Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Goals

Hubster took my Jeep to work this morning, so I'm rideless for the day...which doesn't hurt my feelings at all. His Jeep is sitting in the driveway with two flat tires - something to do with where he parked out on the jobsite the other day. He's gotta get that taken care of tomorrow, so it's pretty much gonna be like no day off for him this week - poor guy.

I'm determined to get some writing done this weekend. I plan to wrap up a short story currently titled MZeB (thrilling, no?) and get it sent off. After that I hope to do another pass on chapter five of Love Fool. The LF chapter is shaping up nicely. I just need to tighten it a bit, and I'm debating whether to completely shave off a dream sequence, or keep part of it tucked into the chapter as narrative. I'll probably it both ways and keep the better copy.

That's it for me. Gotta make the most of the weekend, since next week is going to be so hectic. I guess I better get started. Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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