Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Visit From the Goal Faerie

Orange Tulips

Oy, today has landed on me full force. I've been playing around most of the week while hubby's been home, but now that he's back to work, I have to get back to it as well. Easier said than done when coming in a Thursday. Who wants to get serious this close to the weekend?

At any rate, there's a nine page short story I need to clean up, and on top of that, last night I pulled out the potentially full length wip that keeps nagging the bejeezus out of me and sorted through 47 pages of rough draft. The forty seven pages is like a quicky, exposition drive-through of the entire story.

I spent quite a bit of time going over the draft last night, pre-writing or whatever you want to call it. Story planning, etc. I jotted down notes to expand the story, mapped out the action area, and made sure I had set up the implicit promise from the first chapter. The beginning is solid, but I ended up marking pages mid-draft where I wanted to add an additional character. Sound insane? Yes, I thought so too. We'll see how that works out. Writers, for a free pre-writing workshop/checklist, GO HERE.

I determined to make the book 90k, I'm going to need approximately 72-74 scenes - depending on if I need an epilogue once this puppy reaches THE END. This also means I need to buy another pack of index cards.

Anyway, why am I talking about all this? Because last night I was effing around on the net and got a visit from the writing goal faerie. It dawned on me if I focused on this one full length story, I could possibly have a full length draft written - not all sparkly perfected and polished, mind you, but completed - by early September. The prospect is tempting.

I'm gonna go for it. I may end up with scraped knees and elbows, and I may end up not being able to do it by September. BUT! if I end up with a full length wip in my hands before the year is out it will all have been worth the bumps and bruises.

Off for now! I have to take care of errands so I'll be ready for the tweekend. :P If you get a chance, there is an awesome Midnight Brew interview featuring author Kalayna Price over at the Midnight Moon Cafe blog. A copy of her book Once Bitten is being given away, so be sure to comment in the interview thread for a chance to win.

Happy Thursday, everyone.


  1. Good luck Cora! U can do it;o) Yeah, i'm back to blogging so I was just trying to catch up on some of my favorite blogs;o)

  2. Hi Crystal! Great to see you! :D

  3. Best of luck on reaching your goal, Cora. I know what it's like to have a story burning you from inside, and having to finish it. And what an accomplishment it will be! We'll have to throw a 'Ding! Dong! the Book is DONE!' party for you ^_^*

  4. LOL! Sounds like a plan, AE. ^_^

    You know, when I get stumped I'm coming to you for the full length 'script advice, right? *crickets*

  5. Go for it! Best of luck Cora! If a book is nagging at you you've just got to get down and write it - just lock hubby in a cupboard or something for a few months, refuse to open the front door and give up leaving the house except to snarl incoherently at people ... or at least that's the way I do it...

  6. Thanks for the pep talk, Janine. I needed that! Those sound like some fabulous perks, btw. Especially the snarling incoherently at people part. *waggles cane at passersby*

    I could get used to that! ^_^


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