Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Last Minute - And Freebies

I'm trying to pull together a last minute submission today. Leave it to me to make up my mind only a few days before closing call to try and get a story in. I suppose it doesn't really matter. I haven't had time to sit still long enough to do much of anything lately, much less write. But then last night I came up with a shorty short idea and jotted it down on a couple of notecards. Right away I knew where I might be able to send it out, but the deadline is looming. I only considered subbing because the word count requirement is so short. I figured I'd give it a shot and just see what happens. If I can't get it in on time, I'll finish it and offer it as a free download for Octoberfest, so it's all good.
I heard word this morning, about a couple of new freebies.... First, Suduvu has updated their free ebook library. They just recently added (LEGAL!!) free downloads of the following books The Briar King -by Greg Keyes, King's Property: Book One of the Queen of the Orcs Trilogy - by Morgan Howell, and The Brass Bed - by Jennifer Stevenson. I'm currently reading The Brass Bed, myself. *eyebrow wiggle* Be sure to drop by over there and get your free copies.
Also, set your calendars for August 9th, when Rose's Colored Glasses starts up a free writer's workshop: Roses Write Fifty Books A Year. Woot! I'd settle for writing one book, know what I mean? ;-) I don't know all the details on the workshop, but I like what I've heard so far - specifically about addressing "what's holding you back". I've already signed up for this one.

That's about it for now. I wanna get this story out the door today, and I've still got emails and businessy things to take care of. Back to the writing cave for me. Happy Hump Day, everyone!


  1. Hey, Cora - I just downloaded the Brass Bed (It's free on the Sony Library too) and am looking forward to it. Wasn't sure about the Queen of the Orcs one. Probably should download it just because it's free, LOL.

    Good luck on the submission!

  2. Good luck with your story. Sometimes those last minute ones are the best.


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