Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beginning Revisions - New Ideas

Whew, looks like this one's gonna be another late day post. Today hubster and I drove to pick up Mini and Oldest from over at my mom's house. Mini had a blast, but Oldest was raring to go home. He can't bar the bedroom door at Gramma's like he does at home with the baby gate, so he had the joy of having Mini run into his room ever five minutes and jump on his travel bed. LMAO! Mom said she had to send them both to different corners so she wouldn't have to "box their ears". I can only imagine.

Mom looked pretty frazzled too - she usually takes the kids one at a time. A couple of days with Mini, maybe a week with Oldest. This is mostly a convenience thing, but both kids know it well. When hubby dropped the kids off over the weekend, Mini told his big brother to "put your shoes on and go with daddy". LOL! He was declaring his territory within five minutes of arrival. ^_^

Anyway, everytime they stay a few days with my parents, they have to be de-programmed when they come back home. No running and shouting through the house, for example. No taking drinks into the living room - especially Mini. I tell ya, it's been a long day.

Before picking up the kids, I ran to the store and bought two ink cartridges for the Behemoth, and a spiral notebook to prepare for revisions. I started printing up the completely manuscript so I could revise off the hardcopy last night, but the cartridge ran out about 100 pages in. Typical! I'm going to finish printing up the whole mamajama tonight, and start sorting the finished hardcopy before calling it a night.

Today I also came up with another idea for a single title novel, and sat down to work out a rough outline. The characters just wouldn't leave me alone. I wrote down several pages of notes and managed to get the first chapter on paper - about 2k words in length. Now that these guys have had their 15 minutes of fame, though, I'm going to have to put them away while I focus on the finished manuscript. If nothing else, at least I'll have something to work on after the big kahuna is submission ready. If nothing else, maybe having a book idea on tap will help me head off the 2nd book curse that I've heard some writers go through. We will see...

That's all I've got for today. I wanna say thanks to everyone who dropped in with well wishes here and around the net. I appreciate it very, very much. I feel like I've crossed a major milestone, and I'm glad for having such good company to share it with. :*)

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