to drive them to my mom's, which is about 13 miles away.
We were out the door at about 7:30. I stopped for gas, and grabbed another diet Dr. Pepper. By this point I was thinking I was gonna need a BC for the kick ass caffeine headache I was sure to have later. Anyway, I got the kids to mom's, dropped them off, left the car seat with them, and headed on to Ruston to meet up with my carpool.
Jamie drove us to the NOLA meeting, and we chatted about books and writing all the way to Bossier. Connie Cox gave a workshop on agents, and we listened to some of the others talk about what went on this year at Nationals. Afterward, Micki, Connie, Dennis, Jamie, and I took off to Chen Lee's for the buffet. Good times. We had a blast with the fortunes from the fortune cookies. :0)
Once back in Ruston, I piled back in BBQ Jeep and headed back home. I was exhausted by the time I made it back, but right after I'd managed to come in and get settled - you know, dressed in my "island castaway around the house" gear - cut offs and a tank top, hubster said he wanted to go buy a box of chicken for supper, and make a run to the grocery store. Of course, this late in the day, I knew he meant he wanted me to drive. So, I prowled the house looking for a pair of flip flops and off to the store we went.
During this trip for chicken box chicken, hubster tells me we need to do something as a family before Oldest starts school next week. Hm. Well, Oldest mentioned he wanted to make a run to the zoo so he could do some sketching. We made no real plans at that moment, but it was noted that the zoo was a possibility. At that point, I just wanted to eat, shower, and pass out. Seriously.
Sunday morning, I took my time getting out of bed, and when I came into the den, hubster was lounging in the recliner while Mini played games on his dad's laptop. It was around 9:30, so I figured the guys hadn't made plans to do anything after all. I go to the kitchen, put on a pot of coffee, and realize right afterward that during my trip to the store the night before, I'd forgotten to pick up creme and hazelnut. Well, crap. As tempted as I was, I can't drink it black. Yik. With creme only, or hazelnut only - I can manage.
Somewhere around this point hubster comes in (notices me foraging in the fridge), and asks what we're doing today. I reminded him we'd talked about the zoo. Suddenly, and I can't remember exactly how the conversation shifted so fast, but we're going to the zoo NOW.
First things first, getting Mini off the computer. I prepared for the drama. He likes to play the Go, Diego, Go game at Noggin. He started to get upset when we turned the computer off. I told him to come over to me, and I'd tell him a secret. He whined, but came over and sat on my lap and I told him we were going to the Z-O-O, and asked him if he knew what that was. We sounded it out, and in about 2 seconds, he figured out I meant the zoo. His eyes got big, and wow...there is nothing that quite compares to a kid's excitement. What can I say? The boy was ready to GO. ^_^
After a mad rush to get everyone dressed and out the door, we drove to Monroe. What with it being Sunday, the traffic was light and the zoo wasn't crowded. This is a link to where we went: Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo. It needs renovating in places, but it's amazing these zoos that have managed to keep their doors open. Many of them are in dire need of funding. But I digress... While there, hubby and I took a ton of pictures, and posted a few of them on my facebook page.
After the zoo, we stopped by the China Garden (two days of Chinese buffet, I know my waistline is not thanking me!). By then, I was preeetty sunburnt. And overheated. We waited in line for an hour to go on the boat tour at the zoo, and I was paying for it. I didn't feel too great, and didn't start feeling better until I cooled down at the restaurant.
Now we're back home, and things are settled in. It's after midnight, and Mini is still awake. Hubster and Oldest are snoozing. I went in and did day one of the free Rose's Colored Glasses Workshop - I have it linked in the sidebar on the right side of my blog. It's under the section "chat and events". If you're interested in joining in, drop by. It's not too late to sign up!
Starting today, (Monday the 10th) and running until August 16th, I have an interview up over at Ann Lory's blog. I hope you'll check it out and comment. It's not just about the serious writerly stuff, she asked lots of fun questions too. So, if you ever wanted to know what kind of movie I'd want to star in, or what my favorite quote of the day is, drop by and take a peek!
That's it for now. I hope this post doesn't sound too rambly, because I'm uber tired, and too slackassed lazy to go back and read through it. I know, I know... Shame-on-me, right? ;0)
Overall, I had a very good weekend. I hope you all had a good one as well. Nite, nite everyone!

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