Saturday, June 27, 2009

Phantom of the Storage Shed

Minnehaha Falls Favorite

Whew! What a whirlwind of a week. I'm glad it's Sunday and I can start fresh. The wip has been a bit neglected these past few days with the book release, errands, a bit of hubby and neighborhood drama, and such. But I'm back on track, and settling in to make it a writerly day.

A couple of nights ago, my hubster was taking his break out at the picnic tables at work. It's almost midnight and dark - no lights out there - when he sees a guy he doesn't know drive up on a forklift, go into the tool connex for his crew. The guy comes out toting a fifty pound reel of copper wire. Now, this stuff is expensive, and there is no "scrap". The company is serious about that. The bits and bobs are all turned over for recycling because there's money in it.

This guy gets back on the forklift with the wire and drives away, and hubby went and told his supervisor what he saw. Well, the supervisor went off after the guy, but by the time he'd reached the forklift driver, the dude had either passed off the wire, hid it, or put it into a car or something. It was gone. The guy denied the entire thing, then later came up to my husband and said, "Why did you tell them you saw me?"

Keep in mind, this mill uses a majority of guys on work release, prison inmates, and such, so this is not exactly your average working environment. Hubby was in the middle of working on a saturator at the time and didn't know what the guy was talking about, but when it clicked, he told the guy, "I didn't tell anyone I saw YOU, I told the supervisor I saw a forklift driver take a reel of wire."

The guy then says, "You should've said something. I could've put it back."

Um, alrighty, then. The guy just admitted he took it in front of Hubster and hubster's co-worker. The guy is too thick to even realize it. So what does he do? Starts threatening my husband. "It's ok. I'm gonna see you get yours. See if I don't." And stuff like that.

Hubster called me from work at around midnight to tell me all this, and said that the guy left work early. Of course he did, especially if he had the wire in his car!

Well, of course the following night the guy lost his job, but when he was questioned, he denied the entire thing, swore up and down hubster was out to get him, and basically put up a big stink. However, this is apparently not the first time the guy has been busted stealing from the job. The first time, he was given the benefit of the doubt. This time, though, the mill manager told him he should get his tools and leave, and that he was lucky they didn't call the police over the loss of the wire. Whew!

Plus side: the guy is gone. On the downside: hubster is still working nights and this asshat blames my husband for having lost his job. Some people are just effing mental!

Now for the neighborhood drama... Yesterday, when I took Mini out to play in the water sprinklers, my next door neighbor saw us from her pool and came over. She told us that the night before last, someone crept into their yard and stole $300.00 worth of gear out of her husband's boat.

Okay, y'all. Louisiana is "the sportsman's paradise", and this area where I live is a quiet, country community. While I don't hunt/fish/atv or anything like that, I'm aware of the unspoken law. There are three things you simply don't eff with, ever: 1.)a man's truck 2.) a man's dog 3.) a man's boat.

They called the cops of course, who came out there, took one look around and said, "It's okay. We're pretty sure we know who did it." They went right down the road to the kid's house, found the stuff and arrested the guy on spot.

Ok. This is what really bothers me. It turns out it's that weird kid that comes over to OUR house every now and then and asks me or my husband for a ride into town. Once he came over at night totally drunk, and asked my husband to drive him down to The Lazy Gator bar. *_*

He has also come over a time or two to claim he knows my Oldest, although my Oldest doesn't know his name or where he lives. Before this kid dropped out of school, he must've rode Oldest's bus or something like that. I know everyone my dear geeky son is friends with. As for his 2 bffs, I know them both, I know their parents, and I know where they live. This kid isn't one of them.

Anyway, this guy is a bit of a nuissance. A while back, he got drunk, ran over our mailbox, and plowed down the "kids a play" street sign across the road from our driveway. He got scared and abandoned his truck in the ditch across from the corner of our property, and the cop on our street later had to tow the truck. Of course, the kid comes to my door about a week later wanting to know where his truck is. Good grief!

So now I have this fear that weirdo has been prowling around our houses after dark. And I'm convinced now he's been in our back yard. I've actually gone outside more than once in the early mornings to find our shed door hanging wide open. I never could figure that out, and always assumed Oldest had gone out there and hadn't shut the door well enough. Of course, when I'd ask him about it, he'd swear to me he hadn't been out there. Hm. So what's up with the door then? Phantom of the storage shed, maybe? Somehow I doubted it.

I'm now thinking the weird kid maybe slept out there a time or two, and didn't know how to shut the door properly! That would certainly explain it. I mean, if he stole something, we'd probably never know. What is out there is in storage boxes - and we recently threw a lot of that away. Nothing much else out there now but a wicker settee, a punching bag, two microsuede couches, and a recliner. Nothing at all of value. Hubby and I figured Oldest might like to hang out back there since his punching bag is there, so we made it fairly comfortable out there if you can stand the heat. There are plenty of places to sit. Or for someone to sneak in and comfortably sleep. And, yes, that now totally Creeps. Me. Out. Especially what with hubster working nights!

Now that things have settled, and I know the guy is arrested, I can concentrate better. However, it still hasn't convinced me I don't want a moat dug around the property with maneating pirhana's tossed in for good measure.

That's it for now. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend. As for me, it's like my good buddy AE Rought once said... Back to the salt mines. ^_^


  1. Ugh, that's creepy - both the thief and the weird kid. Unfortunately just because the kid's in jail doesn't mean he'll stay there more than 48 hours. These days they seem to spring 'em so fast. I think you should be putting a heavy lock on the shed door. (I'm not so much worried about him stealing stuff as starting a fire.) Oh, and install a motion-detector light both front and back. Maybe that'll scare anyone off?

  2. lovely pic Cora, but the rest is creepy. Yeah, piranha filled moat with back up flame-breathing dragons just in case.

  3. The motion lights would be a really good idea. There's already a lock on the shed door, we have kept it unlocked since we parked the thing out back because we expected Oldest to be going in and out of it. He tends to like the airconditioning, though. LOL

    We realize now we're just going to have to keep it locked. Never thought it would come to that since we live in such a tiny community, and with a cop living right down the street! *_*

  4. That would be an appropriate deterent, don't you think, Robin? All we'd need after pit bull dog, a moat, pirhanas and a dragon is a sign out back - trespassers will be used to feed the animals. ^_^


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