Friday, August 21, 2009

Responsibility Sinkhole

I'm running out of space on my calendar to write down all the things I'm needed and/or expected to do between now and the end of September. I just got everything arranged with Mini's preschool, and thought now I could get used to the routine and go on. Whenever will I learn?

Yesterday, while searching for my shoes before leaving to go pick up Mini, someone knocked on my front door. I was very surprised to see the deputy sheriff standing there.

Since it is extremely unlikely anyone in my family is in trouble, I get this feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Especially when I see the green piece of paper the officer is holding. I open the door and he backs up. And when I groan at the sight of him (no, really, I did), he says, "Don't worry, it's nothing bad."

He didn't have to tell me that. "I already know what it is," I told him, pointing at the green paper in his hand. "I'm being served papers for jury duty."

A sheepish smile came over the man's face. "Well, we had a lot of people enter pleas this week, and we really weren't prepared. It's short notice, but we are short 100 jurors."

I took a deep breath and nodded. So there it is. I have jury duty Monday in the late afternoon. Good Pete. Already I'm wondering who will pick Mini up from school? There isn't a student bus service, and hubster doesn't get off work until 5:30, sometimes much later.

There's nothing I can do about it, so I thank the officer. He leaves, and I go in to find my flip flops, which are strangely enough in the laundry basket. *stupid shoe gnomes* I make my way to school, pick up the MiniBeast - who had a good day, and was very good for Mimi when I said it was time to go . On the ride home, I'm thinking to myself: well, it's all arranged now, nothing I can do, I'll just go home and not think about it anymore.

Um. Okay. So I checked the mail when I got back home, and there is a postcard from Oldest's school in there. Since it's his senior year, I have to go to senior night to discuss prom, caps and gowns, the graduation ceremony, required credits, ACTs, and scholarship stuff. And OMFG, they want to do this Tuesday night? What the hell ever happened to advanced notice? Gee. So now I have Monday and Tuesday booked. Friday and Saturday of that week are also reserved for birthdays, mine and Oldest's, although Oldest's is the most important since it is his 18th. I think I've already mentioned that, but I didn't realize how soon they'd be here!

Come September 1st, I'm supposed to act as a first round contest judge for an RWA writing competition, so all that stuff should be arriving any day now - the training packet. I also have parent council duties coming up in September, and I'd hoped to get Love Fool finished by then.... *cry*

Ah, well, I will soldier on. I can't exactly crawl under a rock and hide, but at the same time, I can't promise what I'll look like when I step off the battlefield either. At any rate, viva la Friday. I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Shall I schedule the cruise for November? How does Maui sound to you? *hugs*

  2. November sounds good to me, Isy! You're coming too, right? ~_^


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