Saturday, June 06, 2009

Tackling New Questions

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Oy, I'm tired this morning. I stayed up until almost 2 AM working on edits for Wave Rider, and adding some mileage to my urban fantasy wip. The good news is I've made one full pass on Wave Rider, and on the wip I've gone from 10k to 14k. I'm hoping to reach the 20k mark over the weekend.

But to balance out the advances, I also found two glaring plot holes in the wip sketch that I didn't notice before and must fix somewhere early on in the story. Ho hum. I made two note cards - one for each plot hole, and I'm going to cluster questions around each until I find a plausible solution.

I'm thinking I'd rather fix the plot holes with action - by adding more scenes so the heroine finds out the bad in an "oh, crap, that doesn't work!" kind of way, rather than simply telling the reader why she can't go that route. *crosses fingers for good luck* We'll see how that all works out.

That aside, it's poised to be a lazy weekend. I took care of all the essentials yesterday, so there's nothing more to do but to write and enjoy the sunny weather. I intend to do both.

Now it's back to the cave. I have a lot to do if I want another 6k by Monday. Cue the smutastic, mood-setting music for dark, gritty urban fantasy writing...

Note - this one is NSFW!

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