Friday, July 17, 2009

One Scene At A Time

I cleaned up a pretty good scene today, which I consider a major feat thanks to the killer sinus headache I've had since waking up this morning. I gotta admit, I'm still trying to get into the groove with this whole revision thing. So far I've worked out a few rough patches on the hardcopy, made a few final decisions I'd been on the fence about, and made notes for things to fix down the line, but on the actual revising - it's slow going. Agnonizingly slow. I wish I knew how to speed up the process, but I think it's best at this point not to rush it.
About an hour ago I realized it's Friday. Hm. Where did the rest of the week go? I have gone all day thinking it's Thursday, thinking I had one more day to get everything together to run errands. Well, I guess that gives me something to do tomorrow. Heh. Because, really, I had no idea.
Right now I'm baking chicken in the oven for supper, and the hubster has taken Mini out to the playground. Nothing monumental happening here. Maybe that's a good thing. I haven't decided yet.
Happy Friday, everyone.


  1. So sorry you're not feeling well! Sinus headaches are the worst. Get some rest and break out the Benadryl.

    As for the revisions- we both know how difficult they can be. For a project your length... sheesh, I can't imagine. But don't give up! When that bad boy is all done and sold it'll totally be worth it. *cheers u on*!!!!!

  2. Hugs, Isy. I'm better today. It's all the pollen after the big storm we had. Achoo. LOL

    I almost have something to send you if you want to see it. Not quite yet, but soon.

  3. Sometimes reading your blog, Cora, makes me feel rather lazy if I'm sitting here blog-hopping rather than writing. ;) It's been so interesting to read about your progress as you make it.

    And yesterday when I came by, the picture immediately reminded me of one of the stories on which I'm currently working which has a rainbow in it. :) Okay, on that note, I suppose I should get my ass to work, huh....heh heh.

    Be well!

  4. Glad you could drop by, Emerald. I'll be on the hunt for that new story when it comes out - I have a thing for rainbows! :)

    I'm creeping along with these revision pages, so I'm glad I'm not boring you to bits with the latest posts. I worry about it sometimes, but it is what it is... alot of page staring at the moment. ^_^

    Happy weekend!


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