Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pound Puppy Infiltration

Ahwatukee, Arizona

Oldest has been given the task of cleaning out the storage shed. All the old furniture is being tossed out to make room for a future of ever more junk furniture. Yay.

Anyway, roughly ten minutes before hubby arrived home from work, Oldest dashed out to the shed to make it look like he's been working all morning, ya know? After a short time outside, he returned with a storage box. "Mom, do you want these?"

The box was crammed full of my old Pound Puppies and Purries. Dozens of them. All different sizes and colors. I'm not sure why he couldn't leave them out in the shed since his job is to toss out the big stuff - furniture stuff - but when Mini saw stuffed animals in there, he went bananas over them. I knew right then the entire litter had just landed back into the in-house junk circulation.

Minibeast usually hates tags on stuffed animals and requests them snipped off, but when he flipped over one of the kitties, he gasped and shouted "TONKA! It's a TONKA truck kitty, Mimi." He starts making truck noises and pushing the cat on the back of the sofa like it's got wheels. LMAO. Then it caught up with me. He'd read the word TONKA all on his own. *_*

At this very moment, it looks like a stuffed animal bomb went off on the den. There are Pound Puppy critters everywhere. Everywhere. Oy vey. But at least the air conditioners are clean. I went around and cleaned all the filters first thing out of bed this morning. Ah, the glam life.

I'm still pushing toward the 40k mark on the wip. I'm shooting for 2k today, and anything over that I'll consider an added bonus. This ear infection has knocked me for a loop, and the antibiotics make me feel a bit sick to my stomach.

Mom is coming to pick up Minibeast around noon. He asked to spend the night so she's stocked up on Pokemon, spaghetti o's and kool-aide. I'm going to take advantage of the quiet time by setting up three small writing jags - 45 minutes each, and will consider the days goal accomplished no matter what I come away with. After that, I'm going to flop on the couch, put in a horror movie and probably take a nap. I hate to miss out on an opportunity for an uninterrupted writing spree, but I need some down time to rest.

That's all for me. I need to go toss in some laundry. Happy hump day, everyone!


  1. Hey, I want pizza too. And pound puppies. And Purries. lol.

    I used to have a ton of those things but like everything else I had, once Bear spotted them, they became Goodwill junk drop offs. LOL.


  2. I hope you feel better soon and that the quiet helps you get some writing time in. :)


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