Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blame it on the Mothership

In case anyone is as yet unaware, YouTube is evil. It is the root of my internet procrastination. I swear it's true. Where else can I look up old episodes of Soul Train while eating breakfast? No, no, please don't tell me if there's actually another site where I can do that. I'm lost to the cause already. ~_~'
I hit a Don Cornelius marathon this morning while flipping through book notes, and reviewing what I wrote yesterday. Talk about Saturday morning nostalgia, complete with "homework".
When I was growing up, the last "cartoon" of the morning - which was that show where Captain Kangaroo reads books you otherwise never heard of or cared about? That show. Right. Anyway, that was followed up by a marathon of dance tv : Soul Train, American Bandstand, and Solid Gold. And, yesh, I watched them all. Or as much as I could get away with before my mom ran me out of the house. "Go outside and play in the sunshine!"
At any rate, I've spent a shameful amount of time on youtube this morning. Whenever will I learn to stay away from there? Or at least get some work done first? One video leads to another, then to another and another. I'm hopeless, and that's the truth of it. Here it is a little after 11am, I've got a handful of notes to show for and Rock Steady stuck in my head.
On the writing front, I made it t0 the ball park! I hit the 80k mark on my wip around 2-3am this morning. *confetti* Directly afterward, I closed up shop for the night and fell into bed before I kicked over.
It's safe to say I exceeded my mini-goal for the week. From here on in, I'm making a dash straight to 90k. If I can get in at least 1k a day, I'll have this puppy finished well within the month. And I'm pretty sure if I do a few writing sprints between now and next Saturday, I can wrap this one up before then. Wish me luck!
That's it for now. The guys are gone to the lake so I'm going to take advantage of the quite time to do a timed writing. Oh! One more thing... My author page at Cobblestone is now fully updated with all my available titles, including Wave Rider and Wicked Desires. Yay! I hope you'll check it out!
Happy weekend!


  1. My favorite clip on youtube right now is sesame street slayer sing along. I like the part where it looks like bert is smashing is head into the drums and the blue dude (forgot his name)is shredding the guitar. Congrats on the 80k!

  2. OMG! I loved Soul Train. A friend of mine is always imitating Don Cornelius. Ha ha. And I'll just say that Rock Steady is one of my very favorite songs ever. :-P

    Wishing you much writing mojo to hit that 90k mark! GO CORA GO!

  3. Thanks, Sarah. The wip is rolling forward.

    Sesame Street Slayer sing along - lol! You know you're feeding my youtube addiction, right? I'm gonna have to do a search for that! ^_^

  4. Here, here, Isabelle! One can never have enough Soul Train. *clinks glasses* ^_^

    Thanks for the wip well-wishes. I'm parked at 87k this morning. Woot! Almost there!


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