Sunday, July 05, 2009

Taking A Subliminal Dip

Last night I dreamed I went swimming in a murky lake. Alone, I waded out, although not very far from shore, and sat in the water. There I watched the other people scattered about, lying on rafts, swimming and playing with their kids, etc. It was all quiet and very serene.
The entire place looked like something out of a fictionalized martian landscape. The lake was situated in a canyon with lots of high, red cliffs with all the layers of sediment showing. The water was a rusty color from the soil. I couldn't see what was around the corner from where I was, but there was an ebb and flow to the water, gentle rocking waves like what you feel off the wakes of passing boats.

I'm still sitting there when I spot Pitbull's cheetah plushie bobbing in the water about three feet away. I'm surprised to see it because for one thing, it belongs to my dog and I'm certain I'm there by myself. So I stand up, and I'm looking for Pitbull, and one of the guys who must be here with him if his toy is here.
I stand up and shield my eyes from the sun, but I can't spot anyone I recognize. Then I feel water lapping around the tops of my feet and look down. The water has gone very shallow and there is all this jagged sand, like piles someone had formed into sand castles, and it had dried into small columns on the ground that way.
I glanced back at the beach and saw the water had completely pulled away from the shore, and other people are marveling at this as well. The water is receeding before our very eyes. I walk along the dry lake bed, the dog toy is gone, and by the time I get to a vantage point where I can see around the edge of the canyon wall, a guy walks past me and says, "Everyone's going now. They're saying the volcano is about to blow."

I had no idea we were sitting in a volcano crater, but suddenly I remembered Crater Lake, and while I wasn't exactly scared, I guess I decided not to tempt fate. I walked with the guy to the shore. We crossed the hot sand, and fell in with the other people walking along this narrow mountain path trying to get back to...somewhere. I have no idea. The geography wasn't familiar to me.
Once the lake was out of view, I looked at the guy and said, "You know, if the volcano erupts, no matter if we're here or a few miles down the road, we won't be able to escape it."
The guy said, "Maybe not. But we will have tried."
Who can argue with that?
I woke up immediately afterward, and laid there examining the details. The dream really doesn't surprise me much. I'm pretty sure this is my subconscious mind telling me the water is calm now, but to get out of a crappy situation before the ship sinks. Or at least move far enough down the road so I'm not plowed over by whatever eruption is coming. I sense it, and see the change I need to make. But oy, it's going to be tough. Make no doubt about that.
The wip is going well. I crossed the 62k barrier last night, and I'm still going strong. Doing a bit of layering in there too. So far so good. I've finally decided on the target publisher for this book, and I'm waffling over a short list of agents as well. Until then, back to the writing cave.
I'm shooting for another 1k today. Or possibly a short writing jaunt this morning, and another one tonight. Sounds like a plan.
That's it for now. I hope you all have a happy Sunday.


  1. How great! Love the dream imagery too. I rely on my subconscious a lot; it can tell you all sorts of stuff if you just know how to listen, can't it?

  2. I try to write down the vivid dreams when I have them, so I can look back on them later. It's amazing some of the things our subconscious picks up, that we don't recognize until later on.

    Now that I think about it, I've had quite a few dreams where I'm wading in water. Aside from the fact I like to go wading in waking life, I'll have to look it up to see if there's some significant meaning behind it.


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