Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's All About The Pants

After I took Mini to school this morning, I dropped by the store and picked up bread and milk, and a few extra outfits for the little bear himself. Stuff with no buttons and zippers. Garanimals outfits with the elastic waist pants and matching Tshirts. Exciting, no?
I'm a confessed junkie, but some of the outfits aren't practical for a small child to wear to school. Like when my mother used to put me in overalls, or dresses with colored tights, in pre-school and kindergarten. That was a nightmare trying to go to the potty with all that on. No wonder I rebelled at age 4. I flat out told mom - I hate dresses and I'm not wearin' 'em!
I really did say that. And it broke mom's heart. After all, every mom wants to dress their daughters in cute clothes when they're young. There's a picture floating around through the family circle of me in 1979. I'm wearing a spiderman tshirt and a green and orange plaid coat with white fur trim. What can I say? It was the 70s. Still, I have waited 30 years for karma to bite me in the ass over that one. No dresses, indeed. ~_~' I seriously considered wearing a white satin pants set to my own wedding. That, too, I blame on childhood clothing trauma, so I have attempted to do my part and not put Mini through any outfit snafus.
On the writing front, I pulled out chapter five this morning and made an initial pass over it with a red pen. There's this one scene I'm not too sure about, but the rest is fairly clean, and full of tension. [YAY!] I do think this is my favorite chapter in the entire book. Hopefully when I start working on the computer copy it will be just as easy to deal with, but sometimes that's not the case. We will see...
That's it for now. I'm going to try and get some more work knocked out while I can. I hope you're all having a great day!


  1. Somehow your mention of a "white satin pants" set sounded really pretty. : )

    I love colored tights and still enjoy wearing them, lol. (Of course, I don't remember being dressed in them as a child...)

  2. I really wanted to do satin pants set, but oy, there was a lot of family hissing when I suggested it. I ended up going traditional to preserve the peace.

    Now for the tights - it's amazing the patterns they have now. Have you noticed that? I know I won't wear them, but I always look. For wearing, I go with thigh highs. (Mostly because I'm short.) That way I don't end up with "baggy knees". ^_^


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