Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where the River Flows

So I'm kinda going with the flow today. Got a call from my fantabulous crit parnter, and we chatted until I got a call from an employer wanting to talk to the hubster. The good news is hubby will be back to work come Monday. However, he'll be gone quite a bit until something closer to home opens. He'll be working in La Place, which is north of New Orleans. So it will be me, the kidlets, my parents (down the road), and the pack of Oldest's friends and such trekking in and out of the house. Oh, and Pitbull - who is right at this moment begging me with sad puppy eyes for a pork rind. :P

The revisions are going okay. I'm going through pages little by little. I'm right now preparing to send off a few sections for Cass to review. Then it's more pages from the top of the stack.

I tell ya, what with all the stress going on here, it's amazing I have any hair left. Or that I've accomplished anything as far as writing goes. Then last night, or rather around midnight, I was sitting at my desk in the dining room and red penning pages when I heard this funky rattle-squeal coming from the kitchen. It was the refridgerator, protesting it's old age. Oh. For. Pete.

I quickly took everything out of the freezer and hauled it to the deep freezer in the laundry room. Then I went and woke hubby so he could pull the beast out from the wall and take a look at it. Apparently, some kind of plastic thing - a clear wrapper of some sort? - had made it back behind the fridge and was wrapped in the fan. I blame aliens. OR perhaps the shoe gnomes. I don't know. But after some tinkering, he managed to get the plastic off the fan and voila! - our fridge is okay. For now. I don't want to jinx myself.

So there you have it: the lowdown. Ah, the adventures in domestic living. Happy Thursday, everyone! ~_^


  1. A cruise would be great. ;) Ha ha.

    I'm always worried something is gonna happen to the fridge. It terrifies me. We don't have a deep freezer but we really should get one.


  2. Grab Peanut, Isy. I'll grab Minibeast. We'll go on a mommy cruise! ^_^

    BTW, it sucks bigtime when the fridge goes. Glad we had a second stowaway point for the frozen stuff, but oy - it would've been awful to lose all the stuff in the fridge.


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