Monday, July 20, 2009

Keeping Going

This evening feels a bit more settled than it has over the last few days. Hubster got word earlier this afternoon about a job opening in Texas. It's looking like he'll have to travel, but at least he'll be working. After dealing with all the in house drama, now that we've hit a calm patch, I'm feeling kinda zen. Once I have my cuppa tea, I imagine no one will have to rock me to sleep tonight.

On another note, I've moved forward a bit with the revisions. It's still very slow going, but I'm satisfied with what I have so far. These last couple of pages turned out really well, so I'm marching onward. I've got the next few pages marked up, and once the kidlets are off to bed, I'm gonna type those to draft, and drag out a little more hard copy. Wish me luck.
I'm off for now. I hear Minibeast clinking around in my nail polish bottles. Oy, that could be a disaster. Happy Monday, everyone.

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