Friday, July 10, 2009

Writing Sprints and Wave Rider

It's been a busy morning, and a good start to the writing day! So far I've written close to 2k, thanks to a couple of timing writing sprints with Marley Delarose.

I stayed up late last night mostly due to allergies driving me bonkers. I have gone through buckets of eyedrops - ok, so not really, but I've used them alot lately. Still my eyes are itchy and dry. It probably doesn't help that I took Mini outside yesterday and sat under the huge oak tree in the back yard. What can I say? I'm a glutton for (pollen) punishment.

At around four this morning I hit the 75k mark, and I'd have celebrated Kool & the Gang style if the rest of the house hadn't been asleep. I've now hit official "book length" with my wip. Woohoo!


Oh! Before I forget, Wave Rider is out today! :*) It's available now from Cobblestone Press!

Wave Rider

At a tropical resort in Bonaire, two sexy surfers teach Sunny to ride wave after wave of pleasure.
(contemporary erotica)

I'm a bit tired after staying up so late, so I'm thinking I better get my running done early this morning, just incase I have a nap crash later. ^_^ So, that's it for now. Off to go pay the bills. I hope you all have a snazzy Friday!


  1. Yay! You did it! 75k is awesome. :) And major congrats on release day!!! You've got an awesome Friday to celebrate.

  2. Thanks, Isy! :*) BTW, I promise I'll get on with the 2nd half of your crit asap!

  3. Congratulations on the book-length-ness!! And on the release!

    And what a cool picture. Thanks!

  4. Thanks, Emerald! :)


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