Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get Your Mind Together

Arg. I'm so draggin ass tired today. I stayed up til 1 am last night/this morning editing the wip while Oldest watched some show on Syfy. Oh for crap. I just did the unthinkable. I typed Syfy. I still think that's teh suck. Sorry, Sci-fi. Anyway, Mini woke up at 6:30, and so I got up with him and put on coffee. A raging thunderstorm rolled in around that time, and we totally got slammed with it. The lights went out early this morning we were without for most of the day.

About ten minutes into the blackout, Mini and Oldest tied into it. Basically they were annoying the crap out of each other for the sake of it, and thereby annoying me. I threw in the towel and told them to get their stuff - we're going to grandma's, kids!

I took them over and pretty much dropped them off, then returned home and cleaned up the house the old fashioned way - handwashed the dishes, swept floors, etc. Good Pete, do I ever love my dishwasher. :P Not long after I got everything settled, the lights came back on. Big hurray for air conditioning!

I called mom to let her know I was coming back to pick up the bratlings, and she was kinda sorta, but not admitting it, glad because they'd been doing nothing but squabbling since they got there. *forehead smack*

Once I got back over there, I caught mom in the midst of a kitchen experiment. She was trying to make chocolate pie filling/pudding with wheat flour, heavy whipping cream, and a few other things. Now there's something I actually know how to do! So I stood around the stove with her and we dropped in ingredients. Mini wanted to help and decided we needed pinches of this and pinches of that. He was in dire need of a nap by this point, and at one point mom looked at me and asked, "Since when is he so smart mouthed?" Um, honestly, since he discovered Nickelodeon and shows like My Life as a Teenage Robot, but where would admitting that get me? I merely gave Mini the glare of doom, and told mom he was just tired.

We left not long after mom's pudding concoction turned out. The entire way home I had to listen to Mini yowling because he was so tired: "I wanna stay at Gramma's! I wanna ICEE. I don't need a nap-nap!"

I made it to the Wolf Stop with the Jeep's needle parked on E, and my internal bitch factor clocking 1/10 of remaining sanity power. Once home, I put Mini to bed then put on supper and checked emails. All in all, I feel like I've run a marathon. I need to get some editing done tonight, but I wonder if I'll have the energy.

That's about it for me today. I'm lounging around, surfing the net, while waiting for the Minibeast to wind down. He's had supper, a bath and his hair washed. I don't think it'll be too much longer now. At least I hope. Because my eyelids are getting pretty heavy.


  1. Ouch. Today sounds like a doozy. *hugs* So sorry to hear that. I'm pretty wiped myself. No central AC and the weather has been making the house feel like a furnace. I started getting cranky and light headed today. Tomorrow may mean a trip to the store to enjoy their AC. ;) ha ha

  2. Ditto teh suckness of Syfy...what WERE they thinking??

  3. ((hugs)) Dang nabbit, life has gotten so darn crazy lately. What do you think it is? Are we still in a retrograde period? Sheesh. I am 10 kinds o' busy, and the Bear is acting much like your wee one, except me doesn't watch Nickalodean...at least I don't think he does. ::shock::

    I may have to invest some hard earned cash in a paddle, except I think Bear would like it too much. Ugh. lol

    Hope things get better your way. ((hugs))

  4. Isabelle, I have done that - go to a store to glom their AC when the power is out. No shame there, love, none at all.

  5. Jen, the whole "Syfy" thing is a fine example of texting asshatlery IMO. It's like the whole 733+ sp33k thing gone horribly commercial. ~_~'

  6. Cass, I have wondered about retrograde. If it is, it's totally biting me in the ass right now. :S


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