Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nothing, Just Chillin

*giggle, giggle, snort*

The good news is I'm back home, the Jeep is now home, and the kids are in their corners - one sleeping, the other doing teenagerly things. The weather has been crap for a couple of days: LOUD thunderstorms, lots of glitchy lights, crappy cell phone and DSL connections. Mini has been bouncing off walls because he hasn't been able to play outside, so pretty much he and his big bubba just spend the day annoying each other.

Well, late yesterday, I decided if we were going to have food to eat for the rest of the week, the kids and I were gonna have to go grocery shopping. Bleh. Isn't that the worst when you have to do it in the rain? But there wasn't much left in the fridge. It's been a while since the stocks were this low. Anyway, I got up with Minibeast around 7, put on coffee, made a quick breakfast for him - toast and sausage with "honeybee honey" as he calls it. Once that was all settled, I decided I'd wait for Oldest to wake up and we'd go shopping.

It was a fairly sunny morning. A few rain showers. Then it dried up, turned humid and blazing hot. Around 11 I peeked around the door and Oldest was still piled up in bed like a lump. I returned to the den and did a bit of editing, then played phone tag with mom and dad for about an hour. Around 1:30 pm the rain starts again. Hm... I better get food if I'm going to do it. Tired of waiting for Oldest, I changed into jeans and a tshirt that didn't quite make me look like an island castaway refugee, found my least ratty pair of flip flops, pulled my hair into a pony tail and told Mini to find his shoes.

We are leaving out the door and Oldest throws open his door. "Where are y'all going?" I tell him we're going to the store, have a good nap and see ya later. And I went on out to the Jeep and put Mini in the car seat. I just get behind the wheel and start to crank up, when Mini shouts, "There's Bubba!" In record time - I SWEAR, less than 2 minutes - Oldest is dressed, carrying flip flops, carrying MP3 player and is out the door. Who knew that just walking out of the house worked like that?!

I get to the store and it's packed. I mean crazy packed. I suppose everyone else was trying to dodge the rain too. I planned to pick up things for a few meals, but end up picking up an entire bill of groceries. Then I ran into one of the hubster's ex-co workers. I totally adore her. She wanted to let me know the reason we hadn't seen her working at her old store was because she'd quit and gone back to school. I'm very proud of her for that, hugged her neck, and then we parted ways. We must've been in the store overall for about an hour.

Oldest took Mini with him to go out and wait in the Jeep - crank up the AC, put Mini in the carseat, and all that. However, by the time I get out of the checkout line and I'm coming out of the store, I notice they're in the lobby. Oldest then tells me, "I tried to crank the car but it wouldn't start, so we came back in here where it's cool." Which is what they're supposed to do. Bonus points for Oldest. However, if the Jeep won't start, that can mean only 1 thing - the battery is dead.

I get outside, it's raining, humid, and blazing effing hot. I immediately go to the Jeep and hop behind the wheel. Mother eff. Why, yes, the battery is dead. How do I know for sure it's the battery?

Because there is a law in Louisiana, that if it is raining, no matter night or day, no matter how bright it is outside, if your windshield wipers are on, so should your headlights be. I hope the dillweed that came up with that dumbass law spends his eternity in the afterlife sitting in the parking lot of a Louisiana grocery store thanks to a dead battery because it doesn't matter if it's raining, it's hard to tell that the effing lights are on when it's bright outside.

Of course, hubster is in La Place, so I can't call him for back up. I try to call dad. Remember I mentioned the crappy cell phone signals thanks to the thunderstorms? I managed to get through to dad, only to have his phone drop me. Next, I try to call mom. By this point, I'm hoping I don't have to go in and buy another battery, because that would just suck and come on - haven't I been through enough this week already?

I manage to get through to mom, and thankfully she's able to come and get us, before I have to knock Oldest and Mini heads together. During this entire ordeal, the two are arguing, fussing, and irritating each other. A 17 and a 4 year old. How the hell do arguments even happen on that level? It absolutely blows my mind that Oldest will even argue with him, and mind bomb x2 is that Mini can keep up with him, and often end up with the upper hand. What the heck is that? The power of cute? *_*

Anyway, mom picks us up. Oldest and I transfer Mini, carseat, and groceries to mom's truck. I tuck the keys to the Jeep in the visor. I figure NO ONE in their right mind would steal BBQ Jeep, or the box of babywipes in the back seat. As much as I love my ride, the poor thing is quite the ugly, broke-in POS. Much like my favorite flip flops. What can I say?

The good news: BBQ Jeep is home, sitting in the front yard right now getting pelted by hail from the thunderstorms blowing through. Ah, such is bliss. Dad picked up mom and went to the store after he got home from work, and together they pulled a Frankstein with jumper cables and got old BBQ running again. I swear, that is one ride that has been through it. At least it no longer smells like fish. Long story, that one.

That is pretty much the gist of my day. I did manage to get a little done on revisions this morning, so yay me. I'm pleased with how it came out, too, so maybe today wasn't a complete bust. I'm still hoping tomorrow goes a little better.

Out for now. Nite nite, all!


  1. I'm glad y'all made it home and everyting worked out. My Mom used to get so upset at me and my brother. I'm 16 years older than he is and we would argue like yours. She would just say how can you argue with him he's only 3. I think because not only was I an authority figure (I took care of him alot he used to call me Mommasissy. Still does somtimes and he' 16 now) but we are also siblings. So, I think that's where the conflict comes from. Now about the light and wipers. I know it's a pain but it helps oher cars see you. My grandmother was hit when she pulled out in front of a grey truck in the rain and it didn't have it's lights on so she didn't see it. Hit her head on the windshield with her seat belt on. She survived. At the time in Virginia we didn't have that law so my grandmother got fined with the ticket. I grew up in Florida we have that law there. Many a times we've left are lights on. Sorry didn't mean to get preachy.

  2. Mini and Oldest, oh how they love to argue. I think that's just their connection - a sibling thing - because Oldest doesn't really do the looking after Mini thing very much. He's usually got his own thing going on. It's still amazing to hear them get after it some times. I just kinda look at hubster and tell him, at least Mini's getting in his "I'm not buying that" skills. :P And the windshield wipers...yeah, I know the lights help other cars see you, even during the day. They did a big radio campaign about it when it started a few years back. And the cops are pretty fierce about it around this area.


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