Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The T-Virus of Romance

Zombie Apocalypse - Available from Avon!

Woot! I did it! I sent off a short story this afternoon for the Zombie Love Anthology. I honestly couldn't resist - I'm such a hardcore zombie fan. I have probably twenty zombie movies on the DVD keeper shelf in the hallway - more than any other horror genre up there. I'm still hoping this awesome lady will write me into one of her books as a zombie, since she's teased me about it more than once. ;0)

After I picked up the Minibeast from school this afternoon, we took a little drive over to my mom's to see what they were up to. Mini wanted to goof around with the grandparentals for a while. We got there and they were doing yard work. I chatted with mom, and Mini rode his tricycle through the house and terrorized his pawpaw for a bit. It was a good visit. Around 3:30 we made our way back home so Oldest wouldn't wonder where we'd slipped off to once he came in off the bus.

No worries, no majestic moose quips to sit through, as fun as those may be. ;)

Okay, it's hours after I initially started this post. I got sidetracked by the end of the hiking boot auction of lust, and then I had to put Minibeast in the bath. So there! Mini is now clean and tucked in bed, and the boots are coming home to live with me. Muahahahahaha! *evil hand wringing*

Now that the day is done, I'm gonna relax a bit, and probably watch a movie. Dark Ride has been sitting on my dining table still in the wrapper for over a week. It looks like pure horror cheese, and reminds me a lot of that old movie Funhouse - remember that one? (Run! Evil knife-wielding clown! *_*)

I should mention that this Friday, August 28th, there'll be a party celebrating my 29th+5 birthday going on over at the Midnight Moon Cafe Blog. Lots of mischief to be had over there, so I hope you'll drop in to say hello! Dancing on tables is absolutely welcome! ^_^

That's it for now. Off to find something to do while the house is quiet and I have a few minutes to myself. Oh, and I know it's a bit late but... I hope you all had a happy hump day!


  1. Love, love, love that opening picture! And congrats on subbing your story, good luck!

  2. It's the AVON T-virus serum. LOL! ^_^ Thanks for the well wishes, Jenn!

  3. Good luck with your sub! Wish I'd known about this antho, I totally would've subbed as well. :)

  4. Hey Yolanda, are you on facebook? That's where I saw the submission call - a bit last minute, but with enough time left to whip up a short.


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