Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whips and WIPs

So, I started on revisions last night. No actual work on the hardcopy yet, just pre-revision work. Holly Lisle recently posted this link in her writing diary and it couldn't have come at a better time. I printed off a copy so I can follow the rules step by step. I've never tried revising this way before - I usually just go chapter by chapter - but her revision process seems much more efficient so I'm gonna give it a shot. Either way I'll come away with something revised, ya know?

I started printing the manuscript the night before last, and ran out of ink. Heh. Yesterday, I went and bought two print cartridges to make sure it didn't happen again, and also picked up a spiral notebook for working out kinks with the WIP. Yay me. Then last night, as I sat down to print out the 2nd half of the WIP, I realized I'd forgotten one very necessary ingredient to successfully printing up a manuscript. An item I'd somehow carelessly left off my supply list.

I ran out of printer paper with about 140 pages left to print. *_* Ya know, I'm only guessing, but I think maybe this is something that could only happen to me. At any rate, today I have promise, promise, promised myself I'll get my act together. Srsly.

On another note, remember that dream I had about the volcano? It's wild because I was browsing webshots this morning and came across this picture that I had apparently missed when it was the featured picture of the day.

As it turns out, those formations are called hoodoos , or fairy chimneys. The thing that grabbed me about the picture when I saw it, is this. In the volcano dream, the water had receeded quickly from the shore, and there were shapes like that jutting up out of the lake bed, only on a much smaller scale. Like someone had formed shapes out of sand buckets directly on the lake bed itself.
Yeah, what's so bizarre about that, you ask? And I do mean, other than me just being weird and thinking too much? Well, I had never heard of fairy chimneys or hoodoos until I read about them this morning. Trippy. *cue ooglie booglie music here*

So now I'll probably spend entirely too much time searching the interwebz for stuff on fairy chimneys. I wonder if they have some significant or subliminal meaning? As you can imagine, I'm gonna look around and find out.

So that's it for me today. Off I go to sort through the manscript. And let me just say one quick thing.... I forgot just how big a 250 page stack of paper really is. Yipes! And there are more pages still to add to the stack.

Happy hump day, everyone! ~_^


  1. I'm forever running out of paper and ink cartridges, so I totally understand.

    As for the! See, this stuff is serious woo-woo. The thing is, what is the universe trying to tell you? Now, I have to go look up fairy chimneys. :)

  2. I couldn't find much on hoodoos and fairy chimneys, but it's still interesting. There are ones in Utah (I think) with pictographs on the walls. Maybe I can use some of this in a future story. Who knows? :D


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