Friday, July 31, 2009

Fridays Are Full Of Happy

Run, Edward!
<picture deleted>

LMAO!! Don't get me wrong, I liked both Twilight and Blade. (I especially like that CKR played an evil pomeranian wielding vampire in Blade Trinity, but I digress....) Someone posted this pic on twitter, and I followed the linky. I'd give "saw it first" credits, but I'm simply too lazy to go back and search it out. :P

I'm listening to the coffee brew, and anticipating word on whether or not hubster gets to come home this weekend. It all depends on whether or not there's a rain out today. At any rate, I've been trying to help him search out an apartment around Kenner. Thing is, it's hard to find a place with a short enough lease - 3 months or less, renewable without a waiting list. Oh, and preferably something partially furnished and with utilities paid. Sounds like I'm asking a lot, doesn't it? I've seen a couple listed that may or may not fall into this category. I'm gonna have to call around and ask about availability and all that.

So there's my big goal for the weekend. Apartment hunting. Creative bill paying. Somewhere in all that, I hope to get a chapter or so revised. We'll have to see how all that works out. ;0)

That's it for me. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

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