Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ah, let all the back to school BS begin. I'm counting the minutes to Monday morning. Oldest has everything ready to go, all I have to do is ensure he gets out of bed on time. Secretly, I'm elated. I'm so ready.

Tuesday is pre-school orientation day, and I have to go to that one alone. I'm betting that's the day we find out there is expensive school supplies that we must have last minute for the kidlets, and of course, we have to put down on our kid's lunch fees. I'm not looking forward to it, but Mini is soooo excited about school. His first day is Wednesday, and I'm super nervous for him. I know it's really good for him to have this year to prepare before going to kindergarten, and I mean that socially. Mini already writes his name, counts to 100, knows all this shapes and colors. This is strictly a social break-in. Good Pete, but that sounds terrifying! I'm going to stop while I'm ahead. ~_~'

I'm moving along with my revisions. I'm about 35 pages in. I had to back track over some places I thought were finished, but when I read them aloud from hardcopy they sounded stilted. Grr. I've printed up Chapter Four and I'm going to focus on it tonight. I probably won't go to bed until I have it all wrapped up.

So far so good, though. I'm making good progress. I went in today and cleared up a section with too many passive sentences, and axed as many "feel" describers as possible. That whole show don't tell thing. I'm bad about that during a first draft.

That aside, it's been a pleasant Sunday. I slept in til 8:30, imagine that! I remember dreaming about a bunch of crazy mixed up things:

One, I was outside at night, and looked up to see a double moon. There was a full moon, and like a reflection of the moon in the sky beside it. Very strange.

Then I dreamed I was walking out of the bedroom and all this swimming pool equipment (skimmers, rolled liners, pump housings, etc.) was set in front of the laundry room door, blocking it off. I started down the hall and was shocked to see Chancey Bear playing in the den with Mini. He was bounding around, all beautifully fluffy and happy.

I rushed over to him and rubbed his fur like I always used to do, and he nuzzled my knees with his nose then he was gone.

It was like I'd pivoted without moving to face the dining room. On the carpet under the dining table, there was my May-May. When Daisy died a few years back, I couldn't post about her. I still have a hard time talking about her. She died of bone cancer, and it came on very suddenly. We didn't know she had it until it was too late - she died within 2 days of us realizing there was a problem. In my dream, May-May was sitting under the edge of the dining table, showing off her tubby belly and being silly. I was so absolutely thrilled to see her well and happy, I did this weird thing and squeezed her arms - sort of like to see how chubby she was. When I did, I suddenly realized I was dreaming - which I had known all along, but I guess things started to catch up with me. I started to cry in the dream - and when I did, everything around me vanished: May-May, the house, everything.

I looked up and I was laying face down in this dirt lot next to one of those arrow marquee signs. I got up and dusted myself off and realized the area was apparently being plowed up for a cemetery. On this flashing sign it said, BE PREPARED. I couldn't read it well, because it was dark out, and the lights were flashing, but it's one of those things where you KNOW what it says? Anyway, the sign pointed toward the railroad tracks, and the intersection leading into town. I started walking that direction, and woke up.

Bizarre, huh? Nevertheless, I got great sleep, and even came away with something to psychoanalyze for days on end. It's a win-win!

Okay, I gotta go for now. I still have to cut Oldest's hair. I hope you all have an awesome weekend. Nite nite!

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