Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't Let It Go Away

It's been an interesting day. Lots of happening out of the blue stuff. First thing out of bed this morning, Mini came to me and said, "I don't wanna go to school today. I want to stay home with Mimi, cuz I cry when I miss you."

I've been wondering when this would crop up, but didn't expect it so soon. It's heartbreaking to hear your baby say that to you, but it's not going to be any easier next year at kindergarten. Sending him to preschool, it's feels like I'm at least giving him swimming lessons before tossing him to the (school) sharks. Know what I mean?

I stayed positive about it, and told him had to go. I let him pick out his breakfast, then dressed him in his favorite race car shirt, and helped him put his pack-pack on (as he calls it). I drove him to school, encouraging him all the way. He told me there's a little girl in class that cries all day long. I assume it's the girl who's crying every morning when I go in to sign the arrival sheet, and who is still crying when I arrive to pick up Minibeast in the afternoon. She's three, I think, and I don't mean like almost four, but just turned three. She is itty bitty. Mini is prone to drama, so I can imagine this would be a bit taxing. Nonetheless....

After I dropped him off, I came home, did a little house cleaning, then broke out the wip. My short story is finished, but something doesn't quite read right in the luuuurve scene. I don't know what it is, but I've been trying to work it out.

Either way, there's not much left to do, so I plan to stay up tonight until it's all wrapped up and sent. I've checked the submission guidelines, and I think I have everything formatted to specs. I probably take one more look before sending.

Oh! Speaking of writing/writerly book things... Ravenous Romance has announced on their blog that they're working on getting all their anthos in print - amoung other things. That's very exciting for me, because I have a short werekind story in their Rekindled Fire anthology. Woot! It would thrill me to pieces to see it go into print. As more news developes, I'll be sure to post about it.

Hubster arrived home around 5:30, showered, changed, and has left with Oldest to attend senior night. I hate to miss it, but I'm whooped. Seriously. If I planned to keep even a shred of sanity, I had to delegate some tasks. Senior night was one of those things. That being the case, I'm here with Mini, supper is served, and of course he has wandered off to the TV. I'm about to bag up the garbage and I think the two of us will take a drive down to the kitty farm - aka, our local garbage bins. Sometimes you arrive out there to see 50 cats lying around. People bring entire bags of cat food and just dump it on the ground for them. No kidding.

It's almost 7pm, so I'm off to round up Mini and get him out to the car. I think we can make a quick trip and be back with time to romp around in the back yard a while. That's all for now. I hope you've all had a Happy Tuesday!


  1. God, I feel your pain about kindergarten. My little girl is going into 3rd grade this year, but I dreaded K forever. And she cried, of course. But it got better in a hurry. It took her maybe three days to really settle down.

  2. Oldest's kindergarten crying jag was quite traumatizing for me, so I'm hoping Mini will do better. *fingers crossed*

    He hasn't had any problems or anything, but I wonder how he's gonna feel next year when he gets to kindergarten and realizes it's just like preschool. *_*


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