Thursday, August 13, 2009

Truest Most Pure

I'm counting the minutes left before I can officially ring in Thursday. I tell you, Wednesday plowed me down like so much roadkill. At 6:20ish Wed. morning, hubster woke me up to tell me he'd left a TO DO list on my computer. Mm, thanks, honey. At which point, Mini - who didn't want his daddy to go to work - did a head dive off his toddler bed and plowed right into hubster who couldn't see him in the dark. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued. I take it these two wanted me to get up? I watched the hoo hooing for a grand total of 60 seconds before I pulled hubster's pillow over my head. Really.

Thankfully all the ingredients for a decent cup of coffee were in the house when I got up about 25 minutes later. Sugar free vanilla syrup, Equal, heavy whipping cream, and Columbian dark roast. The coffee gods rejoiced. I took my first home made latte of the morning over to my desk, and yep, there is the TO DO list. It mainly entails things to do with Mini's preschool registration. First, hubster was told we could get the lil man a free health screening at the community center...and his 4 year shots.

Joy. Baby shots. I hadn't anticipated that. Knowing now I have a full day of child lugging ahead of me, I get everything together, dress myself and Mini, and head out the door. By then, it's around 9. I did what the list said - since Hubster took care of the registration, he got all the info and relayed it to me. I go to the community center, but it's not a free screening thing. It's a health fair. They check Mini's blood pressure, which is all they can do, and send us on our way. With ice cream. *_*

I put Mini back in the Jeep and drive him to the Health Clinic across town to get his shots, and hopefully get this required health screening. At this point Mini only knows that his Bubba has had his "school shots", so they must be a-okay, ya know? I mean, he was too young to remember the other shots - thankfully. Otherwise, with Mini's penchant for kid drama - ::You stepped on my hotwheels car, Mimi, you hurt him! Yes, your foot is bleeding, but my car will never be the same! *forearm across forehead in grand dramatic fashion*:: - we'd be paying for therapy by now. Or acting school. One of the two.

Everything goes cool at the clinic when we get there. I paid for the shots, and of course, it's the nurse that tells me the forms MUST be filled out by a doctor. So, basically, I now have to make a doctor's appointment for Minibear to get his forms filled out. Um, we don't have insurance. Or Medicaid. Paying for a doctor visit is kinda gonna hurt, since we're trying to get out of the red as it is, but what can we do?

At last I take Mini into the room for the shots. I put him in my lap, and get ready to do the "bear hug" so the nurse can deliver the goods, so to speak. Then she tells me they have everything but the chicken pox vaccine - which I know is required. Hm. I asked her if that was going to affect Mini getting in at preschool, and she said she'd call over there and let them know what's up with the vaccines. Which is great. But now I have to go through another shot day in September to make up for the shot Mini didn't get this morning. As if today's shots weren't traumatic enough...

For the record, yes, he yowled. And cried. And it makes me cry to hear my baby cry. So as you can imagine, it was a mess. :P But he didn't flounder, or call her anything to make either of us blush, so it's all good. He did good, my little man.

After all that was over with, the nurse gave Mini two l-o-n-g sheets of Speed Racer and monster truck stickers as a reward, which is right up his alley. I mean, they must've ordered those with Minibear in mind, because that is his THING. He's a Speed Racer junkie. No kidding. And don't get him started on monster trucks.

Basically I spent the entire day in town, and accomplished less than half of what I needed to do. *sob* I took Mini to McDonalds after the shots, and fed him a chicken nugget Happy Meal. I was starving by this point, but couldn't eat the chicken wrap I'd ordered. Whoever made it literally drowned it in ranch to the point I couldn't stand to bite into it. I picked it up and that's all it is - chicken and ranch. No filling. I tried to squeeze some of the ranch out of it - sounds filthy, doesn't it? LOL - but there was just too much of it to do any good. It made the tortilla soggy, and since they didn't think I needed lettuce or anything, it was just a limp piece of grilled chicken in...a wrap. ~_~'

I took a BC powder to kill the pending migraine and drank my diet coke in silence.

Mini was wiped out from the shots by the time we made it back home. I gave him Tylenol and took him for a nap-nap. Right after I got everything settled, Oldest came out of his room and informed me his EX girlfriend invited him to her birthday party at the end of August, and that he intends to go.

Not if it's on the 28th or 29th, you're not. The 28th is my birthday, and the 29th is Oldest's. Those are family days, and the "I just want to be friends" EX will just have to find some other clueless dingbat to buy her a birthday present.

I also informed the Oldest One that girls like her are what is called a Hanger-On. Which, I kindly liken to a dingleberry. Or perhaps a hemmorhoid. They don't love you, and just want to show up every now and again to keep themselves fresh in your memory. I tried to explain in a kind way, that she gets her jollies by calling now and again just to see if he's still miserable over her. And he is.

Honestly, and this is just my opinion - he needs to pretend he can't remember the twit's name the next time she calls. Or better yet, call her by her sister's name. Evil, yes. But you can bet your sweet ass that would nip that little problem right where it needs it. But alas, I digress....

The point is, I have officially survived Wednesday, August 12th, so it's all good. No, it's not quite a zombie apocalypse victory, and I still don't have Gary Oldman watching my back, but all's well that ends well. I have a glass of Berenger, a wealth of grunge MP3s looping through my headphones, and on top of that, I absolutely no where I need to go in the morning. 'Nuff that.

Cheers, everyone. Now that the day is done, I'm heading on to bed.

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