Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Has Crash Landed

Yesterday was Oldest's 18th birthday. Oy vey. My baby is grown. Just pass the rocking chair now and I'll hobble off to my quiet porch of retirement. ~_~'

Early on Saturday, I took Mini over to visit his grammy and pawpaw, and Hubster took Oldest out for a father/son day + shopping. Oldest wanted a printer/scanner combo as a gift so their plan was to go to Ruston and spend the day there.

I headed off to Ruston as well. I planned to hit Celebrity theaters to buy a ticket for District 9. The minute I got there, my cell started ringing. It was Hubster calling to tell me Oldest wanted to see the movie too, so we all agreed to meet up later for the 2:25 showing, which gave me some time to kill.

Naturally, I went shopping. Heh heh. I drove over to Cato's and bought a cute lil hippie girl shirt, and next door at the shoe store, I picked up a pair of tan suede heels. Tres cute! Hubster says they're "inspiring", so I take that as a good thing.

Hubster took Oldest to a Mexican restaurant, and as part of the birthday special, the staff came out and sang Happy Birthday to him...of course, he was required to wear the birthday sombrero.

Doesn't he look happy? :0) Today I'm baking a caramel cake since we didn't do the birthday cake thing, and hopefully I'll have time to write a bit. I've done nothing since finishing up the zombie story, and I need to get back on the Love Fool revisions if I'm hoping to get it out the door by mid-September.

This afternoon I'm supposed to pick up Mini from school then whip back through town and country to pick up Oldest from his school. After that, I'm supposed to drive Oldest to his ex-girlfriend's birthday party. However, he didn't give me an address, didn't tell me what town she lives in - nothing. Meh. I mean, in this area, your address will say you live in Ruston, but really you live in Vienna. Or you live toward Simsboro, but you have a Ruston address. WTF. I've never physically been to her house and we're supposed to be there by 4. Somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

Mini has discovered you don't get to do exactly what you want to do in preschool, therefore it is a less than desireable place to go. This morning he told hubster: "Dad, I have a coff." [cough, cough] "See, I can't go to school today."

Mm. Right now the turkeybeast is sitting on the couch, watching Sunny Patch Friends and eating a zebra cake. For all he might suffer, I think somebody's probably well enough to go to school. ^_^

That's all I've got for now. Lots of errands to run today. Stuff I didn't do on Friday, and Mini just walked up to repeat-inform me "I don't wanna go to school!" Oy, but I haven't had enough coffee to deal with this yet. I better fix that stat. Take care everyone, and have a happy Monday!

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  1. Awww, Oldest does look very happy! Good for him! :) Sounds like things are finally slowing down a bit.


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