Friday, August 07, 2009

Hands Are Reaching Up

It's Friday! Anyone else breathing a sigh of relief?
The bills are paid, the errands are run, and I got a call from hubster this morning that a job opened up closer to home. *dance, dance* He starts work there on Monday. Glad it came before we signed a lease. Anyway, he's coming home tonight. Finally, it looks like things stand a chance of getting back to normal!

Tomorrow is RWA, and I'm making the jaunt to Bossier if I can coordinate my ride. I'd go it alone, but I don't think BBQ Jeep can make it up there in her sad shape. I love the poor old beast though, and like all my other cars, I'm hanging on to the very end. But I digress... I kinda had to wait until the last minute to determine if I'd be able to attend this month, so I hope everything is still a-go.

Starting Monday, August 10th through Sunday the 16th, I'm going to have a featured author interview running over at Ann Lory's blog. There are a lot of fun questions in that one, and I'll also be giving away a fun prize pack with chocolates, goodies, and signed bookcards. I'm looking forward to it!
Lemme tell ya, I found THE PANTS last night while fishing around for fresh pillowcases. I looked for them at the start of summer, but I had no idea where they'd disappeared to. I kinda figured I'd tossed them out in the last mass clothing cull because they didn't fit. But avast! I found them among the rumpled crib sheets used for Mini's toddler bed. Now how did they get in there, I wonder?
They are a pair of hideously faded and stained denim capri pants. No brand name. And the zipper is held together with a piece of red ribbon. Seriously. I've had them since the millenium, or somewhere there abouts? I *cough* got too big for them for a while, and put them away, but since dropping the big 15, I decided to pull them out again to see if I could pull them on over my hips. See, you can't unbutton or unzip them, so if I can't pull them on fully sealed, then it ain't happenin'.
Well, I found them while relocating all the bed sheets to a new drawer. Is there anything so joyous as finding your favorite pair of old jeans hiding out in the dresser? Squee! And lo and behold, they fit! I can actually pull them on again. I'm sure hubster will be thrilled, since he says those pants give me a serious case of "pancake ass". But ya know what? I don't care. I'll take my pancake ass with a side of kiss it, plskthnxby.
The kidlets are yowling at me for lunch, so I better run. Left over chicken box chicken, anyone?
^_^ Happy Friday!

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